wedding dress. Does all that experience help one

Sewing by the Sea
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wedding dress. Does all that experience help one
figure out mirror image, pattern start, and balance
functions? I’m guessing not, so don’t be afraid to
admit you don’t know everything about that new
machine. And, FYI, you can bring any brand
machine to our classes (just be sure you have your
manual – I pretty much know all the features and
uses but may not be able to locate them on another
brand.) And, wouldn’t it be great if Windows 7 came
with a year of free classes? … Now that is my idea!
Retronyms and Sewing
You probably know what a synonym, an antonym,
and a homonym are, but do you know what a
retronym is? It is such a new word that my computer
is underlining it for spell check! A retronym is a new
word invented to replace an old word that now needs
definition because of new technology. Like this:
acoustic guitar is now the name of what we used to
call guitar; land line is the new name for a
telephone, and snail-mail is the new name for mail.
And how about all those bridges in Bangor: when I
was a kid there was the New Bridge and the Old
Bridge. Then another was built and that became the
New New Bridge, and the others were renamed (at
least I call them this) the Old New Bridge and the Old
Old Bridge. I hope another isn’t forthcoming!
As technology changes, so does our vocabulary.
We have had to coin new phrases for our sewing
machines. A conversation with a customer today
might go something like this:
Pretty Piped Pillows – June 5 (10 to 12)
Decorate your summer porch or give new life to that
drab couch! Sat., June 5 from 10 to 12. $10
includes pattern. ♪
Visor Caddy – Friday June 11 (1 to 5)
I’ve been working on this design for a couple of
years now and am ready to test it on you! Make a
quilted caddy to strap over your car visor. $15
includes pattern. ♫
Americana Table Runner – June 17 ( 1 to 5)
Set your table for summer with this red, white, and
blue runner. June 2 from 1 to 5. $15 includes
pattern. ♪
Bag Variety Show – Sat., June 19 (10 to 2)
“Great! You’ve come to the right place. Are you
interested in a mechanical machine, a computer
machine , or an embroidery machine?”
I am at least 4 patterns from which to choose your
bag: The Pinafore, The Tahoe, the Charm Party
Tote, or the Bar Harbor Bag. Pick your bag, but
listen to hints and helps from the others. None are as
complicated as our mystery bag! June 19 from 10 to
2 $15 plus the pattern of your choice. ♫
“How about a sewing machine?”
“I’d like to buy a sewing machine?
And then we begin. Any wonder folks might get
confused? We start in describing the wonderful
features of each, especially the computerized
machines, and then are asked, “But does it sew a
straight seam?”
They might be swayed into buying a machine with
all the marvelous features. After all, they just
upgraded their computer to Windows 7 so that they
can e-mail. They can now go home and sew a
straight line (if they touch no buttons). Some might
even question, “These features are great, but how do
I use them?”
And that is where our job comes in! Come to the
free new owners classes to learn not just what those
features are, but also how to use them in a practical
setting. Some have told me that they don’t need
classes, been sewing for years, even made a
Thursday, June 24 from 10 to 1 or 2 to 5.
Wednesday July 14 from 10 to 1 and 2 to 5
Friday August 20 from 10 to 1 and 2 to 5
$10 per session. Bring any project you would like
to work on. Kathy will be there to offer assistance. If
you need a machine, please let us know in advance
when you preregister. You will need to bring your
own sewing supplies: thread, needles, pins, scissors,
cutters, and project instructions
Book Binding with Kathryn – June 27 (1 to 3)
I am really excited about this class!
Kathryn Cyr will supply all the
materials, even the leather and paper
needed to complete the blank-paged
book. $50 includes everything. ♪
Machine Appliqué for Pfaff Club/New Owners –
June 29 (2 to 4 or 6 to 8)
Quilters’ Cruise aka Lobster Classic – August
14th, Saturday
Pfaff owners who purchased machines here get this
class for free. We will practice basic appliqué
methods. Others pay $10 for the session. ♪
We will be returning to
Cranberry Island to stitch at
the new Ladies Aide Craft
Barn. (Check out my blog to
see photos of
the place from when I visited last winter.) We will
have our lobster feed on the shore. More info will be
forthcoming – save the date now! ♪
Embroidery Club – June 30 (10 to 1) Also, August
Let’s make quilt labels with the embroidery machine!
