Promoting Nurses as Leaders in Florida to Advance Nursing and

State Implementation Program
Promoting Nurses as
Leaders in Florida to
Advance Nursing and
Health Policy
Phases 1 and 3
Project Plans:
Areas of Focus:
This project will build on the work of the previous round of
State Implementation Program funding to offer leadership
training for a diverse group of nurses, with a focus on
preparing them to serve on boards. Those nurses will
then serve as mentors to a group of aspiring nurse
leaders. Project objectives include placing many nurses
in board leadership roles. The success of this project will
be communicated through published profiles and
interviews, as well as infographics. A companion piece to
this project is identifying a list of Florida boards that
engage in health policy develop.
• Leadership
• Diversity
• Infrastructure
Mary Lou Brunell
Project Director
University of Florida
[email protected]
Ann-Lynn Denker
Project Co-Director
Florida Action Coalition
[email protected]
The project will also concentrate on strengthening the
sustainability and infrastructure of the Florida Action
Coalition, expanding the number of relationships with
policymakers and coalitions.
The project will contribute to increasing diversity of nurse
leaders in Florida by recruiting diverse Action Coalition
volunteers, meeting diversity goals for the leadership
training, and implementing one or more
recommendations of the statewide Diversity Think Tank.