President Bush Visits Keystone November 10, 2006

November 10, 2006
President Bush Visits Keystone
By Katie Carr, Student Senate President
On October 19th, our UnitedStates President, George
W. Bush, visited our Keystone College campus. George
W. Bush came to Keystone to help promote Don Sherwood’s campaign.
The campaign took place in the Gambal Athletic
Center. Sherwood represents Pennsylvania’s 10th District
in the U.S. House of Representatives, and was elected to
his fourth term in November 2004. Sherwood would like
to be re-elected, and President Bush came to help support
Sherwood and his campaign.
This was a big day for Keystone students, faculty, and
community whether or not they were Bush supporters. All
participants of clubs and activities at Keystone stood on
the highway and greeted Bush as he entered the college.
However, although there were supporters of President
Bush., not everyone was too thrilled about the visit. Lining up on College Ave, there were many protesters The
protest was a silent protest to mourn those lost in Iraq,
and for other reasons that people believed that President
Bush cheated the United States. Five lucky students, including myself, were chosen to attend the
campaign and hear President Bush give a speech.
The four other students were Christopher Crawford,
Lamont Carolina, Keeley Hamilton, and Ashley
Lotz. The event was a great experience for all
students. “Whether I agree with Bush or not, I still
respect him,” responded Carolina. Hamilton and
Lotz both stated that they understand more about
the war and why things are the way they are. They
said that they never really understood that before
from just watching the television. Listening to his
speech explained things more clearly. Christopher
Crawford said that it was an experience to remember, and a wonderful opportunity to meet President
October 19th will be a day remembered by all
who had the opportunity to meet, greet, and make a
statement to President Bush.
Homecoming King and Queen Crowned
By Katie Carr, Student Senate President
On October 13th, a tailgate party/pep rally kicked off the start of an exciting
weekend for the Keystone College campus and community. The tailgating party
got the Keystone students excited for the big events the next day. A pep rally
followed the tailgate party. Student Senate organized this year’s first annual pep
rally to recognize and appreciate all the fall athletics. The cheerleaders’ spirited
routine got the crowed energized, and the Keystone steppers ended the night
with their outstanding performance. The pep rally was a huge success and lots
of students came out to support their fellow athletes.
The next morning kicked off the day with the homecoming parade. Lots of
clubs and organizations, along with alumni and the community all participated
in this year’s parade. The parade’s theme was Mardi Gras and Halloween. Everyone did a job well done. However, there were only three prizes awarded. The
Keystone Steppers won the award for “Best in Show.” The Keystone College
Commuters won “Most Original,” and The Keystone Snow Team was awarded,
“Funniest.” These three awards were not the only things given away that day.
Last year’s homecoming queen, Lucilia Lopes and homecoming king, Matthew
Carr were honored to give their titles away to the new king and queen this year.
At the half time of the girl’s soccer game, all the nominees for homecoming
king and queen were announced. There were six girls and six boys that were
nominated by Keystone students. Fifth runners up were Dan Fiordo and Ashley
Jennings. Fourth runners up were Matthew Cerra and Heather Nelson. Third
runners up were Mike McConkey and Kimberly Brower. Second runners up
were Lamont Carolina and Melinda Sue Owens. First runners up were Basil
Beyah-Patterson and Bridget Gibbons, and this year’s 2006 Homecoming King
and Queen was Jorge Gorritz Jr. and Melissa Holguin.
The campus community would like to congratulate everyone on making this
year’s homecoming court. Later Saturday night, the student activities held a
semi-formal for all who wanted to attend. The dance was an amazing turn out
with over 150 students participating. Each year, the homecoming weekend gets
bigger and better, and the campus community is very excited to see what next
year holds!
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Photograph provided by Jessica Light
The Key
Page Key News
Rise Against
Domestic Violence
November 10, 2006
Fall Festival held
at Elk Mountain
By Laurie Tintle
On October 7 and 8 at Elk Mountain, Fall Festival 2006 was held. There were
arts and crafts, food and drink, fun and activities to kick off the beginning of the
season. From 10am to 5pm, you could join in the festivities.
