Notes on Purchasing iPhone 5s/c

Notes on Purchasing iPhone 5s/c
This document describes important matters requiring attention when you purchase iPhone 5s/c. Before
purchasing iPhone 5s/c, be sure to fully understand the following items and details.
Selectable billing plans and Packet Pack
□ The following basic plans and Packet Pack can be selected for using iPhone 5s/c.
Basic plan
Kake-hodai Plan
(for smartphones and tablets)
Basic monthly charge:
¥2,700 (¥2,916 incl. tax)
Data Plan
(for smartphones and tablets)
Basic monthly charge:
¥1,700 (¥1,836 incl. tax)
Packet Pack
Flat-rate monthly charge
Volume of data
that can be used
Data S pack
¥3,500 (¥3,780 incl. tax)
2 GB
Data M pack
¥5,000 (¥5,400 incl. tax)
5 GB
Share pack 10
¥9,500 (¥10,260 incl. tax)
10 GB
Share pack 15
¥12,500 (¥13,500 incl. tax)
15 GB
Share pack 20
¥16,000 (¥17,280 incl. tax)
20 GB
Share pack 30
¥22,500 (¥24,300 incl. tax)
30 GB
Business share pack 10-3000
(¥10,260-¥2,052,000 incl. tax)
10 GB-3,000 GB
- A combination of Type Xi Plan Ninen or Type Xi Plan and Type Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone can also be selected.
□ A separate sp-mode subscription (¥300 [¥324 incl. tax]/month) is required. LTE-compatible Internet connection services other than
sp-mode cannot be used with iPhone 5s/c.
□ Packet Pack and Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone will not be calculated on a per-diem basis regardless of the number of days used.
Various services
□ Some services cannot be used with iPhone 5s/c. For the services compatible with iPhone 5s/c, the service specifications, etc. may differ and
there may be limitations on using various services.
For services provided by third parties other than DOCOMO, please check with each of the providers. For support status and other information
for various DOCOMO services, refer to the DOCOMO website (
□ iPhone 5s/c does not support sp-mode (available with i-mode subscription), so if you subscribe to sp-mode (available with i-mode subscription),
the address you used with your i-mode handset will not be usable with iPhone 5s/5c. To continue to use that address, configure the setting to
use that mail address with sp-mode (setting for changing the mail address) before changing to iPhone 5s/c.
□ When using sp-mode mail with iPhone 5s/c, you can only use docomo mail (use the cloud service version of sp-mode mail).
□ If you use docomo mail with iPhone 5s/c, the docomo ID usage settings to use docomo mail from other than your iPhone 5s/c (browser or mail
software of a PC or other device with Internet access) will be enabled. If your docomo ID and password are revealed to a third party, your
docomo mail may be viewed, edited, deleted, sent, and received by the third party from another device. Therefore, be sufficiently careful
managing your docomo ID and password.
□ You cannot transfer data such as i-mode mail, sp-mode mail, Message R (request), and Message S (special) from your previous handset to
iPhone 5s/c.
□ Packet communications charges apply to receive Message R (request) and Message S (special) with iPhone 5s/c.
□ To use the function for notifying of new mail with push docomo mail, etc. (hereinafter referred to as “new mail notification function”), you need
to configure the usage settings in advance with a procedure prescribed by DOCOMO. There is no support for push docomo mail, etc. You can set
for docomo mail, etc. to be automatically fetched periodically.
□ If charges for services not compatible with iPhone 5s/c such as NOTTV are billed as ongoing monthly charges with sp-mode Content Payment
Service (including Google WalletTM) and docomo Mobile Payment, the ongoing monthly charges will not be automatically cancelled. If you
want to terminate the ongoing monthly charges, you must terminate them yourself.
□ i Bodymo is not compatible with iPhone 5s/c. If necessary, please follow the termination procedure. Please note that monthly charges will be
incurred if the subscription is continued*. Check the i Bodymo website for details.
( [in Japanese only])
subscription can be continued. However, use will only be possible with a compatible device or PC. (iPhone 5s/c is not compatible.)
□ The following services are not compatible with iPhone 5s/c. Please note that a subscription to those services is automatically terminated if you
subscribe to Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone, Kake-hodai Plan, or Data Plan. You will not be able to apply for those services while subscribed to Xi
Pake-hodai for iPhone, Kake-hodai Plan, or Data Plan. Monthly charges may incur if you are not subscribed to Xi Pake-hodai for iPhone,
Kake-hodai Plan, or Data Plan, so please cancel the services if necessary.
Applicable services: i-mode, mopera U, Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service/Mobile Phone Protection Service, Smartphone Anshin
Remote Support
If i-mode and mopera U are automatically terminated, all e-mail stored on the DOCOMO server will be deleted.
A point program that was revised in April 2014, will provide complimentary points by subscribing to specified services. However, one of those specified services,
Anshin Pack, includes Mobile Phone Protection & Delivery Service/Mobile Phone Protection Service and Smartphone Anshin Remote Support, which are not
compatible with iPhone 5s/c. To be provided with complimentary points, you will need to register to receive My Info Mail and subscribe to Osusume Pack.
docomo Anshin Scan of the Anshin Net Security services cannot be used with iPhone. If necessary, please follow the termination procedure if you do not require
Anshin Net Security.
□ To use your iPhone 5s/c overseas, go to [Settings] > [Cellular], and then turn [Enable LTE] off. If left on, you may not be able to connect in
some regions. After returning to Japan, turn [Enable LTE] back on. To use the international LTE roaming service, turn [Enable LTE] on. If you
do not use the international LTE roaming service, turn [Enable LTE] off.
