Firstly I took a photo of my client wearing all... see which body type I’d be working with; to be...

Firstly I took a photo of my client wearing all tight fitted black, up against a clear wall to
see which body type I’d be working with; to be certain I cut around her figure frame.
After doing so I came to the decision my client is a petite hourglass.
I discussed with Claire about her silhouette, she agreed strongly that she is an hourglass
but it was news to her that she was classed as a petite, as she is 5.4-5.5 in height she is
just about broader line.
1. A photo of client
2. Measure your client
Across the bust – 100cm
Across the under bust -91cm
Across the waist- 83 cm
Across the hips – 102cm
Across the both tights – 86cm
Across one thigh -55cm
“Hourglass: The bust and hip measurement of this client will be their largest, and their waist
measurement will be quite small. An “hourglass” will normally have a large bust, small waist,
short waist, big hips and generous thighs.”
“Petite: This client could be any of the other measurement combinations; however they will be
shorter and tend to have broader shoulders.”
3. Before Photo
.My client was wearing what she would usually wear
for casual and at weekends, home or out.
.She is dressed in all different colours from head to toe,
as she falls into the petite category to elongate Claires
figure the best thing to do would be to dress in one
.Even though the colours suit her skin tone and
.The neck line ascendants her bust area showing off
her curves but not having the top heavy affect.
.For the hourglass it is best to keep the top of the
trousers hidden, Claire has done this but I would
change the top to a crouch-length.
.I also thinks her legs will benefit greatly in a skinnier
fitted bottoms
4. Colour Analysis
To allow Claire to get a little more of an understanding on what suits her personally,
colours and fabric. I conducted a Colour Analysis on her, like Assignment five and I
also had a further understanding about my client’s needs and details, filled out on
the next page.
First I asked her to pick out
the selection of colours did
she thought suited her best.
She chose winter; winter is a
cool colour palette, along
with summer as where
autumn and spring are warm
colour palettes.
I wasn’t sure if winter was
my clients’ prefect one so I
looked at her skin tone, eyes
and hair as well as her veins.
I went on to complete the
“house base questionnaire”
to help justify my thoughts.
� Ivory
� Red
� Creamy ivory
� Ivory with freckles (usually redhead) � Coppery
� Ivory with pale golden freckles
� Charcoal brown or black
� Peach � Rosy beige
� Peach
� Very
� Golden brown (dark
� Peach with
� Peach/pink (may have
� Grey-brown
(usually golden
blonde, brown)
pink/purple knuckles)
� Rosy brown
� Golden beige
� Golden blonde (honey)
� Golden beige
Pale beige
delicate pink
� Ash
(“dirty”) blonde
(no cheek �
� Rosy cheeks
� Pale
beige with no cheek colour
(even sallow)
� Strawberry
� Dark beige
(may blush easily)
� Golden grey
� Golden brown
� Golden brown
� Blue (with white webbing �inOyster
the iris,
cloudy look)
cloudy look)
� Dark or golden brown
� Blue with white “rays”
� Amber � Soft grey-blue
� Clear blue
� Softbrown,
� Hazel (golden
green gold)
� Steel blue
� Bright,
� Green (with
or gold
� Green with golden flecks
� green
Pale, clear aqua (eyes change from blue to green, depending on clothes)
� Pale, clear
� Clear green
� Hazel (cloudy brown smudge with blue or green)
� Olive green
� Aqua
greyaqua or turquoise
� Blue with�aPale
� Teal
� Greyed brown
� Golden brown
� Teal bluesummer homebasexxc
spring homebase
autumn homebase
� Rosy beige
� Very pink
� Grey-brown
� Rosy brown
� Pale beige with delicate pink
� Pale beige with no cheek colour
(even sallow)
� Blue (with white webbing in the
iris, cloudy look)
� Green (with white webbing in the
iris, cloudy look)
� Soft grey-blue
� Soft grey-green
� Bright, clear blue
� Pale, clear aqua (eyes change
from blue to green, depending on
� Hazel (cloudy brown smudge with
blue or green)
� Pale grey
� Greyed brown
� Flaxen blonde
� Yellow blonde
� Honey blonde
� Strawberry blonde (usually
