Nitrogen: from science to society

Nitrogen: from science to society
Maria Amélia Martins-Loução
Full Professor Plant-Soil Ecology Group, cE3c
Nitrogen (N): from Science to Society is a science communication project
focused in raising students’ awareness on N issues. It can be divided in
two parts: one, empiric, where a public consultation has been performed
and analysed, using the focus group method, to tackle teachers
understanding about N threats. The data collected served as a driver of
the second part. This second part is a proposal to Horizon 2020, following
the call Science with and for Society. This proposal aims to raise student’s
awareness of the different aspects encompassing science and technology
of nitrogen (N) in biosphere in their societal content. To reach that
outcome the proposal promotes a cross-cutting interaction between the
different levels of education system, research and school institutions, as
well as parents’ association, and other civic society organisations. The
innovation of this proposal stands on the following priorities: (i) boost
quality in teaching, (ii) provide learning strategies to promote students
awareness of the importance of trans-disciplinary approach, and (iii)
develop students’ dissemination skills towards an active citizenship
change about N threats.
4ª feira, 22 de Abril de 2015
FCUL (Edif. C6) – 12.00h-13.00h – Sala 6.2.51