“Every 12 seconds a woman is beaten,” says a man who can
The work exhibited and for sale ranged from jewelry, wood crafts, oil paintonly be heard on the television. On October 12, in the President’s
Dining Room, six students and staff realized what it is to be in and ings, various holiday decorations, and more. The food and drink stands had hot
and cold apple cider, homemade fudge, lollipops, baked goods, and many dips
get out of an abusive relationship.
for sampling.
Joann Hawkins is a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunt, and
If you wanted to have a meal and not just munch, you could dine at the Winonce a victim of domestic violence. Also once a Keystone student,
Garden Restaurant. Next to the restaurant was a small stage where the musiHawkins now volunteers for the Women’s Resource Center in
cal entertainment played from 12-4 on the 7th and 12-7 on the 8th.
Scranton. She devotes her time to giving speeches on how to recFor romance or fun, the scenic chair lift rides were an option. For little or
ognize and get help from being in abusive relationships. While the
big kids, there was a fenced in area with a few animals for petting. If you enjoy
audience enjoyed the layout of herbal teas, coffee, and cookies, a
video “An Empty Place at the Table” played showing the outcome mountain biking there was a ride on the morning of the 8th. For Elk’s ski season,
of families who have lost someone due to domestic violence. It is updates check out their website at
an exhibit in the Scranton area that symbolically sets the table for
each victim in remembrance and mourning of the lives they once
had before they fell victim, leaving that empty place at their table.
By: Brittney Pierce
The audience also gained knowledge through worksheets and
On Oct 5, Keystone students gathered in Evans Hall for a night of fear and fun with ghost
handouts showing guidelines to a positive or negative relationship,
hunter, John Zaffis. John Zaffis has over 30 years of experience dealing with the paranormal,
so one can see the difference. Hawkins ended the meeting lending ESP, demonic possession, hauntings, near death experiences, and exorcisms. He has worked with
out her guidance to students who may be or know someone in an
his aunt and uncle, Ed and Lorraine Warren, and is now considered one of the “foremost authorities” in his field today. John Zaffis has been featured on the Discovery Channel, TLC, Sci Fi,
abusive relationship.
For more information on how to get help for yourself or some- ABC, and has written several books which include Shadows of the Dark and The Struggle Within
one you know, contact Director of Tutoring and Guidance, Randy which will be coming out soon.
After John Zaffis gave his presentation and showed pictures of ghosts, there was also an audio
Light in Patrick Hall for more information, or contact a counselor recording of an exorcism.
at your nearest Women’s Resource Center or online at www.wrcA campus ghost walk followed the presentation. The first stop was the cemetery behind Keystone
where some students claim they saw something, but not many others did. Next, students
to Ward Hall which is known as one of the most haunted buildings at Keystone. StuIf you know anyone that may be in an abusive relationship,
dent Nicole Johnson, a junior, said that “ when we looked through a camera phone, we saw a girl
please do not feel apprehensive to get yourself or someone you
walking towards us, but when we weren’t looking through phone, we didn’t see her.”
know help.
With the atmosphere that night, the stories, and the real life ghost hunter leading the
By Avanelle David
Keystone Hosts Ghost Walk
way, it was a perfect pre-Halloween event.
Senior Center Halloween
Party Held
By Christina Cordner
A Halloween party for senior citizens and children was held at the Mathewson
Apartments in Factoryville on Oct. 25th.
It was sponsored by Big Brothers Big Sisters and was organized by Jean Marie
Harding of Big Brothers Big Sisters and Keystone’s Maria Fanning.
In attendance were seven senior women, three children, seventeen students,
Fanning, and Harding. Randy Light, a Keystone counselor sang and played about
ten songs on the guitar. Harding also played the piano. The students helped the
children and seniors make crafts including snowmen knickknacks, foam Halloween pictures, and cards. Everyone then joined in a few more songs with Light, and
cake, chips, pretzels, cider, and other beverages were served.