with freckles)
� Strawberry redhead (usually
with freckles)
� Auburn
� Golden brown
� Red-black (rare)
� Dove grey
� Creamy white
� Platinum blonde
� Ash blonde (often towhead
as a child)
� Warm ash blonde (slightly
� Dark ash (“mouse”) blonde
� Ash (“mouse”) brown
� Dark brown (taupe tone)
� Brown with auburn cast
� Blue-grey
� Pearl white
� Very white
� White with delicate pink tone
� Beige (no cheek colour, may be
� Grey-beige or brown
� Rosy beige
� Olive
� Black (blue undertone)
� Black (sallow)
� Dark red-brown
� Black-brown
� Hazel (brown plus green or blue)
� Grey-blue
� Blue with white flecks in iris
(may have grey rim)
� Dark blue, violet
� Grey-green
� Green with white flecks in iris
(may have grey rim)
� Blue-black
� Dark brown (may have red
� Medium ash brown
� Salt-and-pepper
� Silver-grey
� White blonde (rare)
� White
winter homebase
summer homebase
We filled
out the ‘Homebase’ Questionnaire and confirmed my feelings toward Claire being for a warmer
colour petite. Her primary colours are spring and secondary colours are summer.
5. Finding more about my client
After the colour analysis I needed to know more about my client’s
lifestyle and have a better knowledge of her style and personality.
As well as suiting her figure and complexion, her wardrobe has to
find her needs so I had her fill out this small question.
• Will it be casual, relaxed, corporate, a special occasion etc.?
Casual, relaxed, work
• What will they be doing in the clothing and where will they be going?
It will be for work, not too smart, it will be for relaxed nights out and shopping trips,
• Will they be wearing it on TV?
• Will they be picking kids up from school?
• Attending meetings for fundraising?
Meetings , yes
• Interviewing for a new job?
Potentially yes
• Re-entering the work world?
• Looking for clothing after they’ve gained or lost weight?
• How do they want to feel and look after they’ve had a few sessions with you?
More organised and with outfits that can mix and match
• How do they feel they look now?
Definitely more confident with what I choose to wear
• Do they admire the style of a specific public figure or celebrity?
Yes I really like, Emma Willis
• How much money do they want to spend, or a better way of phrasing the question, “Do you have a specific
budget in mind for fees, clothing and alterations?
I would be looking to spend £300 to add to and alter my wardrobe
• Do they have a specific time to reach their goals?
I would like to be sorted within the next 2 weeks
6. Hourglass Images
After we fully established her body size and shape I asked Claire to look up and find
images of outfits she likes and would were now she knows what suit her best and tell
me what she likes about them.
A.I like the denim and dark tops,
they all cover the middle. I prefer
flat shoes too.
C. Great shapes to hide my wide
hips, but pretty/eyecatching
enough for my taste.
E.This is my favourite
shape dress for a
special event.
D. I think this covers a lovely set of
weekend clothes.
B. I love the navy blue of this dress
with middle sequins hold the waist
I then showed my client the pictures I had found that I think would suit her hourglass figure
Wardrobe cleanout
We moved on to conducting the “wardrobe assessment” clear-out to see the existing clothes my client
already has, allowing me to plan what she need to add. By doing this I learnt a lot about Claires sense of
style and also I will be able to identify places where there issues with any items or outfits.
Her most worn too her hardly worn clothes and accessories were put into different named piles of
doesn’t fit, don’t like, no occasion, like but forgot about and currently wear.
Claire has quite a small wardrobe of clothes due to the fact that she recently got rid of very old clothes
but that was without my help.
My clients ‘currently wear’ pile is the largest out of them all, I notice that everything was dark or plain
coloured. Even though this could be good to help with making her seem taller and slimmer but the
colours may not be perfect for her complexion palate. Despite this I now understand these are the
colours that she feels most confinable in.
