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Tech Talk Newsletter
Tech Talk Newsletter
Volume 8
Issue 4
FIHS Academy Students Visit Corn Maze
During a recent visit to the Amazing Grace Corn Maze, academy students were in for a real treat as they
made their way through the corn maze, the first of its kind in Clay County!
Dec. 4-5 - VyStar Reality Fair,
TTC main room, 7am-2pm
Dec. 5—CAIT Advisory Board
Mtg, MHS Media Center, 2:30-4pm
Photography students were tasked with taking pictures to include patterns, shapes, and colors, and the
corn maze provided the perfect backdrop! Project presentations will be judged and certificates awarded at
their end of the year banquet.
Television students were asked to produce a commercial about the corn maze. Each student shot their
stories and the editing process has begun! Videos will be presented and judged with the “Best of” video
awarded a certificate as well.
When asked what he liked the most about the field trip, photography student Roger Meyer declared that
he really liked the antique tractor display. “It was amazing!”
Dec. 5—AACID Advisory Board
Mtg, MHS Media Center, 5-6pm
Dec. 10—Academy of TV Prod
and Photojournalism Advisory
Board Meeting, FIHS Media Center, 6:30-7:30pm
Dec. 12—VyStar Academy Advisory Board Meeting, FIHS Guidance Conference Room, 2-3pm
MHS Contributes to Breast Cancer Awareness
Dec. 17—FFA Sub-District Career
Dev. Events, TBD, 8-12noon
Dec. 19—School Board Meeting,
TTC, 7:00pm
For the 2nd year, the culinary program at Middleburg High School teamed up with the
leadership class at MHS to make a contribution to Breast Cancer Awareness. Mrs.
Dawn Powers requested the culinary students to make over 150 breast cancer ribbon
cookies to sell for a donation to the Susan B. Kolman Cancer Foundation. Darius
Grindstaff, a senior in both programs, took the lead on the project and made sure all
the cookies were perfect; with the help of Hunter Chaff, senior, and the leadership
class, the students sold all the cookies during the school lunch period. An additional
order of cookies was requested by a member of the Clay County Farm Bureau to
distribute to guests at their luncheon. Combined proceeds from the MHS sale and the
Farm Bureau sale will be donated to the Susan B. Kolman Cancer fund. We look forward to increasing this
program next year.
Keystone Heights High Culinary Program Gets “Spooky”
Halloween is the time of year that the “spooky” comes out of everywhere to fascinate the hoards of trick-ortreaters searching to soothe their sweet-tooth. The advanced KHHS culinary students, lead by senior Brittany Filing, successfully fulfilled their dreams with made-to-order dark chocolate cakes with butter-scream
icing. Deep and delicious, the cakes were each hand decorated with eerie Halloween sprinkles and a foreboding eight-legged monster! Spooktacular job KHHS culinary students!
Written by: Dylan Beard
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Oakleaf High School Brings
“Old West” Back
The Gaming and Simulation class at Oakleaf High School has recently
completed their first video game. Students worked on all facets of the
game including: game design, 3D modeling, animation, programming,
audio editing, project management, voice talent, art direction, testing and
publishing. The Old West themed shooting gallery gives you 60 seconds
to test your reflexes. The game can be played at http://
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FIHS Visits “Sweet Pete’s”
Accounting and Financial Operations students were “sweetly” entertained
as Mr. Pete demonstrated the art of making chocolate bars in the relatively
new venture by one of the former owners of Peterbrooke Chocolates.
Students recently visited the chocolate factory in Springfield to hear about
chocolate commodities trading and how the former partner bought chocolate for his 20 plus stores before the company was sold to its current owners. They heard about the challenges of growing a new business primarily
through the use of social media. What is a trip to a candy store without a
special treat? After selecting the topping of their choice, students took
home a little memento of their day….their very own chocolate candy bar
handcrafted by the candy maker himself, Mr. Pete!
KHHS TV Production Class Guest
Anchors on Channel 4
KHHS Culinary Students Create
Edible Centerpieces
On October 30, 2013, the Keystone Heights Television Production class
took a field trip to tour Channel 4. Students were treated to a comprehensive tour of the studio and were able to learn and explore the various
careers in Television Production that will be available to them should they
Culinary Arts is one of the few places where students are actually encouraged to play with their food! Keystone Heights High students spent
the day developing their knife skills to create floral arrangements made
exclusively with vegetables! Creating the edible centerpieces helped to
prepare culinary students for competing at the state ProStart Culinary
Competition in Orlando in March.
pursue a career in media. The tour concluded with a sit-in on a live
broadcast of the 12:30 news broadcast. During one of the commercials,
the news anchors surprised our students and put them on the air. Then
to top it off, they pulled one of our morning news anchors up and let her
sign off the program for the broadcast.
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Oakleaf Jr. High FFA Competes at Several Fairs
Oakleaf Jr. High FFA has been busy competing in contests at several local fairs. Our FFA members are continually practicing and putting forth effort
for these contests. Their dedication and hard work has surely paid off this year.
