Heartworks Handcrafted Slate Mirrors, Clocks and Picture Frames.

Handcrafted Slate Mirrors, Clocks and Picture Frames.
The Gate Lodge, Charleville Estate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
Heartworks was established in 1999 and since
then has been dedicated to creating high quality
handmade clocks, mirrors and picture frames, all
made using natural and, in most cases, reclaimed
Throughout this last decade the craftsman,
Mauricio Martino, has developed a unique and
distinctive style that conveys a mix of
precision and creativity, and reflects both his
personality and approach to design. He takes an
inexhaustible pride in his work, which is evident
in the end result. Having studied architecture in
his native Chile, he developed a love for and keen
awareness of art and design. His penchant for lines
and curves along with his ability to blend colours
show through in the shape and decorative element
of his work.
His pieces demand to be admired; the careful
attention to detail, the exquisite interaction of
curves and lines, the mingling together of
colours, hues and tints, all add to the perfection
of his work.
No two of our clocks are the same as each one gets
the individual attention it deserves. They range
from small (6”x 4”) to medium (8”x 8”) to large
(18”x 5”) in the case of wall clocks. The
pendulum clocks (26”x 6”) have proven to be
very popular. All our clocks come in a range of
different designs (for full range see our website).
As is the case with all our products, each and
every mirror gets special treatment, depending
on the natural features of the material, so no two
look alike.
There are basically three different types: Gothic,
rectangular and over mantel.
Picture Frames
A relatively recent addition to the Heartworks
line, they come in various sizes; 7”x 5”, 8”x 6”,
10”x 8”, 12”x 10”, 14”x 11” and triple 7”x 5”.
Commissioned Pieces
At Heartworks, we love to work to commission and
welcome customers with specific requirements to
approach us with their ideas. To date, with the help of
these special requests, we have made tables and book
shelves, accessories such as place mats and coasters,
custom made mirrors, and signs for houses and shop
fronts. It is in these commissioned pieces where
Mauricio’s artistic ability truly comes to the fore. So
don’t hesitate to contact us!
use only reclaimed
slate. Unlike newly quarried slate, which
tends to be uniformly textured, the features
of reclaimed slate are infinitely diverse,
since it comes from a variety of sources.
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Heartworks, The Gate Lodge, Charleville Estate, Tullamore, Co. Offaly, Ireland.
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