Let the Stars Shine! Young People`s Awards!

Let the Stars Shine!
At the 2015
Derry Credit Union Limited
Young People’s Awards!
Now in its eleventh year, this youth-initiated event has grown from strength to
strength. Last year, over forty young people were recognized for their positive work.
THE SEVEN AWARD CATEGORIES are explained in more detail on the back:
Contribution to the Arts
Business and Entrepreneurship,
Contribution to Sport
ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible, the young person (nominee) must
 be at least 11 years of age and must not have reached their 19th birthday before 31
December, 2014; and
 live, attend school or volunteer within the common bond of Derry Credit Union Limited —
e.g. in the city-side up to the border and in the Waterside up to the old city boundaries.
Nominees do not have to be members of Derry Credit Union Limited.
Who can be nominated? Individuals, groups, clubs and teams can be nominated.
WHO CAN NOMINATE? A parent, friend, teacher, community group, coach, brother or sister —
anyone who appreciates the contribution of a young person.
Nominators do not have to be members of Derry Credit Union Limited.
CAN I NOMINATE MORE THAN ONE PERSON OR GROUP? You may nominate as many young
people as you like. Additional nomination forms may be obtained at Reception, downloaded from
www.derrycu.com or requested from [email protected].
Monday, 30th March 2015, in the City Hotel, Queens Quay, Derry at 8.00 pm
Derry Credit Union Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the
Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority (FRN 574104).
How to make a nomination
HOW TO MAKE A NOMINATION: It is easy to nominate a worthy young person. Just download this
form onto your desktop, complete it, and either email it to [email protected] or print
off a hard copy and either or post or hand deliver it to The Education and Training Officer, Derry
Credit Union Limited, Abbey Street, DERRY BT48 9DN.
Deadline for receipt of all nominations is 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 27th February 2015.
WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? A sub-committee from Derry Credit Union’s Board of Directors and the Youth
Development Officer will study each nomination and choose three finalists for each category based on merit
and the information provided by the nominator. All nominees, their parents or guardians and their
nominators will be invited to the awards ceremony to be held on Monday, 30 March, at 8.00 p.m. in the City
Hotel. Winners will be announced on the night.
WHAT ARE THE PRIZES? All nominees receive certificates. Runners-up receive cash prizes in addition to
their certificates. Winners receive certificates, engraved plaques and cash prizes.
CONTRIBUTION TO THE ARTS: To recognise achievement in the performing arts, video production
and filmmaking, visual arts, writing or poetry; to recognise the manner and extent to which a
young person shares their artistic talent and encourages artistic development in others.
BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURSHIP: To recognise excellence in Business Studies or work placement;
to acknowledge a young person who demonstrates the organisation, communication and team
working skills necessary to succeed in business; to acknowledge the courage, confidence, vision
and ability it takes to set up one's own business.
CARER: To recognise the time a young person spends caring for an elderly person, child or
individual with a disability; to acknowledge the added responsibility they assume without
COURAGE: To recognise the enduring spirit and determination that motivates a young person to
overcome adversity; to acknowledge the achievements made by a young person in the face of
LEADERSHIP: In recognition of the outstanding leadership skills and ability the nominee possesses;
to acknowledge how they use their leadership skills to better their school, group, team or peers.
CONTRIBUTION TO SPORT: In recognition of outstanding achievement in sport or contribution to
good sportsmanship and team effort through individual excellence and example or coaching and
supporting the team.
VOLUNTEERING: To recognise the time spent voluntarily assisting a community group, youth
centre or other community based project that serves its local community.
Section 1: About the nominee (or nominated group)
Awards category
(select one)
Contribution to the Arts
Business & Entrepreneurship
Contribution to Sport
Home address/
contact address
Contact telephone
Date of birth
Section 2: About YOU, the Nominator
Contact address
Contact telephone
How do you know
the nominee?
(Select the
appropriate box
or boxes.)
Member of my team or club
Helper with my team or club
Work Placement
Other (please explain briefly):
Please complete the next page.
Section 3: Why this individual or group deserves an Award
Award category:
In no more than 200 words, tell us below why this young person or group deserves to win an award.
Include any specific achievements or reasons why they are special, how they have made a positive
contribution to our city, community, school, team, family and/or friends, or how they share their talents,
time and abilities. Our judging panel will make its decision based on this answer so please give this
question your careful consideration and answer it fully. We cannot make assumptions about nominees
and their achievements and contribution.
Box will expand as you type. Please be mindful of the word limit.
Section 4: Declaration
To the best of my knowledge, the information contained in this nomination form is correct.
*Please type your name if you are submitting your form via email. If you are submitting a hard copy, please
sign the form.