Membership Application Form

Djouce Golf Club
Roundwood, Co.Wicklow
Tel: 01 2818585
Email: [email protected]
Membership Application Form
To; The Proprietor, Djouce Golf Club, Roundwood, Co. Wicklow
I hereby submit my application to become a member of Djouce Golf Club and agree to be bound by
the rules & regulations of the course and any associated clubs.
I hereby authorise my name to be placed on the register of members from 1st April 2015 to 31st
March 2016.
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Address: _____________________________________________ Ph 2:_______________________
Occupation: __________________________________________ D.O.B.: ____________________
Category of Membership (Please tick)
7 Day Membership - ⃝ 5 Day Membership - ⃝
Associate Membership (terms & conditions) - ⃝ Student Membership (5 day) - ⃝
* Annual levy which includes insurance(compulsory), G.U.I / I.L.G.U affiliation is a separate charge to
the respective ladies/men club – (€65)
Signed :____________________________________________________
Date: ____________________
Proposer: __________________________________
Seconder: _______________________________
‘Djouce Golf Club’ comprises a nine hole golf course situated at Ballinastoe, Roundwood, Co.Wicklow
‘The Management’ is defined as ‘The Proprietor’ of Djouce Golf Club or the nominees of the proprietor.
‘Member/Membership’ is defined as a requirement by any person accepted by the management of Djouce
Golf Club, to pay a yearly payment to the said Golf Club/Proprietor, the amount of which shall be determined
by the management.
‘Green Fees’ comprise the subscription which entitles members to play golf in Djouce Golf Club, subject to all
rules & regulations contained herein and subject always to the payment by new members of the membership
fee referred to below:
1st April, 2015 to 31st March, 2016
7 Day Membership - €600
5 Day Membership - € 450
Associate Membership (t’s & c’s) - €250
Youth Membership (5 day) - € 150
* Annual levy which includes insurance, G.U.I / I.L.G.U ahffiliation (compulsory) is a separate charge to the respective
ladies/men club – (€65)
1. Membership, as outlined above, entitles members too play golf seven days a week.(In the case of 5 day,
Monday to Friday except public holidays)
a) Except during pre-booked events or outings
b) When play must be restricted during course maintenance and development
c) During adverse weather conditions
2. While all efforts will be made to facilitate members, the management reserves the right to close the golf
course at any time and for whatever reason, at the sole discretion of management.
3. The management reserves the right to accept or refuse applications for membership or to terminate an
existing membership at any time.
4. Membership of Djouce Golf Club is renewable annually, subject to the express approval of management.
5. Fixtures, precedence & order of play are matters solely for the management’s approval. While members
may form fixtures, competitions, handicaps or other committees, the decisions and/or composition of such
committees are subject to the express ratification or rejection by management. A member or nominee of
management shall be present at all members’ committee meetings if he/she so wishes.
6. The level of annual membership fee and green fees are determined solely by management.
7. When a person applies for membership, his/her annual membership fee shall accompany the application
form. This will be refunded, in full, if his/her application is not accepted.
8. It shall be left to the sole discretion of management to close membership of the Club from
time to time.
Signed: __________________________________________________ Date: __________