Eddie Kirby

Senior PGA Championship 2015
Sunday, May 24
Quick Quotes
Eddie Kirby
Q. What are your overall thoughts on the week and
making a run at the top club professional?
EDDIE KIRBY: It was great. Absolute blast. I felt like I
had a shot at it, two bad rounds, the second and today
-- not a bad round, but just a tough round. The
conditions are tough. This golf course is very penal. If
you miss it, if you hit your putts too hard, you're going
to leave yourself seven footers all day long and it's a
grind. And having not played a lot of golf this year, my
first walking round since January, so I'm tired. This
was a long week, a great week, having Jim on the bag,
the past president of the PGA, was awesome; and to
have the support of all the PGA members. I had emails and texts from 50 club pros. So it was really
cool. And to play with sir Nick Faldo today was an
honor and playing with a Hall of Famer and my
daughter getting to see me do that. That is the
greatest part of this event is that we, as club pros, if we
get, can elevate the game, we get an opportunity to
play with players like that. And that is -- when I played
golf for a living, I played with Greg Norman one year, I
played with Ray Floyd, great players, but when you're,
as a club pro for the last 15 years, to have an
opportunity to play with a Hall of Famer, man, it's just
cool. And then I just decided I was going to play better
than him, so.
Q. Did you hear a lot from folks back home?
EDDIE KIRBY: I did. My members support was
unbelievable. I'm actually a club pro, I work at a
country club and I am the head golf professional. And
as a PGA member, it's hard to try and balance -- I have
a 10 year old daughter, my wife and I, and the job, and
this time of year, because we're getting gang busters
back in Rhode Island. So it's tough, but I still feel like I
can play a little bit, so it's fun.
Q. How did your caddie do?
EDDIE KIRBY: My caddie did phenomenal. What a
trooper. How many rounds of golf did we play? 99
holes of golf on this golf course. We should make it a
hundred. Because it's just difficult to walk and it's
difficult to hit shots, because he's walking the
yardages, so he's walking as much if not more than I
walk, and I'm exhausted. I mean, I can't tell you. I'm
looking forward to a nice glass of cabernet with my
friend, Michael Allen.
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