□ iPhone 5s/c does not support "Osaifu-Keitai". If you are using services compatible with "Osaifu-Keitai", please follow procedures for terminat-
ing services such as electronic money (Mobile Suica, Rakuten Edy, Mobile WAON, nanaco mobile, etc.), and delete DCMX (iD) and other credit
card information in advance.
□ When a young person uses the Internet, the use of a filtering service is obligated by law, so use the sp-mode Filter together with Family
Browser for docomo which is also capable of filtering when there is a Wi-Fi connection. In addition, restrict unnecessary apps by using the
function restriction settings of the device and set content permissions according to the user's age.
□ The following services of docomo Premier Club Anshin Support/docomo Business Premier Club Anshin Support cannot be used with iPhone 5s/c.
Applicable services: Free Repair Service, Repair Fee Support, Receive Anywhere Service for Repaired Mobile Phone, Battery Pack Anshin
Support, Point Battery Pack Replacement Service (docomo Business Premier Club only)
□ If using tethering, be sure to responsibly manage your tethering password to prevent others from finding it out.
When using your iPhone as a hot spot with the tethering function, devices tethered to your iPhone may be able to view information on or use
the services that the iPhone acting as a hot spot uses or be able to conduct procedures for the line that your tethering iPhone is subscribed to.
□ If you receive Area Mail, check the popup display or Notification Center for the received Area Mail.
□ Ringtone volume when receiving Area Mail (tsunami information) and Area Mail (disaster/evacuation information) will be according to handset
volume settings. Note that the phone will not ring in manner mode.
□ A popup display notifying of an earthquake early warning may display at times even if the Area Mail sent is Area Mail (disaster/evacuation
information), etc., instead of Area Mail (earthquake early warning). Details can be seen in the second and subsequent lines of the displayed
□ Note that you may receive messages other than Area Mail when outside Japan if they are delivered using the same technology as Area Mail.
Warranty service
The Apple product warranty service can be selected from the free standard service that includes hardware product warranty for one year and
90-day free phone support after purchasing a product provided by Apple and the AppleCare+ (charges apply) which extends the product
warranty period and free phone support to two years. In addition, you can also select Mobile Phone Protection Service for iPhone provided by
DOCOMO. For details, check the DOCOMO website, etc.
□ You can use AppleCare+ for up to 24 months continuously from the date of application by paying a monthly charge (¥392 [¥423 incl.
tax]/month) to the account of DOCOMO. Please read and agree to the Notes on usage for AppleCare+
( [in Japanese only]) stipulated by DOCOMO in
addition to Apple's AppleCare+ Terms & Conditions and apply to DOCOMO using the prescribed application form.
□ You can only apply for AppleCare+ through DOCOMO at the same time as purchasing an Apple device.
□ AppleCare+ is automatically terminated if the Xi subscription is terminated or an application for storing the phone number is made. Furthermore, if you do not pay the monthly charge by the payment date, DOCOMO is able to terminate the AppleCare+ service after notifying you.
Mobile Phone Protection Service for iPhone
□ If you pay a monthly charge (¥500 [¥540 incl. tax] for iPhone 5c or ¥600 [¥648 incl. tax] for iPhone 5s) to DOCOMO, a replacement phone
(refurbished product2) will be delivered to you for a fee of ¥7,500 (¥8,100 incl. tax) in the event of a problem occurring with your iPhone.
- This service can be used up to twice a year.
□ A replacement phone (refurbished product) will in principle be an iPhone of the same model and color, but if it is difficult to provide because
of, for example, unavailability of stock, the iPhone will be of a model or color specified separately by DOCOMO. Refurbished products are
iPhones collected from customers that have been repaired, had their covers replaced, and undergone quality checks, and then reset to the
same state as new products.
□ If you are subscribed to both Mobile Phone Protection Service for iPhone and AppleCare+, a replacement phone delivered as a result of using
Mobile Phone Protection Service for iPhone is not covered by the AppleCare+ warranty.
□ Some trouble may not be covered, depending on time of occurrence, number of times of occurrence, and kind of trouble that has occurred.
Please see the terms of use on the DOCOMO website for details.
( [in Japanese only])
Reception of application for repairs
□ Telephone
Please inquire with the docomo Information Center regarding support after purchase.
<docomo Information Center>
Telephone number: 151 from DOCOMO mobile phones (in Japanese only)/0120-005-250 (in English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Spanish) or
0120-800-000 (in Japanese only) from landline phones
Business hours: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays/9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekends and holidays (business hours for iPhone related inquires)
□ Website
See "Apple Support" and "Learn more about iPhone service" regarding repair services.
□ Shops
Requests for repairs are not accepted at docomo Shops. Please contact your nearest Apple authorized service provider or Apple Store.
<Apple authorized service providers> (in Japanese only)
<Apple Stores> (in Japanese only)
Please confirm the business hours of the Apple authorized service provider by telephone before visiting.
Reservations are required for consultation at an Apple Store.
Please back up data in advance.
iOS Software License Agreement
□ Please confirm the content of the iOS Software License Agreement before using.
Some of the content of Notes on Usage presented to you at the time of purchasing iPhone 5s/c is not applicable to iPhone 5s/c. Accordingly, if
any content differs between this document and Notes on Usage, the content in this document shall apply to iPhone 5s/c.
With the exception of some information, the content of this guide is valid as of May 2014.
Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the
U.S. and other countries.
iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.
The iPhone trademark is used under license from Aiphone Co., Ltd.
Other company names and product/service names mentioned herein are
trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.
Issued on June 1, 2014
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