VectorQ2 Power Controller Data Sheet

VectorQ2 Power Controller Data Sheet
Today’s electrical network demands are dynamic.
Increasingly, electronic devices are doing more of our
high precision work than ever before. These precision
electronics require stable, consistent, high quality
power in order to work as intended. The VectorQ2 is
the first solution that analyzes and corrects the
incoming electricity continuously at the nanosecond
level restoring it to near perfect while stabilizing the
electrical network. Perfect quality power 24/7 is now
available on demand with Nanocorrection.
The VectorQ2 power quality technology built from
over a decade of research and development is already
becoming the standard in power quality. At its core, it
is a multiple parallel processor based supercomputer
utilizing advanced artificial intelligence and operating
with conveyor matrix computing.
Restores electrical network power quality to pure,
eliminating problems associated with harmonics, low
power factor, voltage fluctuations, phase balancing, and
more. Nanocorrection restores any power quality to near
Real time, continuous protection from voltage surges like
lightning, rejecting surges before entering the electrical
network. Facility Managers can be confident about
oncoming thunderstorms with Total Surge Elimination.
With Nanocorrection, machinery, appliances, and wiring
run at peak performance. Heat and vibrations are
dramatically reduced and less power is used to do the
same amount of work, which translates to lower costs.
Knowing where every Watt of pure quality power is going
within a protected electrical network is a necessity in
today’s dynamic electrical world. Energy management can
now become about conserving electricity rather than
curbing losses and minimizing penalties.
Nanocorrection provides such detailed real-time analysis
that it can detect what a device is by simply plugging it
into the electrical network. Energy managers now have
the network level data that they need to make those
critical business decisions.
Complex algorithms analyze the data constantly looking
for any abnormalities in an otherwise perfectly clean
electrical network. Mechanical failures can be detected
weeks before they become critical or even catastrophic
The VectorQ2 with Nanocorrection serves as a digital
firewall and a power controller, blocking undesired
transient surges such as lightning from ever entering
the network while fully reconditioning all incoming
electricity, maintaining near perfect quality power
throughout the entire network at all times. This
ensures electrical network stability which increases
productivity, reliability and profits.
Typical Application Areas
Data Centers
Alternative Energy Production
Manufacturing and Packaging
Retail & Hospitality
Water & Wastewater
Semiconductor Facilities
Hi Rise
Hospitals & Research Facilities
Micro grids
Generator / UPS
The installation of VectorQ2 is easy and non-invasive. For
most installations, it will be located next to the circuit
breaker panel. Three current transformers are placed on
each incoming phase and then it is connected by circuit
breakers. A network cable is then attached and the
installation is complete. Please see the owner’s manual
included in with the Vector Q2 for complete installation
information as well as important safety notices.
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Publication Order Number: DSVECTORQ2/E
April, 2015 – Rev. 04C
VectorQ2 Power Controller Data Sheet
Electrical Specifications
120V or 240V 3-wire single phase, or 120V/208V line to neutral
3-phase 4-wire – Automatic detection and Configuration
+/- 10% (USA mainland only)
No leading or lagging load power factor restrictions
Better than 0.95 for all Dynamic Loads on all phases
Nominal Voltages
Input Voltage Range
Input Frequency
Load Power Factor
PF Correction Range
Reactive PF Component
Correction Range
Correction Amount
Power Rating
THD Correction
THD Correction basis
Maximum % THD for all loads
3 kVAR per phase: 9 kVAR total
Full +/- 90 deg of Correction
Up to 40kVA total in all Phases
Better than 5% for all phases in real time
Measurement up to the 47th harmonic and correction up to 23rd
No restrictions
Multiple times per sine wave; Sensing faster than 10nS, Correction
better than 5uS
Better than 97% for low loads and better than 98% for 70%+ load
Instantaneous & continuous with no degradation over time
Screw terminals / Connectors
6db or Better
Time Response
Surge Protection
Level of Lightning Protection
Connection / Installation
Maximum number of devices
Ground Current Elimination
Measurements / Operating Conditions
Dimensions 15" x 16" x 9.25" ( 381 x 406 x 235 mm )
Weight 45lb (20.4 kg)
Operating Temp. 13°F /-10.5°C to 176°F /80°C | Max humidity 95%, non-condensing
Data Encryption
Network Interface Ethernet
Network Connector
IEEE 1588 Synchronization
256-bit AES
10Base-T or 100Base-TX (Auto-Sensing)
Display (Optional)
Screen Type TFT Touch Screen with 16-bit color
Size 3.8“ x 2.2” (97.60 X 56.40 mm)
Audio Piezo Buzzer
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Copyright © 2015 3DFS, LLC. All Right Reserved
Publication Order Number: DSVECTORQ2/E
April, 2015 – Rev. 04C