Page The Key
Campus Lifestyles
November 10, 2006
I Took a Nap
By: Pete Dinicolas
Jeff Owens is more than just a a Keystone College
student. Jeff or J-Dog, is a graduate of Lakeland High
School and has a very interesting story for how he
came to Keystone. “One day I took a nap, and I had
a weird dream. When I woke, the word Keystone
popped in to my mind. I asked my mom what Keystone
was. She replied, Keystone College. So I looked
into it, and I knew it was the school I should
go to. I don’t regret my decision.”
Owens, a second year criminal justice major is enjoying his classes. Owens plans to be a state police officer or
somehow in the FBI. He comes from
a military family. When asked why he
wanted to be in the police, he replied,
“I like the thrill. I want to get paid to be
shot at. I also like to help people.”
In his spare time, Owens likes to go
quading, shooting at the range, lifting, or just
hanging around his hometown of Mayfield.
Owens is an avid member of the Keystone
community, a member of the cheerleading
squad, and the forensics club. You can also
catch him at any school event on campus.
Owens has an older brother Eric and sister Kristen. His favorite color is blue, and he
loves going for pizza and wings. Owens has
an obsession for rap music and the clothing
company Timberland. “I love rap for the
beat, you can dance to it and feel it.”
Powell Gets Her
Job Done
By: Ryan Runco
Mrs. Patricia Powell, my 11th grade teacher at Mid Valley High
School, is an inspiration to me. She is also an adjunct instructor at
Keystone College where she teaches Children’s Literature. In addition to her English schedule, Powell is the advisor of the drama club
at Mid Valley. Each year she directs the most impressive plays featuring high school and elementary students. Powell is also responsible for editing the Spartan Outlook, the school newspaper.
I would describe Powell as a very intellectual woman who has
dedicated her life to family and students. She is self-less and concerned about others before herself. Her energetic personality is evident with the extra curricular activities she encourages her students
to do. Powell’s interests include theatre, books, and movies. “I
really enjoy Broadway musicals and shopping with my daughter for
the latest fashions,” Powell said. She also spends her leisure time in
her garden tending to seasonal flowers.
Powell has encouraged me to perform to my greatest potential
since my sophomore year of high school. When I consider various people who have inspired me, she is one woman who comes to
mind. If I model myself after Mrs. Powell and all of her wonderful
traits, I am sure to be successful.
On the Course With Steve Gonzales
When he’s not studying for class, Steve Gonzales can
be found on the golf course. “When I was about twelve
years old, I went with my dad to go play a round of golf.
The next thing I knew, that was all I was doing. I didn’t
really go out that much after that, except to play golf.”
Gonzales is a sophomore at Keystone College from
Bangor, Pennsylvania. “It’s a small town, between
Stroudsburg and Easton.” Gonzales was recruited from
high school to play golf for Keystone College by coach
Don Cole. “I just liked being around sports! It was either
school or work, so I decided to major in Sports and
Recreational Management.” The times in class he enjoys
the most are discussions about planning the designs for
recreation centers. Gonzales would like to run a golf
course when he graduates. “I may even enroll in the PGM
program at Penn State.”
By: Nathan Urie
In the brief periods when Gonzales is not playing golf, he
likes to relax and watch movies like Pulp Fiction, his favorite film. “The whole story line is put in different time frames,
but they make it work. There are a lot of good things to think
about in it. It’s a real thinking movie.” If Gonzales could
travel and relax anywhere in the world, he would like to do
so in Jamaica. “It’s a beautiful island, with lots of exotic
plants,” he says with a bright face.
Gonzales also likes to spend his off time with music.
“Anything that fits the mood of the day is great,” he says,
while nodding his head, “I just want two hours a day where I
can relax and not worry about anything.”
Page The Key
Campus Lifestyles
Sexual Harassment
By: D.N. Catlett
What is sexual harassment? What causes it? And how do you
help yourself and others who are being sexually harassed? These
are some of the questions that were answered at the Sexual
Harassment Awareness Meeting on Oct, 4th.
