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Crystal children
Characteristics of crystal children:
– the majority were born after 1995
– they frequently have large eyes with a strong radiance
– they are very appealing and have great charisma
– they are very late to start talking, often talking very little, and communicate telepathically
or using their own sign language
– they often communicate with their mothers before birth
– they are very musical, sometimes singing before they can speak
– they are very creative and artistically disposed
– they love animals, have a strong connection with nature and become ill if they remain in
closed rooms for too long
– they prefer vegetarian meals and juices to ‘normal’ food and often choose to be vegetarian
– they may be fearless explorers and climbers with an intriguing sense of balance and are
often physically unbreakable
– they do not need much sleep and do not like to miss anything
– they are very intuitive and empathic
– they forgive easily
– they exhibit their healing abilities
– they know whether your heart is open or not
– they frequently show great interest in rocks and crystals
– they like to talk about angels, spirit guides and memories of previous lives
In contrast to indigos, crystal children are usually very peaceable, balanced and gentle.
They have benefited from the rise of the indigos, who have smoothed their path into a safe
world, in order to be able to bring their peaceful energy onto the Earth.
Because crystal children talk little, they are often misdiagnosed as ‘autistic’. There is,
however, a major difference – whilst people with autism fail to speak due to indifference
to their environment, crystal children are among the most connected, communicative and
caring children of any generation and they display a high level of friendliness and empathy.
Crystal children often tend to spontaneously hug people in need something an autistic child
would never do.
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