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While the majority of the world speaks and communicates in local languages,
globalization has a created one major stream of communication—Global English. It is
the official language of 53 nations (one-fourth of the world), and it is estimated that
another billion people speak it as their second language. Nearly 1,742,600,000 are able
to access, read, and comprehend resources in
the English language. That’s more than 1 out of
5 people in the world!
While we continue to pursue translation into
key languages, many times it is more cost
effective to make English resources available to
pastors, seminaries, and those who train church
leaders. Global English is vital for equipping
Christian leaders with selected biblical works. ENGLISH
Geography of the Language
Global—All Continents
Global English Demographics
11% First Language English Speakers
24% Comprehend, Read and have Access to English
99% Literacy Rate
6.89% English-Proficient Protestants
* Statistics are from IWS, Oxford English, World Factbook, The World Book Almanac
English Resource:
Chris Bruno,The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses
16 Key Verses.
1 Overarching Story.
This book highlights 16 key Bible verses that stand as “turning
points” in the biblical storyline—enabling us to see God’s
incredible plan to redeem his people and glorify his name from
Genesis to Revelation. Whether it’s exploring the creation of
humanity, the establishment of the covenants, or the coming
of the Messiah, this book will help Christians see how God’s
Word tells a single story about his sovereignty, glory, and grace.
Famine relief usually refers to an organized effort to reduce starvation.
Relief efforts are put into place when an undernourished people group
is suffering from a lack of vital nutrition. Although The Gospel
Coalition has been working hard over the last 5 years to resource the
North American church--which now has a glut of Christian
resources--we realize that much more needs to be done to serve the
rest of the world. The statistics are staggering for the theological
famine--or lack of theological resources--that the rest of the world
As God directs and equips, The Gospel Coalition’s international
mission is to see thousands of congregations in Asia, Africa, South
America, and Europe receive solid biblical teaching from their leaders,
because of new access to theological resources in helpful languages and
formats. By God’s grace, we see church-planters, pastors, teachers, and
missionaries around the world becoming strengthened by the power of the Gospel, through
donations of biblical resources, for the building up of the church worldwide.
This project is a joint ministry effort between The Gospel Coalition and our supporters, along
with our publishing and distribution partners around the world. Our purpose is to spread solid
biblical teaching to those who lack access to resources by making this content available, accessible,
and affordable to as many as possible.
Resource Title: Chris Bruno, The Whole Story of the Bible in 16 Verses
Language: English
Partner: Crossway
Format: Softcover Book
Print Run: 4,000 copies
Total Cost: $6,400
If this project resonates with you, we’d love to answer any questions you might have. You might
also consider discussing it with the leaders of your group, church, or organization. Together,
prayerfully consider partnering with us to provide
this resource for those in need. Let us know how we
can serve you by sharing the background to this
specific need. Contact us for more information.
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