Free to Pfaff owners who have purchased a machine
from us; $15 to others. ♪
Quilter Laptop Keeper – July 1 (1 to 4) Thurs.
I love my sample made from silks and decorator
scraps! Make an elegant laptop keeper that fits a
standard pc. Mac users will want to make it smaller.
$25 includes pattern only ♪
Easy Summer Floral Bed Quilt - July 8 – 9 (10 to
1) Thurs.- Fri.
Collect a variety of large florals and sash it with white
or black to make this twin size quilt. . $25 includes
pattern only. Kits will be available if desired. Great
beginner class. ♪
Twined Rugs – July 16 - 17
There are some of you still waiting to make your rug!
Class includes frame kit and instruction and Sat.
lunch. If you've done this before and would like to do
a placemat, we can do that too. I will set a price as
soon as I check cost of lumber, metal rods, etc.
again so that hubby will make us the kits. We meet
Friday night at 6 to 9 and then return Sat. to do the
twining. ♪
Pat’s Tile Table Runner – July 22 (10 to 3) Thurs.
Pat made this wonderful sample for the Tile Book
that we must duplicate! If it seems a little large for
your table, make it for a bed pillow cover. Pick up
your copy of the book so that you can be studying it
before class. $18 plus pattern and materials. ♫
Machine Quilting for Pfaff Club/New Owners –
July 27 (2 to 4 or 6 to 8)
Pfaff owners who purchased machines here get this
class for free. We will practice free motion quilting
methods. Others pay $10 for the session. ♪
Hydrangea Quilt – August 18 (10 to 3), Wed.
Another “Tile Quilt” using the same technique as
Pat’s table runner, is more of a table center or a wall
quilt. Use your scraps and a focal fabric from which
you can cut motifs: flowers, fish, fruit, animals, etc.
$ 20 includes pattern only ♪
Jacket Workshop – August 27-28, Fri – Sat.
I am selecting several patterns from which to
choose: sweatshirt type, big shirt, Asian style, etc.
We will work on fitting and cutting Friday night (6 to
9) and return Sat. for assembly. $40 includes lunch
only. Your pattern choice and materials extra. ♫
Kids Classes – August 5, 12, 19 (10 to 1)
I am setting aside these mornings to work with kids
(4th grade and up). I will select projects depending
on the ages/sewing experience of the students. I
also like to include materials in the cost so that will
be determined as I determine projects. As always,
fees are very reasonable. ♪
Shadow Box Quilt or Zigzag – Aug. 6 (10 to 5)
I am waiting to get these new patterns from Lisa
Moore to see which one we want to do. (Lisa
created the film strip series and more). I might have
to make up both of them. They are so new they are
not even on her website yet ♫
Summer Hours
Mon. – Fri.: 9:30 – 6:00
Sat.: 9:30- 5:00
Sun.: 12:30 – 4:30
Call for holiday hours
♪ - comfortable for beginners
♫ - more of a challenge
Machine Troubleshooting Tips
No matter the model, the age, the type, all machines
“mess up” once in a while. And that “messing up” is
usually in the form of tension problems, skipped stitches,
or bird nests under the fabric. Occasionally it is the fault
of the sewing machine, but often it is what I loving refer
to as OMF (operator mal-function). Most of the
malfunctioning occurs because over the years we have
acquired bad habits, and, until it is pointed out to us, we
continue making the same mistakes expecting better
results (isn’t that the definition of insanity?). Before you
panic as you are trying to finish that birthday gift for a
party 2 hours later, take a deep breath, unthread the
machine, and go down this list:
While it is tempting to play with the tension dials,
DON’T! Look to see if you have accidentally hit it
out of the mid-number range, but the tension
just doesn’t go out on a well made machine.
Basic tension range is 3 to 5. The dial is there to
adjust for different types of threads or fabrics.