Northeast Florida Fair Poultry Judging Contest: 1st Place: Bailey Davis, Macie Avery, Rebecca Koskey, Shane Adams 2nd Place: Javonte
Quintana, Dawson Crosby, Jacob Johannes, Andres
Sanchez 3rd Place: Brock Sinaly, Jackson Tackett, Jake Davis, Ryan Davis High Individuals:
Bailey Davis (1st), Jacob Johannes (2nd), Javonte Quintana (3rd)
Northeast Florida Fair Livestock Judging Contest: High Individual: Javonte Quintana (2nd)
Jacksonville Fair Livestock Judging Contest: 2nd Place: Kara Dust,
Katlyn Lopresti, Riley Hulett, Javonte Quintana
Jacksonville Fair Poultry Judging Contest: 1st Place: Bailey Davis,
Mitchell Cuthbertson, Javonte Quintana, Rebecca Koskey High Individuals: Bailey Davis (1st), Mitchell Cuthbertson (3rd)
Jacksonville Fair Horticulture Judging Contest: 1st Place: Amelia
Hall, Priscilla Hall, Bailey Davis, Donovan Mosier High Individuals:
Bailey Davis (1st), Amelia Hall (2nd), Priscilla Hall (3rd)
Lake Asbury Jr. High TSA
Students Place at
Christina Behnken placed 1st (with her team) in Leadership and
Team Building. Santiago Giraldo and Chase Hutchingson
placed 2nd in Problem Solving at the Florida TSA Leadership
Conference/Competitions which was held in Orlando, October
16-9, 2013.
L-R: Christina Behnken, Katie Behnken, Paul Barletta,
Santiago Giraldo, David Baxley (Not Pictured:Chase Hutchingson)
OPHS Early Childhood Students
Enjoy Awesome Autumn
Early Childhood at OPHS has experienced an awesome autumn. During October, our students helped host a pumpkin carving event for our families. Each
family received a very plumply, dumply pumpkin to carve and name, then gave
rounds of cheers for the spookiest, funniest, and happiest jack-o-lanterns.
FCCLA and Early Childhood students also planned a Parents’ Night Out. Children were treated to a harvest hoedown featuring square dancing, wagon rides,
fall games and crafts. Hee Haw!
To close out November, Early Childhood students, along with FCCLA, decorated our center and welcomed our “little Indians” and families for a potluck
feast. This is a special tradition we share as a “Kampus Kids Family”, while
giving thanks for our bountiful blessings.
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Oakleaf HOSA
Oakleaf HOSA has been hard at work this fall with many activities. The students have participated in vision and hearing screenings at four Clay County
elementary schools. They participated in the Jacksonville “Making Strides
Against Breast Cancer” walk on October 26, 2013, and raised almost $200 for
the event! HOSA week was November 4-8, 2013. Oakleaf High School had
the honor of hosting the HOSA Fall Leadership Conference to kick off the
festivities. Every day was a different theme, including, Monday-wear red day
to support cardiac awareness, Tuesday-wear medical attire (even our administrators participated in this), Wednesday-silly socks day, Thursday-HOSA
shirt day, and Friday-school spirit day. The HOSA members were treated to a
Chik-Fil-A breakfast on Wednesday to celebrate the hard work of the students!
CHS Academy of Law & Emergency
Services Honors Two Students
Clay High School Academy of Law and Emergency Services had two students
spotlighted in the homecoming parade. Lindsey Lee is the current Miss Clay
High and a member of the cheer squad. Courtney Cone is the 2013 Prom
Queen and cheer squad captain. Both girls have been in the Allied Health
program for four years and plan to be registered nurses. Congratulations to
Lindsey and Courtney for representing us so well.
Courtney Cone
Lindsey Lee
2013 CHS Prom Queen
2013 Miss Clay High
Keystone Heights Ag Program
Learns New Way to Grow
Keystone Heights Agriculture Academy
students are learning hands-on applications of sustainable agriculture. What is
sustainable agriculture? It is minimizing
water, fertilizer, and chemical usage to
successfully grow food and ornamental
crops. Two of KHHS agritechnology 1
classes are engaging this practice by
growing a crop of strawberries. The students designed and installed a drip irrigation system accompanied
with a fertilizer injector. This drip fertigation system greatly reduces
water and fertilizer usage. By directing the water to the plants on the
soil surface, it also helps prevent the spread of fungal spores that is
commonly associated with traditional overhead irrigation systems.
Once the berries are ready to harvest, these same students will
develop and execute a business plan for tracking the sales and
profitability of the strawberry crop.
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Oakleaf High School Establishes Tradition
We are proud to announce that on Thursday, October 3, the Biotech Academy students at OHS established a tradition for all
future Biotech Academy students. Level 2 and level 3 academy students received their white lab coat in the Inaugural Lab
Coating Ceremony. This marks a momentous occasion as we recognize the significance that these students intend to make in
the future of biotechnology.
