Michigan eLibrary ACT/SAT Prep Resources

Michigan eLibrary
ACT/SAT Test Prep
Login to the Michigan Elibrary (MeL)
1. Navigate to www.mel.org .
2. Click on the “Tests and Tutorials” button on the left side of the screen.
A. You have a choice of entering a Michigan driver’s license number or a participating MeLCatlibrary card
number to access the site. Go here to see if your library participates,
B. Enter the number that applies to you. If you choose to enter your library card number, you must first
choose the library you belong to from a dropdown menu.
C. After completing this page, click “Submit.”
Navigate the College Preparation learning center in
LearningExpress Library from MeL
1. On the left side of the page, click “College Preparation.”
2. This will bring you to a menu of college prep resources. This menu includes a number of test prep resources
for many different tests, including the ACT and SAT.
3. Both the ACT and SAT test prep menus include practice tests and test-taking strategies. These resources can
help prepare youth for each part of these college entrance exams.
While logged into a computer with a middle school or high school youth, choose either the ACT or SAT
resource menu.
Choose a subject area practice test to explore. For example, in the ACT menu, choose “ACT Math Practice
Tests.” Two practice tests will appear on the screen. Click on “Math Practice Test 1.” This will prompt the
youth to log-in. They can register for free by creating a username and password. Though the log-in screen
requests an email address, this is not required. Youth do not need an email address to log-in.
Once the youth enters their log-in information, the site will navigate to Math Practice Test 1. The youth
can then click on the green traffic light on the right side of the screen to begin the test.
The test questions will appear on the screen once the youth clicks “Start test.” At any time during the
practice test, the youth can choose to see instructions for the test or save their answers to finish the test
at another time. These options are listed at the top of the page.
Both the ACT and SAT test prep menus include practice tests for each portion of these exams. Encourage
the youth to complete these tests before taking the actual college entrance exam. Also, help the youth to
navigate through the “Study and Test Strategies” lessons that are found within the ACT and SAT test prep
menus. These lessons give information on how to best prepare for each test and also offer test-taking
strategies to while taking the ACT or SAT.