Mouse Mover + Accessibility Get total control of your world

Mouse Mover +
Get total control
of your world
Get total control of your world with the
• One interface to all your communication needs
most advanced iPortal™ product yet.
• Works with PC, Mac and tablet computers
Through your wheelchair controls you
• Works with iPod touch, iPhone and iPad
can now take control of both PC and iOS
devices with a single product.
Whether you are out and about, at the
office or just taking some time out at
• Hot swap between iOS and PC sessions
• Easy to set up and use
• Compatible with Shark*, DX & DX2 joysticks
* Requires the installation of a switch wired to the
Shark power module
home, the all NEW iPortal2 Bluetooth
module lets you take control of all of the
communications technology in your world.
iPortal Mouse Mover + Accessibility,
get total control of your world!
A simple but pioneering solution that
gives wheelchair users the ability to
access personal computers, portable
computing and Apple iOS devices
from their power wheelchair controls.
• Get the ultimate control of your
world with iPortal™ Mouse Mover
+ Accessibility
Picture this...
You are in the lounge watching TV, surfing the
channels using iPortal Accessibility and your iPhone
with IR dongle.
• Take control of your PC or Mac,
iPad, iPod touch or iPhone from
your power wheelchair using your
joystick or speciality input device
like head array. Your son comes in and asks for help with a school project
that is due tomorrow! So you turn off the TV and drive
your power wheelchair through to the study. Using your
head array, change iPortalTM to Mouse Mover mode and
automatically connect to your laptop. Together you start
searching the web for information on the solar system.
Finding some great pictures, you insert them into a Word
document and print it out for him.
• No more stylus pens or typing
• Once initial setup is done, just roll
up to your computer and start
• Easy to set up and easy to use, no
reprogramming of your remote.
• Ideal for users with impaired hand
control who are unable to easily
use computers or mobile phones .
Your iPhone beeps, you change back to Accessibility
mode and open the text message. Its from your
daughter saying she is going to be home late from
school. You type out a short text message using your
wheelchair controls reminding her that she has soccer
practice tonight and not to be late.
• Works with Windows, Mac and
Linux systems.
With the kids now sorted, you find a spot by the
window in the sun and using iPortalTM browse your
favourite online magazine on your new tablet you
got for Christmas.
• Works with tablet computers
that will operate with a standard
Bluetooth wireless mouse.
• Works with iPhone 3GS and later,
iPod touch 4 and later and iPad
• Available exclusively on Dynamic
Controls’ Shark*, DX and DX2
range of power wheelchair
* Requires the installation of a switch wired
to the Shark power module
Now imagine doing all this without iPortalTM….
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It’s a little warm, so using iPortalTM Accessibility and the
environmental controls App on your iPhone, you turn
the air conditioning on and set the temperature to a
pleasant 19°C.
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Actual products may vary from those featured. Not all products are available at the time of printing.
“Made for iPod,”“Made for iPhone,”“Made for iPad,” mean that an electronic accessory has been designed to connect specifically to iPod touch, iPhone and iPad respectively, and has been certified by the developer to meet Apple performance standards.
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