Sexual harassment is any unwanted physical or verbal
contact or advances. It could be one time or it could be on a
continuing basis. Some examples are leering, pressure for dates,
bra or towel snapping, obscene phone calls, lip smacking, sexual
name calling, animal noises, body comments, or the soliciting of
sexual services. Sexual harassment is not flirting. It is illegal and
can cause lasting mental scars for the victim.
What are some of the causes? It can be any number of things.
Some of the major causes are drug and alcohol abuse. However,
it is not always solely the fault of the harasser that the incident
occurs. A huge instigator of harassment is the way the victim is
dressed. If the victim wears provocative clothing, this can start
an onslot of harassment. Sometimes it is just a case of being in
the wrong place at the wrong time. Oftentimes people ignore
their gut instinct, if a place or situation feels wrong it probably
Even though the common belief is that men are always the
harassers, this is not true. Women are oftentimes just as much
the holders of that roles as men are.
How can you prevent sexual harassment from occurring?
Unfortunately, there is no three step answer to keep harassment
from happening. However, there are a few steps to help prevent
it. First, stand up for yourself. If someone says to you or you
hear someone say something that offends you, speak up and
confront them about it. Also seek support from others around
you. Second, avoid individuals who: do not listen to you, ignore
your personal boundaries, express sexist attitudes, or act jealous
or possessive.
What are ways you can help yourself and/or others who are
in a harassment situation? If you are in a harassment situation,
first, if you are comfortable enough to do it, confront the person.
Sometimes people do not realize the effect they are having on
others. If you are unable to do this or the offender continues to
harass you, report them. You can talk to many people on campus
such as: a counselor, a Public Safety officer, or the Dean of Students. It is important to document any harassment instances that
occur. Some forms of documentation are: photos, copies, or diary entries. Information that should be included is: dates, times,
behavior, and how it made you feel. Remember, people only get
away with what you let them.
If someone else is being harassed, you can help them. Watch
out for signs that they may be in a harassment situation. Encourage them to confront or report the offender. And most importantly, be supportive.
If you would like anymore information on sexual harassment
or other such topics please call Jamie Torrence 945-8317.
November 10, 2006
By Laura Hughes
Aries (March 21-April 19)- With October being a fairly stressful month for you, you’ll be glad to
know that November will be treating you much better. There will be a burst of energy in everything you do, starting at the beginning of the month. Make the most of it Aries!
Taurus (April 20-May 20)- Keep up the good work Taurus! You’re doing an excellent job of keeping everything together. This month, everyone will notice your ability to keep your plate full and
your demeanor cool. Go ahead and rely on that Cancer in your life, they love being there for you.
Gemini (May 21-June 21)- Keep your attitude positive when dealing with a fairly big change.
How you cope makes all the difference. You’ve also got a lot to say this month. Don’t be afraid to
let it all out.
Cancer (June 22-July 22)- You’ll be prone to feeling down at the beginning of this month, so
don’t hesitate to turn to your friends. Don’t worry, by mid-month, you’ll be feeling anything but
down. You’ll be getting tons of tasks done, and you will finally have that much needed time to
relax and have fun with your favorite people…finally!
Leo (July 23-August 22)- It’s time to face the facts, Leo. You need to look at things from a realistic perspective as opposed to a whimsical one this month. And put yourself in other people’s shoes
when making decisions instead of only thinking about yourself.
Virgo (August 23-September 22)- Take some time to reconnect with the outdoors, even if it’s a
country drive or a brief walk. Your naturally earthy spirit will feel incredibly fulfilled from being
outside. Take all the time you need when it comes to making a difficult decision at the end of this
Libra (September 23-October 22)- That issue that’s been plaguing you recently just seems to
vanish. You feel most in control of your life right now, and you are absolutely loving it. Just remember to take good care of yourself, Libra.
Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)- This month is yours for the taking Scorpio! Something new
and exciting is going to happen to you, and you have every right to be happy about it. You’ve been
working hard this past semester, and now it’s time to kick back and let the good times roll.
Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)- Something that you considered impossible is now very
much possible. Keep your usually positive attitude, and keep your schedule flexible. With that new
possibility taking up a lot of your time, be sure to take a break whenever you need it.
Capricorn (December 22-January 19)- Keep your head up Capricorn! Things will get much
easier for you towards the middle of the month, but that doesn’t mean that you should slack on any
of your tasks. Keeping a steady working pace will make the break all the more welcome.
Aquarius (January 20-February 18)- You will be discovering a very interesting thing about yourself soon. You’ll also find out some very interesting and surprising things about those around you.
And you’ll be very surprised when you find out who has their eye on you!
Pisces (February 19-March 20)- You’re starting to doubt yourself, but you shouldn’t! Petty insecurities are the source of your self doubt, and as soon as you let them go, you’ll find that the world
looks a lot better. Remember that everyone has faith in you, you just need to have faith in yourself.
The Key
The student newspaper of Keystone College is a publication of The Division of Communications Arts and Humanities of
Keystone College
P.O. Box 50
La Plume, PA 18440
President: Dr. Edward G. Boehm, Jr.
Vice President of Academic Affairs: Dr. Robert Scott
Chair, CAH Division: Melany Fedor
Editor/Advisor: Sara K. White
Design/Layout Editor: Bryan Miller
Page The Key
November 10, 2006
Dracula Praise
By D.N. Catlett
Through generations
he has stalked through
people’s thoughts and
dreams, and now he has
swooped down on Keystone College. Dracula
was performed by the
Keystone Players on Oct.
13th through 15th, bringing with it the largest
turnout the Keystone
Players have ever had.
The actors gave fabulous
performances. While there
were a few technical difficulties, the production was
executed marvelously.
Justin Kraky was able
to bring Dracula’s character to life, so to speak, in a
mesmerizing and original
way. Kraky depicted
Dracula perfectly with
his enthralling accent and
enticing demeanor.
Mina was beautifully portrayed by
Samantha Watkins. Watkins conveyed to
the audience the struggle between Mina’s
devoted love for her husband, Jonathan,
and the desire she feels for the passion
Dracula offers her.
Jonathan Harker’s character is often
seen as a stiff collard boor; however,
Chris Campbell brought great strength
to his character. Campbell showed that
Jonathan deeply loves Mina; although it
The hilarious and sometimes
scary Mr. Renfield, played by
Chris Schwartz, was a tremendous
attribute to the production. His
comical personality was blended
with his more insane moments by
Schwartz to create a character the
audience loved, pitied, and feared.
Matilda the Maid’s comical vocal and body expressions, as well
as her hilarious lines, achieved by
Laura Hughes, were a magnificent
addition the performance.
The Brides of Dracula, which
were performed by Laurel
Radzieski, Rebecca Fisk, Allison
Dowling, Sara Davis, Danielle
Dutil, and Senkei Tau, were tastefully sensuous and attractive. They
demonstrated effectively the lure
that Dracula and eternal life can
have on mortals.
Dracula, as rewritten by William Honchell, was an incredibly
often got hidden under his old fashioned, down to earth attitude.
exciting and intriguing interpretaTara Knapp brought her own out going personality to the production,
tion of Bram Stoker’s novel. The Keygranting her the ability to present Lucy’s energy and love for life in a
stone Community is looking forward to
charming and spirited fashion.
what will come next from our talented
Lord Arthur Holmwood was expertly portrayed as dashing and courastudents and faculty.
geous by Gary Bisignani.
For any news on up coming producJohn Gundling did an excellent performance of Professor Van Helsing,
tions please contact Jane Honchell at 945communicating the Professor’s need to do what is right and to protect those 8454 or check it out on Keystone web
he cares about.
page at
Dane Bower, while portraying Dr. Seward as a thoughtful but serious
thinking man, was able to incorporate some incredibly funny bits; most
noticeably with his whisky flask.
