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New first page keyword rankings on critical keywords Case Study | WATTCO WATTCO’s organic traffic and online conversions soar utilizing Digital Shift’s online marketing and consulting solutions. WATTCO, founded in 1969, is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of industrial heating products; outfitting industries such as oil and gas, chemical, government and pharmaceutical. In October 2014, WATTCO approached Digital Shift wondering how it could better leverage its website to acquire more customers. Competitive Positioning Problems WATTCO operates in a competitive industry with many different manufacturers vying for the coveted top spots on Google. Increasing the challenge, household heating companies (which are not direct business competitors) were appearing ahead of WATTCO on industrial heating keywords. Two Pronged Approach Digital Shift devised and executed on a strategy to outperform both direct business competitors as well as SEO competitors (household heating companies). Strategizing for Success Through a combination of online strategy consulting, on and off page optimization, technical error correcting, link building, and content-­‐to-­‐query matching optimization, Digital Shift was able to deliver the results WATTCO was expecting. DSM also worked closely with WATTCO’s development team to oversee the correct implementation of their website’s structural changes-­‐ ensuring information architecture changes were optimized for search discoverability. 1 Case Study | WATTCO Exceeding Expectations While WATTCO was looking to improve SEO and keyword rankings, Digital Shift also provided conversion rate optimization suggestions to improve user experience within the website. The engagement with WATTCO has been a success on all fronts-­‐ improving and introducing new keyword ranks, increasing traffic and most importantly, driving more productive leads to a great company. WATTCO ranking #1 on “open coil elements” after consulting and data-­‐driven SEO Results Worth Sharing When combining DSM’s online marketing consulting, SEO and SEM; the synergies yielded an impressive ROI. According to Ilan Toledano, President of WATTCO, “Since DSM's involvement, our company now ranks in top positions for targeted search terms that are most relevant to our business. Digital Shift’s suggestions for our website have not only improved user experience, but they have also produced more quality leads.” The DSM strategy worked so well that WATTCO has been expanding into international markets by creating French and Spanish versions of their website and is starting to explore other ways to best leverage the Internet with Digital Shift’s support as its online marketing partner. 2