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cutyak.com maximise business performance and looking for joint venture or licence
agreements within an US and China Consulting Serviceprovider.
While people are the basis of our strength, we firmly believe in going that extra mile
for the customer. This attitude of service and a belief that the customer is always right
is a part of our DNA.
Along with this all important attitude, we are nimble, flexible, accommodating and
Established in the year 2014, cutyak is a global software solutions provider delivering
across various segments such as ICT, Web & Multimedia, Testing, and Consulting
Services. We serve a highly diverse customer base from start-ups to Fortune 500
companies across industry and technology domains.
A strong quality culture and mature processes built over time, enable us to consistently deliver robust solutions that effectively meet customer requirements. With
every project undertaken we endeavor to create a long relationship with our customer
based on the tangible value delivered.
We nurture innovation.
Innovation is at the core of every task and engagement at cutyak.com. We have created an open culture of inclusive work ethic that spurs innovation and growth. It is
people, interacting as a team, that create value. This belief is central to the
cutyak.com culture.
We enrich client experience.
Our extensive domain experience, capabilities and teamwork are all focused on only
one thing – enriching the client experience. Technology, for us, is just a tool to enhance user experience. The solution always gets precedence to technology.
We work with the industry.
We participate actively across associations and trade bodies such as NASSCOM,
DSCI and STPI. Besides, we also contribute to their various activities in the field of
Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), software quality, manpower training, infrastructure
development etc.
We are a responsible corporate citizen.
At cutyak.com, we believe that as a corporate citizen, we should do our bit towards
helping the society.
We talk ITIL® Stands for Information Technology Infrastructure Library, ITPM
and ITPM agil, PRINCE2 ® Projects in Controlled Environments.
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We have a documented quality management system conforming to quality system
standards. Our Quality policy is defined as under:
cutyak.com is committed to timely deliver software solutions and services that fully
meet the customer requirements and exceed customer expectations by developing a
proactive, process oriented, continuously improving organization where quality is reflected in everything that is done.
As an organization we are focused on developing overall procedural standards for
every business function of the company wherein involving all our people and customers to provide effective and quality software development services.
Guided under ISO quality system, our comprehensive evaluation & monitoring system addresses several important issues and helps our customers in the following
▪ Develop international quality management and quality assurance standards
▪ Documentation of quality management systems, software development process
and methodologies
▪ Effective delivery and exchange of IT services with focus on total customer satisfaction
▪ Monitoring and analysis of project management activities to preempt any bugs and
▪ Analysis and monitoring of IT services so that they are designed delivered and
maintained in accordance with customer specific requirements.
Technical know-how across segments
In today’s fast changing world change is the only constant. With all technologies now
talking to each other, solutions are increasingly becoming technology agnostic. However, this also means that the software developers can no longer afford to just specialize in one technology. They need to understand all major platforms.
At cutyak.com, we work across all major technologies such as Microsoft, Java and
Open source. Our capabilities and experience includes developing solutions for web,
mobile, Cloud and social media.
We have worked with enterprise customers in the areas of Business Communication,
Business Collaboration, Business Performance Management, Process Automation (Business Process Management), and Analytics.
ICT is a major focus area for us, our engineers have worked on various major tools
such as Microsoft, IBM, and open source tools such as Activity. This focus has helped us gain leadership position in cut yak and so we maximize business performance.
Diverse talent pool
Our talent pool of over 200+ consulting professionals have diversified skill sets and
have extensive experience of working across major geographies including Onsite/Offshore (Hybrid). Management bring around 20+ years of expertise in consulting
technologies. Our experience includes working with various clients ranging from startups to Fortune 1000 enterprises.
We nurture a strong quality culture and matured process enabling us to consistently
deliver robust solutions that meet customer requirements. Our endeavor is that with
every project we create measurable and tangible value for our customers.
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