The ceremony began with an introduction from Mrs. Keri Sidle. She welcomed supporters of the program that were in attendance as well as the Biotech Academy students. After Mrs. Sidle spoke about the academy and all that it entails for students
here at Oakleaf High School, Mrs. Denise Adams, Deputy Superintendent of Clay County Schools, welcomed students with
words of praise and encouragement for their choice in being a part of the Biotech Academy. She talked about the opportunities
and benefits that come from being in an academy. Mrs. Adams stated that she is looking forward to seeing students’ and
teachers’ accomplishments as the academy grows.
Mrs. Eileen Monck, a biotech professor at Santa Fe College, addressed the students with words of wisdom and support for
their future careers in biotechnology. Professor Monck talked to the students about the industry of biotechnology and its expected growth in the next 50
years as our country becomes more technologically advanced and our growing population strains our resources. Monck was very excited about the
opportunities that are currently available and the prospects that will be available in the near future.
David Broskie, Principal at OHS, and Lorie Skorich, biology teacher, presented the Level 2 and level 3 Biotech Academy students with their white lab
coat. The lab coats were embroidered with the academy logo and the student’s name, which symbolizes their dedication and commitment to the Biotech Academy and their future endeavors.
By: Mrs. Melissa Kaplan and Mrs. Brandy Stafford
KHHS FFA Wins at Nationals
The Keystone Heights Senior and
Middle FFA Chapters traveled to National FFA Convention October 29November 2, 2013, in Louisville, Kentucky. At convention, both chapters
received 3 Star National Chapter
Awards. The highest award the National FFA can bestow on its chapters.
Both the middle chapter and senior
chapter qualified for this award last
June at State FFA Convention. The
Florida FFA selects 30 of their top
chapters to move on to the national
level. Two of our 3 FFA chapters were selected from over 300 FFA chapters in the State. At the national level, both our chapters were awarded 3
Stars. The national honor comes on the heels of also being selected as
one of Florida’s Finest FFA Chapters in June at the Florida FFA State
Convention in Orlando. The group of about 125 students completed several projects last year including the Nutrients for Life program, Pennies for
Patients, Keystone Garden Club’s Florist Angels program, raising and
showing steers, swine, and
heifers for the Clay County
Agricultural Fair, can food
drives for LAM, school gardens
for Keystone Heights Elementary, Farm Day programs for
Keystone Heights Elementary
and many more. Chapter advisor, Erin Verplanck, along with
FFA members Carley Dyal,
Bailea Gnann, Austin Saunders, Dan Mason, and Jacob
Fanton attended the 2013
National FFA Convention.
OPHS Gives Blood
Thanks to all the students and staff that took the time to donate blood
last month. Orange Park High School’s Academy of Health Science
(AHS), in partnership with Orange Park Medical Center, sponsored the
first of three blood drives held at OPHS throughout the school year.
Students oversee sign in’s, take vitals, and ensure participants are
taken care of as they donate blood with the intent to help others in
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OPHS AHS Attend Orientation
Career and Technical Education
2306 Kingsley Avenue
Orange Park, FL 32073
Fax: 904-284-6546
E-mail: [email protected]
The seniors at Orange Park High School’s Academy of Health Science
(AHS), in partnership with Orange Park Medical Center, prepare to start
their clinical experience with an orientation at Orange Park Medical Center
(OPMC). Students are expected to follow a strict Code of Conduct set forth
by OPMC. They will be visiting OPMC once a week to gain experience in
the medical profession. Seniors are required to attend set number of hours
required by the board of nursing to qualify for their CNA test in the spring.
Last year 93% of the seniors in the OPHS AHS earned their CNA license by
the time they graduated from high school.
CTE Department Staff
Chereese Stewart, Director of CTE
Melissa Ebener, Adm. Assistant
Alice Paulk, Supervisor of CTE
Kelly Mosley, CTE Specialist
OPHS Engineering Students visit VAC-CON
Please send any articles and
pictures you would like to
appear in our newsletter to
Melissa Ebener at
[email protected]
Orange Park High School students from the Academy of Engineering and Computer Science (AECS),
Welding, and Carpentry were among several Clay County high schools to be treated to an extensive tour
of one of Clay County’s most successful companies. Vac-Con was established in 1986 and is located in
Green Cove Spring, FL. It houses nearly 300 employees and prides itself on manufacturing all of its combination machines and components right here in Clay County. Orders are taken from all over the world
and shipped from this very location. Vac-Con administration went over and beyond to share with the students the secret to success of their mega company. Students observed everything from the designing of
the specialized vehicles, to a walk through on how they are made, to the process of taking orders, shipping and repairs.
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving break and took the opportunity
to spend time with family, friends, and loved ones. What a great time of
year to be thankful for what we have and help someone else in need along
the way. As we continue into the semester, let us remember we make a
difference every day in the lives of our students.
Chereese Stewart
“No one who achieves success does so without the help of others.
The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude.” Alfred North Whitehead