Anchor Digital - Archaic SEO What Doesnt Work Anymore

Archaic SEO: What Doesn’t Work Anymore
The SEO landscape is constantly evolving. The search engines are getting smarter all the time
and can’t be that easily fooled as before. Various updates to the website ranking algorithm of
major search engines mean that many of the archaic SEO techniques don’t work anymore. Here
is a look at some old SEO tactics that have lost
their effectiveness with the passage of time.
Link Building
Link building was considered a vital SEO technique which could easily boost a website’s rank. If
your website had a higher number of backlinks, irrespective of their quality, it was sure to
feature highly on the SERPs. While link building still remains important, having a high volume
of backlinks isn’t as useful as it was in the past. In fact, websites with low-quality backlinks are
penalized heavily by Google these days. So, unless you know how to perform link building
properly, it is better not to pursue it.
Keyword Stuffing
Keyword stuffing is another SEO strategy which
was incredibly popular back in the day.
Incorporating as many keywords into the website
text was considered a simple way of increasing
the page rank of a website. This strategy is no
longer beneficial nowadays as Google doesn’t
rank websites solely on the presence of specific
keywords in their text. So, even though the
intelligent use of keywords is still useful,
keyword stuffing is something that can land you in trouble.
Article Spinning
Website owners used article spinning a lot for generating new content in the past. These
automated articles were practically junk but still managed to fulfil the requirements of fresh
content. However, this SEO tactic is another one which has become obsolete nowadays. The
reason again is the algorithm updates which have made Google better at sorting out content. It
can now tell the difference between high and low-quality content, rendering article spinning