Summer Holiday Homework - dav centenary public school, meerut

Holiday Homework- Class II
English Read the Newspaper daily and pick out five naming words from it. Write them in
your notebook.
 How many small words can you make out of the one big word?
Delighted, carter, brain, caterpillar, butterfly, postman
Example – Elephant- ant- help- pant etc.
 Write composition on these topics.
My favourite story book
My favourite game
My grandparents
Importance of trees
 Paste any two similar pictures. Find out difference/similarities between two pictures
and write down.
 Make Words Hangings according to their group (at least 5 words)
Master minds group– Rhyming words
Jumping Jacks- Singular/Plural
High Fliers- Gender
Rising stars-Opposites word
E.V.S . Make a road map from your home to your school. Highlighting a few important land
marks like- Bank, temple, hospital etc.
 Write the vehicle number of any 3 Private vehicles and 3 Commercial vehicles that
you see in your neighborhood. Note the difference in vehicles number plates of Private
vehicles and commercial vehicles.
 Make a decorative Menu card for your birthday party with all these(Snacks)
(Main Course)
 Make your Grand Parents feel special.Create a special album of any of your
grandparents (Maternal/Paternal) and find out their favourite food, colour, hobby,
fruit, etc. (at least 10 things)
Compare that with your own likings.
Mathematics Write the age ( in figures) and Number Names of the family members in your home.
 Let’s learn about shapes.
Material required- A rectangular eraser, an empty match box, a coin, a chalk, a small
tumbler, a dice, a bar of chocolate
Instructions- Trace each of the shape on a A4 size sheet and name them.
 Write any 5 vehicles numbers on a card sheet and write their places.
General Knowledge Collect any 5 pictures of political leaders and write at least two sentences about them.
 Paste any three pictures of natural disasters.
 Revise all work done in school and prepare for your FA-1 exams in July.
1. Collect and paste pictures of different parts of a computer in computer copy and also write
two lines about their uses.
2. Collect five pictures of different places where computer is used and paste them in your
computer copy. (eg. Malls, Railway station etc.).
[Learn all the work done in note books and prepare yourself for FA1 exams commencing in the first week of