Replace the needle, and in quilting, use a sharp or
a microtex, or a jeans denim. Quilters rarely sew
knits so there is no need to use the less sharp
universal needle.
Lift up the throat plate and clean between the
toes of your feed dog – not just with a brush, but
stick a pin in there and really ream them out.
Take a piece of dental floss or an index card and
swipe it like a credit card through the tension
slots to loosen any errant dust and/or thread
Completely rethread the machine, top and
bobbin, with the presser lift in the up position. If
the presser lift is down, the tension discs are
clamped closed and thread cannot enter them.
Make sure the bobbin is inserted in the correct
direction – does it unwind clockwise or counterclockwise?
Now stitch with the thread you were using. Still
not okay? Ditch that spool and try another one, a
basic quality poly or cotton. Match it with the
bobbin. Older thread loses its elasticity, cheap
thread is fraught with slubs that cause tension
problems and breakage, and specialty threads
usually need special needles (metallic for
metallic, topstitching for heavy weight cottons
and woolies, embroideries for rayon, etc.)
Stitch again. If it is still skipping stitches or
making a mess of the tension, it probably needs
to be seen by a technician.
You can bring us all your Pfaff machines and other
brands if you don’t mind me taking them to Portland.
Technician Tyler repairs all makes and models. The only
exception might be a new computer machine of another
brand – we will not be able to get computer parts. Take
those to an authorized dealer. And those “mass market”
machines – return those to the discount store for an
exchange. We find that those can’t be fixed.
Foxxy’s Book Review
Tile Quilt Revival
By: Carol Gilham Hones & Bobbi Finley
Pub: 2010 by C&T Publishing, Lafayette, CA
This book is a “new” approach to the stained glass type
quilt – the space between the pieces is light colored,
referred to as “grout”, instead of the black found in the
stained glass quilts. And the book is filled with quilts you
will want to make – from small table runners to large bed
quilts!! The first “chapter” is a brief history of tile quilts,
and is very interesting. The authors relate the tile quilts
to crazy quilts and to Broderie Perse quilts – and inform
us that the first pattern for a tile quilt was printed in an
1898 catalogue! The second “chapter” is one that you
definitely should NOT skip! It is titled “How to Make a
Tile Quilt,” and is filled with very helpful suggestions – as
well as several different methods of construction. For the
purists among us, there are hand sewn instructions…. For
the rest of us, there are two types of machine
instructions. You may want to read this chapter more
than once! Also, may I suggest that if you choose to
make one of the quilts with many blocks, you might want
to follow up on the authors’ suggestion to purchase
template plastic and make your own templates! (Ask me
how I know this….!!) Although it was a difficult choice, I
finally decided on the quilt called “All in a Dream” –
probably because of the gorgeous large print fabrics, and
the fact that I have a chance to use up some of those
beautiful fabrics in my stash – along with the fact that I
get to put into practice the concepts I learned in my last
class at SBTS (Designing Women, using Katie Pasquini
Masopust’s latest book – which is another whole
Overall, the directions in the book are excellent – easy to
follow, and explicit. The pictures are great for inspiration.
And the seven projects are varied enough to appeal to a
wide audience. Highly recommended!!
Sewing by the Sea
Permit No. 3
Ellsworth, ME
11 Periwinkle Lane
Trenton, ME 04605
Clip and Save Coupon
TNQ will continue to meet
throughout the summer
months. We meet the first 3
Thursdays of the month to work
on our own projects for quilts. I
am there to help you through
your projects or learn a new
technique (or I am replaced by
one of my able assistants –
Lynn, Mary Jane, or Deanna).
Maybe you just need to come for
the space and/or the
camaraderie. Pay $10 weekly,
or $35 for 3 months. Join for
just $99 per year. Come as
early as 5:00, but be gone by
Fat Quarter Special
Buy up to ten fat quarters for $1.25 each!
One coupon per person; may not be combined with other offers
Expires July 31, 2010
Fall Quilt Retreat
Sandy Point, Maine
October 23 – 25 (with options for extra days!)
Under $200; $50 holds your space