19 Annual th

19th Annual
A Brief History of the Pahrump Arts Council
Art & Sol event
Art & Sol began in 1994 as an outdoor fine art fair that has enjoyed both indoor and outdoor
venues over the years. This event has offered an opportunity for both local and regional artists
to show and sell their original works in a variety of media. Over the years this popular show has
included entertainment, food vendors and arts and crafts, along with demonstrations.
As you can see from the participants list below, items available have been wide and varied,
focusing on fine art as well as handcrafted and unique items providing something for everyone
to enjoy and take home.
In 2006 the show was held May 20 & 21 at Honeysuckle Park (now Ian Dueutch Memorial
Park). Artisans that year included Gwendolyn Acton, Debbie Baker, Rosemarie Bell, Sally
Brown, Carol Muger-Carter, Kate Costello, Joan Crim, Barbara DeFeo, Betty Dick, Lance Dube,
Shirley Jeanne, Esther Johnson, Sharon Johnson, Karen Klise, Renee Durkin and Jan Lindsay,
Jim Hanlon and Donna Lisk, Linda Marschalk, Lloyd Martin, Joyce Massey, Mary McRory, Julie
Mendenhall, Wilhelmina Moses, Maria Van Muyden, Bob Olson, David Porter, Nancy Scott,
Chuck Siefert, Marcia Siefert, Jim & Nita Sims, Gary & Mary Simmons, Erin Hurd & Barbara
Pavich with Beverly White, Dorothy Slikker, Don Tracy, Kay Smith, Iris Stockert, Telle Vore,
Charlise Butler, Duane Webb. The show this year featured an Old Fashioned Auction with
auctioneer John Weissman of the Pahrump Valley Museum.
The 2008 show was held at the Pahrump Nugget. Vendors included Gloria Angelino, Tom Bell,
Carol Bird, Pam Cima, LuLu Brymer, Kate Costello, Jerry Garza, Claudia Griffith, Shirley Jean,
Athena Manasses, Ami Klebba, Shelly Rose-McCann, Joy Marshall, Maria Nichols, Edward
Plavac, David Porter, Mike Prettenhofer, Belinda Rafforty, Katreen Romanoff, Judy Sampson,
Dorothy Slikker, Doris Smith, Bobbi Soltz, and Sylvie Swanson. Entertainment was provided by
Open Road: Aaron and Alana Giedra, and guest musician Jake Slikker.
In 2010 the show was held May 7-9 in the Bob Ruud Community Center. It featured many
artists and crafters eager to show their wares. A Pick-A-Prize raffle was an exciting part of the
show that year. Artisans included Debra Bennett, Jewelry; Carol Bird, historic and period
redressed dolls and doll costumes; Charlise Butler, paintings, baskets and cards; Lenora
Danielson & Fritzie Cox, paintings, pastels, dreamcatchers; Barbara DeFeo, oil paintings,
watercolors; Esther Johnson, aprons, bibs, blankets; Sharon Johnson & Liz Crane, quilts,
pillows, needle arts; M.J. Keob, metal art, wall sculptures; Bill Kutcher, photography; Michele
Lester, painted masks; Michael Lozar & Sharon Trudeau, photography & native American art;
Linda Marschalk, doll clothes; Lloyd Martin, paintings; Shelly McCann, handcrafted cards,
journals, frames, clay pieces; Carol McGovern, handmade jewelry; Mary McRory, hand-painted
silk scarves; Wilhelmina Moses, pressed flower art; Edward Plavac, woodworking; Katreen
Romanoff, beads and bosaic; Roberta Soltz, handmade wood painted plaques and puzzles,
paintings; Marinus & Maria Van Muyden, wooden toys, pillows, cushions. Attendees enjoyed
entertainment by the Danc’n Steps Follies, and raffles and door prize drawings occurred
throughout the event.
The 2011 event was hosted by Sanders Family Winery on Kellogg Road and was held
November 5 & 6. Artisans were Judy Frey, stained glass, water colors, glass & ceramic tiles;
Charlise Butler, paintings; Debra Bennett, Ocean Breeze inspired jewelry; Donna Jokinen,
custom jewelry; Jerry Searcy, wood work, acrylic painting; Dorothy Slikker, oil paintings; Gary
Howland, photography; Gloria Angelino, jewelry; Katrine Romanoff, jewelry, mosaics; Lloyd
Martin, watercolor, oil, acrylic and pastel paintings; LuLu Brymer, paintings; Marilyn
Bumgardner, handcrafts; Princy Simonsen, acrylic paintings, clay sculpture; Sharon Trudeau,
Native American arts, beadwork, leather crafts; Wilhemina Moses, floral art, cards, tatting,
paintings, beadwork; Doris Smith.
William Alexander Master Painter Floyd Hook Jr created a painting during the Friday night
evening event. The painting was auctioned at the end of the evening, with proceeds benefiting
PAC. Also displayed during the event was the magnificent Opportunity Quilt being raffled by the
The October 2012 the event was once again hosted by the Sanders Family Winery. Artisans
were Doris Smith, make and take it; Sharon Trudeau, Native American arts, beadwork, leather
crafts; Kathy Leroy, oil paintings/cards; Sara Smith, photography on metal; Bill Kutcher,
scenic/native photograph, prints/matted/framed; Carol Bird, redressed Barbie Dolls; Wilhelmina
Moses, floral art, cards, tatting, paintings, beadwork; Flora Collier, oil paintings, artisan jewelry;
Ron Martin, heirloom rugs and hand embroidered blouses; Sharon Johnson, quilts, pillows,
baby items, knitting, xmas, xstitch; Michael Lozar, photography/prints/cards; Steve Amos, metal
landscape plants; Jaynie Brown, lamps; Deb Felix, handmade jewelry, special occasion serving
spoons, handpainted jars & canisters; Bobbi Glover, recycled wine bottle crafts, homemade
incense, woodcrafts, sewn items, jewelry; Karen Jolley, pillows, glassware, magnet boards,
coasters; Lloyd Martin, paintings in watercolors, oils, acrylics, pastels; Jean Perry, handmade
soap & bath products; Charles & Marcia Siefert, Landscape & Nature photography; George
Wilson, Giclee Prints/original paintings. Also displayed during the event was the magnificent
Opportunity Quilt being raffled by the Quilters.