. The horrsontal stripes make
her seem wider, they draw
and led the eye across the
body which also makes the
body look shorter. Vertital
stripes would be better,
drawing the eyes down
creating the impression that
the person is leaner.
.The large bright pattern
doesn’t show off an hourglass
figure well.
.My client wears this work
dress regurly but the way the
sleeves are pulled tightly
under the arm it makes are
shoulders and arm look
.Even though the dress shows
off her curves the is to high so
the way the fabric falls over
her bust and hips makes her
look too top heavy.
.This is taken from the ‘dislike’
pile, this was the only item
that she really hated.
.The ill fitted shape does
nothing for her curvy figure,
drowning her bust and hips.
.The very large printed pattern
washes out my client; makes
her top half look out of
proportion with each other.
Claire has a lot of dark circle neck line work dresses that fall just below her knees. Now she
know that she is classed as a petite, she feels that the length of the dress only looks right if
wore with heels, not flat shoes; she is correct. To wear flats the best opinion would be a
mini length dress.
The images below show of my client in one of this dresses, wore with a cropped jacket (to
make her bottom half look longer), black leggings to slim the legs and heels.
The photos show the way the dress looks when it’s at its original length and the photo on
the right shows when the dress is taken up and shorted; that little bit of change makes a
whole difference to her look.
Hem line taken up a couple of cm
We then moved on to look at all the piles other than
‘wearing currently’ and Claire said she would like to keep the
‘like but nowhere to wear’ pile, just in case and I agreed.
There were originally only three items of clothing Claire
didn’t like, a pair of ill fitted jeans, a thin tight jumper and a
too small very old top. I gave her advice on the horizontal
strips, that they lead the eye across body making them seem
much wider than they actually are. This useful tip to prevent
adding unnecessary weight made my client dislike it.
They all are still in good useable condition so we decided to
bag them up and give to charity.
I filled out a wardrobe table to get a better look at exactly what clothes and accessories my client
has and allowed me to see where there were gaps in her wardrobe that need purchasing. I notice
where Claire spends most of her time, plus the colours are all similar, mostly dark and plain colours.
Cropped Denim Jacket 1
Pink long tops x3
White blouse x2
V neck T-shirts white x1
V neck T-shirt beige x1
Short Leather Jacket 1
Long red coat 1
V neck T-shirt black x1
Plain White tops x3
Pattered grey long tops x3
Brown small shoulder bag
Small necklace scarfs x3
Thin silk scarfs x2
Thin studded belt x2
Pattered flat ballet shoesx3
Toe less x4
work heelsx1
Pink/Coral Short cardigan
Grey short cardigan
Beige midlength cardigan
Cream skinny jeansx1
Light denim jeans skinnyx1
Black work dress x5
Grey Pencil dress x 1
Black leggings x4
Black Snake print leggings x1
Grey Snake print leggings x1
Big black handbagx3
Large Purple shoulder bag
Prattened scarfs x2
Big brown beltx2
Knee high boots x2
Black heels x2
Fur bootsx3
Black thin cardigan
Long pale pink cardigan
Long heavy knitted cardigan
Denim straight jeans x2
After listing everything in my clients current wardrobe it became clear that is that the most often
colour palette is winter and most of her clothes are suitable for the colder weather more than the
warm, for example she does not own any skirts or any other dresses then her work ones. As the
summer season is now very close she will need much more brighter/fresh colours that suitable for
the sun. The list below is a guide line list of what she should buy.
1 short v neck dress that is pulled in at the waist – fresh light colour
Pencil skirt- Dark but not dull
Beige fine extra skinny trousers
Slightly patterned leggings- Fresh light colour
Cropped Colourful Cardigan
Heels- Brighter colour
I showed my client how to mix and match items that she already owns to make up different kind
of outfits for separate events, by changing the accessories and one or two pieces of clothing.
Combination 1- Casual and Work/Evening
Combination 2- Work and Evening
I think the cropped jacket and cardigan looks the
best out of them all. It suits the petite shape and
makes the body seem longer
I picked this dress because of the ruffled shoulders,
that make the shoulders like broader to even out
the frame and also black is a slimming colour
Combination 3- Casual and Work
The colours here are from the spring colour palette.