Movie Review
Monster House Gets Monstrous Applause
By: Shelby Fisk
The recently released animated movie Monster House directed by Dan Harmon is a great movie to rent for a night at home. It’s the simple story of a strange house owned
by an old man with the name Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi) in what appears to be a normal neighborhood. Three kids DJ (Mitchel Musso), Chowder (Sam Lerner), and Jenny
(Spencer Locke) choose to investigate why the house is scary when Nebbercraker is in the hospital through a series of funny attempts. The cast includes the voices of Kevin
James, Nick Cannon, and Jon Heder, and many others. Though rated PG, and of course great for the kids, this movie can be enjoyed by all ages. I’d give it two thumbs up.
Page The Key
November 10, 2006
New Start for Diddy
By: Avanelle David
October 17 yielded a new chapter for newly christened producer, Diddy. He released his fifth album entitled Press Play worldwide. This chapter of music includes a
myriad of collaborations with artists such as Mary j. Blige, Christina Aguilera, NAS,
Ciara, Big Boi, and others, as well as known producers The Neptune’s, Timbaland,
and Kanye West. He also uses older artists Brandy, Mario Winans for a feel of the old
Sean Combs.
Presented like a soundtrack to his life, each song goes smoothly from one to the
next through bachelorhood to a serious relationship. For the fans that know Diddy,
he remains his cocky self in the lyrics of song “We Gon’ Make It” with similar instrumentals and sound to Jay-Z’s “Show Me What You Got.” He also samples Tears
for Fears’ “Head Over Heels” for song “Testimonial (Intro).”
There is definitely a song on here for everyone, new Diddy fans and old fans
alike. In an interview, Diddy explains this album to be, “music from a global point
of view…and Press Play is where it all comes together.” Definite downloads include
“Come to Me” featuring Nicole of The PCD, and “Through the Pain (She Told Me)”
featuring Mario Winans.
mewithoutYou Goes
Slightly Subdued
By: April Guse
The fine gentlemen of mewithoutYou have released their new album Brother, Sister on September 26. For those of
you familiar with indie/ post-hardcore band mewithoutYou’s previous albums, you may find this one noticeably, yet
pleasantly different. If you aren’t familiar with mewithoutYou, you’ll still find this pleasantly different.
Guitarist Mike Weiss is quoted as saying, “We definitely took some new turns and explored new sides to our sound,
but our last album did just that from the one before it so trust me on this and keep an open mind.” The album starts
off with the sound of rain and a solemn keyboard in “Messes of Men,” which displays a much more subdued Aaron
Weiss, lead singer, than the songs on their previous albums. However, the song that follows, “the Dryness and the Rain,”
contains some resonance of their most previous album Catch For Us the Foxes, including Weiss’s outbursts and brilliant
lyrics. Fans will hear some fairly new voices as mewithoutYou’s nomadic friends The Psalters have joined them on this
album to give a few of the songs a unique sound. The song following “the Dryness and the Rain,” “Wolf Am I! (and
Shadow)” is similar to songs from their first album, A to B Life – outbursts, heavy riffs, and all. Speaking of A to B Life,
fans will find a nice follow-up to “Nice and Blue.” “Nice and Blue (pt. 2) on Brother, Sister perpetuates new lyrics and a
fresh, yet darker twist to follow-up the original “Nice and Blue.” The final song, “in a Sweater Poorly Knit” gives off a
celebrated sound using a harp and chorus to wrap up the album.
Indeed the overall sound of the album has changed quite a bit since mewithoutYou’s beginnings, but brothers and
sisters alike won’t find this new sound disappointing. It is a difficult task to explain this new sound that mewithoutYou
exudes. You just need to listen to it and decide for yourself. To listen to a few songs from the new album, check out or
The Key
Page Editorial
November 10, 2006
Message from Student Senate
President, Katie Carr
Hello everyone!! I hope that you all are enjoying the school year. Well, let me tell
you that Student Senate has been putting in so much hard work and dedication this last
month. First, let’s congratulate our four new members to student senate, Jorge Gorritz
Jr. (Sr. Rep), William Lancenese ( Fresh. Rep), Yasmeen Bates (Fresh. Rep), and Derrick Bradley (Fresh. Rep).
