OVERVIEW The Brew Mile takes safety, responsible consumption

 OVERVIEW The Brew Mile takes safety, responsible consumption and state/local alcohol laws seriously. To that end, we have prepared the following summary of the measures we have taken to promote and produce a professional, safe and responsible event for participants, sponsors, vendors and the local communities in which we operate. INSURANCE • Current Policies - $2M General Aggregate - $1M per occurrence - $1M liquor liability - $4M Umbrella over GA, PO, LL • Insurance Carrier information - Great Divide Insurance ! Bridgett Whitescarver | P: 503.977.5648 ! Email - [email protected] MESSAGING | RESOURCES • All participants are required to fill out a pre-­‐event survey indicating how they are getting home safely from the event • Event website lists numerous transportation resources available in each market to every participant o Public transportation o Private transportation o Designate driver resources • Responsible consumption is a key message in our marketing material POLIICES | RULES • Every attendee at the Brew Mile is required to have a valid state or federal issued ID and be 21 years or older. No exceptions. • Responsible consumption is communicated through email messaging and website content. o Intoxicated patrons will not be allowed into the event o Intoxicated patrons will be removed from the event • Consumption of any alcohol at the event is 100% optional o There are no rules or requirements to consume any of the beers offered as part of the 1 mile run • Every beer served at the event will be from a licensed bartender • Every beer station will have ample water free of charge PARTNERS • Nationwide partnership with Uber to offer discounted rides to all participants DUE DILIGENCE • 100% adherence to all state and local alcohol laws • Legal review of all permits and pouring rights WAIVERS | DISCLAIMERS • Each participant signs a waiver upon entry to the venue • Each participant signs an online waiver at time of ticket purchase