Friendship Bracelets

Friendship Bracelets
by Leah Williams
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Mod Podge
Kids plastic paint brush
Snap Kit (for the Hole Maker)
Step 1: Cut 1 Bracelet Band of Leather .75”W X 7” L
Cut 1 Tie of Leather .25” X 8” L
Cut 1 Fabric .75”W X 6”L
(We cut out enough to make 5 Friendship bracelets.)
Step 2: Using a plastic paint brush, brush on the Mod Podge onto the fabric and let it
dry. (It should look opaque when wet and clear when dry.)
Step 3: After the fabric dries, turn the leather wrong side up and paint the wrong side of
leather with Mod Podge end to end.
Step 4: Center the dry fabric on top of the wet piece of leather.
Step 5: Fold over the leather ends and let dry.
Step 6: Make a hole at both ends with the snap kit hole maker.
Step 7: Push the tie through the holes and tie knots at both ends.
Step 8: Tie on your new bracelet onto your friends wrist.
My Niece told me that if you wear your friendship bracelet until it falls off you can make
a wish! ;)