Next, our biggest project this month was our 1st ANNUAL PEP RALLY!! Student Senate did an amazing job and the turn out was a success. Also, we participated
in events in Scranton to help out with two organizations, the United Way and the
Lupus Foundation. Also, because we know how stressful mid-term week can be, we
invited everyone to have a Midnight Breakfast to take a break from studying and get
something to eat! There were over 150 people at the breakfast!!! GREAT JOB!! Our
last event that we did for the month was The Haunted House. Senate and CAB both
helped Inter Hall Council at the haunted house, which was also an amazing turn out.
Well, that was all the activities for the past month that Senate has accomplished,
but don’t worry there are more to come! Look out for our upcoming events. We have
adopt-a-highway cleanup, another pep rally for the winter sports, Keystone Idol (with
Inter Hall Council), Finger Food Free For All (finals week), and look out for our new
workshop that we will be putting on, “How To Be A Leader.”
I would just like to say that as your student body president, I am so happy with the
turn out of events that we are accomplishing this year. I also want to let Senate know
that they are doing an amazing job. Student Senate represents Keystone in many
ways, and we are doing a great job! Have a great month everyone and look out for
our upcoming events!!!! Talk To You Soon! -Jerz
Sorry, No Parking
By Steffan Miller
There is a problem facing Keystone College that threatens the
well-being of all the commuter students. The problem I’m referring to is the lack of available commuter parking.
Many of you may think that this problem is not that serious, but
it is. Every day, several commuter students arrive for class only to
find that there isn’t anywhere for them to park. This causes many
students to be late for morning classes while searching for somewhere to park. Often, students are forced to park in absurd places,
like in the grass, or farther off campus. Some may argue that this
makes students more creative, but it’s really just a major pain in
the neck.
Why is this happening this semester? In previous years, there
was ample parking for commuters, but not now. This is because
some of the parking lots once reserved for commuters are now
reserved for faculty, staff, and residents. Come on now, how much
parking can faculty and staff need, and why do residents need
more parking? It’s not as if residents have that much need for their
As a commuter student, I am constantly late for my morning
classes due to not finding a place for me to park my car. I am
often, like other commuters, forced to park in the grass by the commuter parking lot, because there are not enough spots for all the commuters. The staff
in charge of lawn care can’t be too pleased with this, as it interferes with their
work. At least the Keystone cops haven’t given out tickets to people forced into
this parking predicament.
I believe it is time for us, the commuter students of Keystone College, to rise
up and protest this grave injustice. We must unite and tell the administration that
we’re not going to take it any more. We want a place to park. What we need to
do is organize a mass protest. I’m calling all experienced protesters out there to
join me in protesting the persecution of commuters. Bring your signs, and drum
circles, and patchouli. I’ll bring the dip.
Page November 10, 2006
The Key
Athletics Hall of Fame
Induction Held
On Oct. 14, the Keystone College Athletics Hall of Fame Induction ceremony was
held in Evans Hall in conjunction with alumni and reunion weekend.
The Class of 2006 included Larry Fornicola, Michelle Huff, Margaret Philbin,
Mike Thomas, and Art Wall, Jr.
Larry Fornicola is remembered for his career as an athlete and wrestling coach.
He served as wrestling coach at Keystone for 25 years. Fornicola was named NJCAA
Wrestling Coach of the Year three times and produced three national champions, 31
district champions, and more than 60 All-Region selections. He was inducted into the
NJCAA National Wrestling Hall of fame in 1980.
Michelle Huff is remembered for her accomplishments in women’s basketball,
soccer, and softball at Keystone College. Huff held the women’s basketball record
for most points and rebounds in a season, second all-time for rebounds in a career,
and the highest season average and career average for rebounds. In softball, Huff had
the highest season batting average in the history of the program with a mark of .632,
ranked first in hits, ranked third all-time for runs, scored in a season, and fourth alltime in hits in a season.