The causal combination has a summer feel to it. Also
the red coat is perfect of an hourglass because of the
belt at the waist.
Combination 4- Casual and Work/Evening
The bold colour of the top half brings out the warmth
in the skin tone (not very well shown in the photo)
Also the cropped jacket with the heels creates a lot of
.My client’s time was limited so going out shopping was not achievable; we went online
shopping instead.
.Claire now understands her body shape and now knows buying perfectly fitted clothes will
benefit her a lot.
£25.00 Pussycat Black V
Neck Wrap/Newlook/£25.00
Kaliko Crepe Pencil Dark
Pink Skirt/Kaliko/£40.00
.Her favourite item is a dress
dress, the colour black makes
everything seem slimmer.
.The v neck means that Claire
can show off her bust whilst
staying in proportion.
.The waist line sits under the
chest, pulled in, letting the skirt
flow out. Accentuating the waist
and hips.
.The mini length will long out the
legs .
.Colour is from Claire’s
seasonal colour palette,
bringing new life to her
.The pencil skirt is best for
an hourglass because it
hugs where it touches,
showing the curves.
.As it can be highwaisted it
would also lengthen her petit
Crop Cardigan/H&M/£29.99
.A Cropped cardigan really
suited her petite but shaped
.The colour is also from the
spring palette, I think the
green will bring out her eyes
and suit the colour of her
current hair.
.It sits above the hips, to keep
balanced frame.
.When done up there are only
a few fastenings creating the
hourglass perfect v neckline.
Petite Aztec Print
.Claire feels most
comfortable in bottoms that
have stretch, it is also best
for an hourglass shape too
so the jegging trousers are
.The slight patten will keep
the outfit from looking boring
without being overpowering.
.They do not have any
fastenings so no extra bulk
Asos Blouse With Ruffle Cape
and Pussybow/ASOS/£30.00
.Colour is from the
Spring/Summer palette, the
best one for her skin tones.
.The sleeves add more shape
across the shoulders; this
length sleeve will instantly slim
the arm.
.This flows from under the top
layer of fabric, pinching in the
Womens Schuh Bree Bow Court
Patent High Heels/Schuh/£19.99
.The large heel will make her
appears taller whilst
elongating the legs.
.Claire used to own a pair of
red heels until they were wore
out. The striking red with
black would show off her
personality more.
.She has small size 4 feet due
to the shiny leather and the
bow it will make them seem
bigger but not overly.
After shot- the best one taken for the four
 This outfit could be fit causal, evening or work.
 The colours go well together, keeping the dark
colours to help slim but also bring in colours
from the spring.
 The top is pulled in and gathered under the bust,
suiting and flattering the hourglass curves.
 Having black heels with black bottoms noticeably
lengthens the legs.
 The leather keeps to Claires edgy style.
For Claire,
A summary about you
You are now part of the Hourglass Petite family, with the primary colour palette of Spring. This is due to the
warmer tones in your skin as well as your bright clear blue eyes and your dark mousey/brown hair; you are also
close to being a summer as well because of your blonde hair as a child.
Spring is a warmer palette clear and sharp colours make you come alive. Whereas the summer palette is
mostly based around pastels so you are lucky because you will suit some of both.
Peach, apricot, salmon, coral and peachy pinks look beautiful against your tones.
You love the edgy but glamorous styles.
You figure is a classic hourglass, meaning that your bust and your hips are even with a smaller waist. The
best way to dress is for you to show off your best assets, drawing the eye to your curves.
Being a borderline petite means that you come under 5.5, wearing clothes that lengthen your little legs, like
black, skinny, and heels will keep you in balance with your curves too.
Black can be worn, but accessorise with spring colours, especially near the face. Eg. A bright scarf
No spring should ever wear a pure white
When shopping for grey, remember that only a warm yellow shade grey will suit you
Maintaining a good body posture is the key for looking and walking tall.