Rollover Form - Crystal Mountain Resort

Crystal Mountain, Inc.
2014/2015 Rollover Form-Unused Tickets
Please keep a copy for your records.
City, State, Zip
Contact E-mail
Contact Phone Number
Number of Go Cards/Tickets Included
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Option 1
Number of Visits
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1. Please use toward purchase of a 2015/2016 Season Pass. Best Pass Pricing is before
May 31st.
2. Please use toward purchase of a Five Pack for 2015/2016 Season when Ticketing
Packages become available this fall. We will contact you by e-mail before charging
credit cards.
Please Mail Go Cards/Tickets to:
Crystal Mountain, Inc.
33914 Crystal Mountain Blvd
Crystal Mountain, WA 98022
ATTN: Guest Services
Deadline for Returns:
Postmarked by June 30th, 2015
Contact E-Mail:
[email protected]
Rollover Form
Please record below the credit card you wish to use for the difference. The card
will not be charged until we have the product available. We will shred the credit
card information upon completion of your sale.
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