Wisconsin Nursing Leads the PACC

State Implementation Program
Wisconsin Nursing
Leads the PACC
(Partnerships in Action
for Community Care).
Phases 1 & 3
Project Plans:
Areas of Focus:
This project builds on SIP 1 to advocate for academic progression by
launching a statewide media campaign and through various
strategies. The applicant anticipates increasing BSN completion by
18% with a 5% increase in minority participation. To further support
diversity goals, outcomes include a 10% increase in AD nursing
program graduates with a statewide retention plan (AD students offer
a greater degree of racial and ethnic diversity in this state).
• Infrastructure
• Education
• Leadership
• Diversity
Judith Hansen
Project Director
Wisconsin Center for Nursing
[email protected]
To enhance leadership readiness for nurses in Wisconsin, the
education proposal includes education preparation of nurses for
board service, including 4 board services, 2 philanthropy trainings,
and mentorship for board service, each with diversity metrics. To
advance interprofessional collaboration and community-based
approaches to care, the project will seek to create a 7-10 member
coalition of like-minded organizations. Apart from the coalitionbuilding work, the applicant will provide minimum educational
programs and one statewide conference, each targeting traditionally
underrepresented groups.
The project will pilot and evaluate the use of new diversity
assessment tool in 3 settings: education, health care employer and
non-health care employer. As a separate initiative, the project will
institute a “Chapter Challenge” to build out membership of the
American Assembly of Men in Nursing, thereby doubling the number
American Men in Nursing chapters in WI.