Margaret Philbin served as a professor of physical education, coach of field
hockey, and coordinator of women’s athletics over a career that spanned nearly three
decades at Keystone College. Philbin arrived at Keystone in 1965, and along with
several students formed a field hockey team. During her tenure as head coach, her
field hockey teams appeared regularly in the post-season tournament in the NJCAA
Region 19. In 1977, the team won the NJCAA region 19 title and advanced to the
NJCAA national tournament, finishing second in the nation.
Mike Thomas played on the baseball and basketball teams, and served as cocaptain and leader of both teams. At Keystone, he was a member of the 1956 PIAA
collegiate basketball championship team. Thomas was an accomplished, international
hydroplane racer who broke two speed records in separate classes in the United States
and Canada. He gained fame as the driver of the Miss Budweiser boat, and it was
while driving Miss Budweiser that he set a world speed record in 1963.
Art Wall Jr., achieved fame as a professional golfer. Following his Keystone
experience, he graduated from Duke University. Wall won 14 titles on the PGA Tour,
including four in 1959. During that same year, he was named PGA Player of the Year
while also capturing the Vardon Trophy for the lowest scoring average on Tour.
In order to be inducted into the Keystone College Athletics Hall of Fame, one
must meet the following criteria: outstanding athletic accomplishments at Keystone
College and/or beyond Keystone; exhibited quality in character and sportsmanship;
contributed to the well-being of Keystone College; recognized accomplishments and/
or commitments outside the athletic arena. The following two criteria are mandatory
for Keystone student athletes and graduates: student athletes must have graduated,
and alumnus/alumna must be a graduate and removed a minimum of five years before
A person other than a Keystone College student athlete or graduate may be inducted into the Hall of Fame for their contributions toward the well being and success
of the Keystone College athletics department.
Members of the Hall of Fame committee include Donna Clemens, Director of
Donor Relations; Patrice Igoe, Director of Alumni Relations; Dr. Michael Mould,
Interim Director of Athletics; J.R. Rupp, Sports Information Director; and Terry Wise,
Management Division Chair and Faculty Athletics Representative.
Women’s Basketball Schedule
DeSales University
vs. College of NJ.Ursinus
SUNY Potsdam
Hilton Classic vs. Albany
College of Pharmacy
Hilton Classic vs. Mitchell
Baptist Bible College
Penn State Berks
Chestnut Hill College Marywood University
vs. Salisbury State at Lady
Monarch Classic at King’s
vs. Arcadia/King’s at Lady
Monarch Classic at King’s
College Misericordia
Villa Julie College
Keuka College
Cazenovia College
D’Youville College
Bard College
Baptist Bible College
Purchase College
Keuka College
Polytechnic University
D’Youville College
Philadelphia Biblical
Bard College
Cazenovia College
Center Valley, Pa
Center Valley, Pa.
Potsdam, N.Y.
Reading, Pa.
Scranton, Pa.
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.
Dallas, Pa.
Stevenson, Md.
Keuka Park, N.Y.
Cazenovia, N.Y.
Clarks Summit, Pa.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.
Men’s Basketball Schedule
vs. Fredonia State
at Nazareth College
vs. SUNY Morrisville
Nazareth at Nazareth College
The College of New Jersey
Mansfield University
Hilton Classic vs.
Williamson Trade
Hilton Classic-Rutgers
Camden/Albany College
of Pharmacy
Baptist Bible College
Penn State Berks Chestnut Hill College
Washington College
vs. Lincoln @ Cyrus
D. Jones Invitational
vs. Rutgers-Camden @
Cyrus D. Jones Invitational
Villa Julie College
Keuka College
Cazenovia College
D’Youville College
Bard College
Baptist Bible College
Purchase College
Keuka College
Polytechnic University
D’Youville College
Philadelphia Biblical
Bard College
Cazenovia College
Rochester, N.Y.
Rochester, N.Y.
Ewing N.J.
Mansfield, Pa.
Reading, Pa.
Chestertown, Md.
Phoenixville, Pa.
Phoenixville, Pa.
Stevenson, Md.
Keuka Park, N.Y.
Cazenovia, N.Y.
Clarks Summit, Pa.
Brooklyn, N.Y.
Buffalo, N.Y.
Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.