Project DIAMOND Job specification – Technical Project Manager

Technical Project Manager Job Spec
Job specification – Technical Project Manager
Job Description
Job Title
Technical Project Manager
Deadline for applications
Monday 4th May 2015
Date of interviews
Morning of Monday 11th May 2015
Contract type
Full time, 6-8 months from mid-late May
Rate: £400/day
Main Purpose of the Role
Central London – flexible working available
Key challenges
Qualifications /
Professional Certificates
Abilities and
Characteristics required:
Project manage the implementation of the IS
elements of Project DIAMOND, using the
Silvermouse system, on behalf of the broadcasters
on the Technical Working Group
Act as contact point for the training provider who
will be developing training for Project DIAMOND
Work with Project Director to manage overall
project plan for Project DIAMOND
Meeting ambitious timetable to deliver project
Coordinating broadcasters and delivering sign-off
at each milestone
Getting up to speed quickly on a complex multistakeholder project
Facilitating meetings effectively between
broadcasters, Soundmouse and training provider
Resolving or escalating issues and recognising risks
as early as possible and offering solutions when
Experience in successfully delivering complex IS
projects to clients within an agreed project
schedule timeframe
Knowledge of the UK broadcasting industry
Experience in managing multi-stakeholder projects
Knowledge of the Silvermouse system (beneficial)
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner (beneficial)
Strong management skills and capability to hit the
ground running – need to quickly identify project
needs and put in place appropriate processes and
Ability to work flexibly, and to meet and respond to
fast-changing project needs
Sensitivity to different approaches and priorities of
Ability to communicate effectively between groups
and keep stakeholders regularly updated
Technical Project Manager Job Spec
The British broadcasting industry aims to fairly represent Britain both on and off-screen.
As an industry we must have a way of accurately recording and reporting diversity, so
we can see progress and where we need to continue to push for real change.
The CDN (Creative Diversity Network) broadcasters – BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Sky – are
introducing a common diversity monitoring template for all programmes commissioned.
Project DIAMOND (Diversity Analysis Monitoring Data) will collect the diversity data of all
those involved in making a programme commissioned by British broadcasters on-screen
and off-screen. This is an ambitious project: no other broadcasting industry anywhere in
the world has created a streamlined data collection process to do this. Project DIAMOND
will enable detailed diversity statistics to be generated, tracked over time and
benchmarked within and between broadcasters. It will answer the question: “who’s on
TV, and who makes TV?”
At the heart of Project DIAMOND is a software system called Silvermouse, which will be
used to collect diversity data, to store it securely, and to enable broadcasters to
generate diversity reports on their programmes.
Silvermouse is a web based rights and music reporting system that has been developed
in recent years to manage elements such as rights clearances, artiste payments and
music reports for originated programmes. It is currently used by some of the
broadcasters participating in Project DIAMOND (ITV, Channel 4 and Sky) to enable
production companies to provide the necessary information for each programme to
ensure rights are cleared, everyone gets paid, etc, while the BBC does not currently use
The new diversity monitoring functionality will thus represent an extension to the current
Silvermouse system for ITV, Channel 4 and Sky, whilst the BBC will be using
Silvermouse for the first time (just for diversity monitoring).
Technical Working Group
One of the challenges of Project DIAMOND has been to develop a specification for
diversity monitoring that provides a consistent and comprehensive approach to diversity
monitoring across all broadcasters, implemented through Silvermouse, without
disrupting the other functionality that Silvermouse provides.
A Technical Working Group was formed last summer to develop a full technical
specification for diversity data capture and reporting. This was recently signed off by the
broadcasters and Soundmouse (the supplier of Silvermouse), and Soundmouse are
about to move into the build phase. A project plan has been agreed with the
broadcasters that includes a challenging series of milestones running over the coming
months for review and sign-off of the new system.
At the same time as the new system is being built, a training provider – who will shortly
be appointed – will be developing a training programme for users of the system
(including Guidance Notes), to go live in time for the launch of Project DIAMOND this
Technical Project Manager Job Spec
Job requirements
The Technical Project Manager will report to the Project Director to help ensure the
successful implementation and roll-out of Project DIAMOND this year. The key project
deliverables are:
Launch of data capture functionality using Silvermouse in Sep/Oct
Reporting functionality going live at end of year
Development of training programme for Silvermouse users, ready for roll-out in
The Technical Project Manager will own certain activities, and will work alongside the
Project Director (who will be working around 2 days per week) on others. The role
includes the following:
Coordinate activities amongst members of the Technical Working Group (TWG)
during the review and testing phase, and potentially chair TWG meetings. This
will be a challenging task, and it will be necessary to create and manage the
overall project plan for delivery of software, UAT, training and implementation,
and monitor progress against the plan. This will include collating issues that arise
during the project and managing these on behalf of broadcasters; and
documenting and logging project risks and managing these on behalf of
Act as contact point with Soundmouse, providing regular updates to Soundmouse
on the broadcasters’ progress, and obtaining updates from Soundmouse to share
with broadcasters
Raise any issues from the TWG to the Project Director that need to be addressed
by the Steering Group our other groups
Support the work of the Data Security and Legal Working Groups, depending on
the requirements of the Chairs of those groups (support may include working with
the chairs to arrange meetings, set agendas, provide meeting notes, report back
to TWG)
Act as contact point for the training provider, to provide them with the necessary
materials needed for them to develop their training programme and Guidance
Notes, and to minimise the burden on the TWG members and Soundmouse. This
will be primarily a coordinating role
Working alongside the Project Director, own and manage the full project plan
across all activities: identifying dependencies, putting in place governance
structures (cross-project meetings etc), updating the plan, etc.
We have not yet entered the build phase, and the full scope of requirements may
change. The Technical Project Manager will be expected to be flexible in terms of the
range of demands on his/her time.
Please submit a CV and cover note to [email protected] by midnight on
Monday 4 May. The cover note should highlight your relevant expertise, qualifications
and experience, including any specific experience in the broadcasting industry and with
the Silvermouse system. Please also provide contact details for two referees, and
confirm when you would be available to begin work.
Technical Project Manager Job Spec
A shortlist will be drawn up and candidates will be informed by 6pm on Thursday 7 May
if they are to be invited to interview in central London on the morning of Monday 11