12th Grade Course Selection Contract

Canyon Crest Academy
2015-2016 12th Grade Course Selection Contract
Name _____________________________
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1. Give careful consideration to the selections that you make now which will determine your year-long class schedule. View the Course
Selection Presentation for your 2015-2016 grade level and review the Course Profiles to make thoughtful, informed choices.
2. Complete this contract and be sure to include parent/guardian signature.
3. Submit your course selections online using the AERIES PARENT PORTAL, open March 4 — March 20, 2015.
4. Turn in this signed contract to the Counseling Secretary on or before the March 20, 2015 deadline.
SDUHSD Course Selection Guidelines
 Students must take a minimum of 3 classes per day. Students are not required to take 4 classes per day, and have the option of selecting
an unscheduled (“free”) period. If an unscheduled period is selected, no class or teacher will be assigned and no attendance will be taken.
 Courses may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment or staffing restrictions.
 12th grade students may be given preference in elective classes and courses required for graduation.
 For any application or audition-only course, please select the course and visit the Audition/Application Course Profile page to follow
the steps to apply or audition. Remember to select alternates for these classes in case you are not selected.
 SDUHSD Board Policy sets a two-week limit at the beginning of each term to drop a class without it reflecting on the transcript. Level
changes (between honors/Advanced Placement and college prep) may be requested during this 2-week period, if there is space available.
To add a course or to replace a dropped course, the change must improve the integrity of the student’s schedule for graduation or college
requirements or be an elective course with space available and in the same period as the dropped course. Please note that after the first
day of school, an administrator conference will be required for such a change and the student will be required to make up the missed work.
Elective change requests will be addressed before the start of the term only.
 10-12th grade students who need PE credits to graduate must submit application for PE Credit-Athletics to earn 5 credits per season for
participation in a school-sponsored CIF athletic program. Students must have passed the California Physical Fitness Test prior and must
complete the full CIF season to receive credit. Select the class in fall term for fall sports and spring term for winter or spring sports.
 30 credits maximum from off campus coursework can be applied toward graduation requirements and coursework will be added to a student’s transcript only if the course is pre-approved before the student enrolls in the course.
 Students will be able to view their 2015-2016 class schedules in the Aeries Portal in August. Required schedule changes will be made for
students who failed a course or completed a pre-approved off-campus summer class.
I understand:
Students are selecting classes only, not teachers, terms or periods.
No schedule changes will be made to accommodate any off-campus, extra-curricular or athletic activities.
The only way to guarantee that I will not have a class during a specific period or term is to request an unscheduled period.
No schedule changes will be made to change periods or terms for already scheduled classes.
No elective changes will be made after the start of the term.
UC/CSU A-G Requirements (with grade of C or higher)
A. 2 years Social Science
B. 4 years English
E. 2 years Lang. other than English F. 1 year Visual/Performing Art
Classes requested in FALL term. You are
choosing classes, NOT specific periods.
Term preference considered , not guaranteed.
C. 3 years Math (min. Alg. 2 or IM 3)
G. 1 year College Prep Elective
Classes requested in SPRING term. You are
choosing classes, NOT specific periods. Term
preference considered, not guaranteed.
D. 2 years Lab Science
List at least 2 alternates in order of
preference for EVERY elective you chose.
AFTER you have followed all the instructions above, if you would like to discuss your course selections with your
counselor, check this box. Counselors will meet with you only after the completed contract is turned in.
Signatures below confirm that both the student and parent/guardian have read and understand the Course Selection Guidelines and agree to
the course selections indicated. Both parent/guardian and student signatures are required in order to process course requests.
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PARENT/GUARDIAN NAME: ______________________________________ SIGNATURE: _________________________________________________
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