“Open the Doors” - Rally for Post Secondary Education Access at

“Open the Doors” - Rally for Post Secondary Education Access
at Capilano University
Please join us Tuesday April 7th at 11:40 am – 12:40 pm
Birch Building Entrance- 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver
While Capilano University offers unique, world-class education experiences for students,
it receives very low per-student funding from the provincial government – the second
lowest of all B.C.'s post-secondary institutions. The administration at Capilano University
again wants to make major changes to programs and courses offered – changes that will
impact access and limit opportunities for current and future Capilano students.
Faculty at Capilano University are deeply concerned about whether this move by the
administration puts Capilano and its students on the wrong track for the future. That’s
why we’re taking action. We are raising these issues at the bargaining table, and we’re
working with partners in the community to draw their attention to the issues!
When it comes to education, we can’t afford to be second-best – in any area. So let’s
invest in an education system that is truly advanced and ensures that we are ready for
whatever the future might bring. You can help!
Confirmed Speakers:
Cindy Oliver, President - Federation of Post Secondary Educators
David Black, President - Canadian Office & Professional Employees Union
Irene Lanzinger, President - British Columbia Federation of Labour
Brent Calvert, President - Capilano Faculty Association
Suggested Afternoon Study Session Activities
Following the noon hour block “Open the Doors” Rally please take part in any of the
following study session activities that fit within your teaching schedule. As a reminder,
classes are not cancelled on Tuesday, April 7.
One on One Sessions with CFA Executive Members
1:30 – 3:30 Jaycee House - 1251 Lillooet Road
Just up the road and across the street from the main campus entrance on Purcell Way.
Strike Coordinator Rae Nickolichuk will be holding one on one session’s with any
Strike Captains or faculty members with any questions, comments or ideas about
President Brent Calvert is available to meet one on one with any faculty, staff or
students with questions, comments or ideas about job action.
Capilano University Senate Meeting – 4 pm Library 322
Effective institutional academic governance should be an important and well functioning
component of every university. Senate meetings are open to the public and we encourage
any interested faculty, staff, students or members of the public to attend any senate
meeting. There is one occurring today at 4 pm.
Discover the Principles of Academic Freedom - Berkeley in the Sixties
5:30 pm Bosa Centre for Film & Animation Theatre
Come to a screening and discussion of Berkeley in the Sixties, an Academy
Award© nominated feature-length documentary by Mark Kitchell (1990), about the
principles of academic freedom. Chronicling the dramatic struggle for free speech waged
on the University of California campus at Berkley in the early 1960s at the height of the
Civil Rights movement in the U.S., a screening of the film’s first 40 minutes will be
followed by a guided discussion of the documentary's themes.