DL200 Letter Opener Improved efficiency for incoming mail ™

DL200™ Letter Opener
Improved efficiency for incoming mail
inimise risk
pen your daily mail quickly and neatly with
the Pitney Bowes DL200™ letter opener
The DL200™ removes a sliver of paper from the top
of the envelope, ensuring that envelope contents are
always protected and reducing the risk of paper cuts.
Adjustable cut settings allow you to alter the depth
of cut to the profile of mail that you are handling.
This sturdy, automatic letter opener sits easily on
any desk or table, ready to open the wide variety
of envelopes that your receive each day.
Improve productivity
The DL200™ operates at speeds of 250 letters per
minute. Opened mail is presented in a stacker allowing
you to distribute your mail quickly and efficiently.
Designed with mixed mail in mind, the unit will
operate until the feeder is empty – freeing operators
to perform other tasks. Waste is separated into an easy
to empty tray for quick and easy disposal.
The unit features a display with numeric counter.
This allows the operator to monitor batch quantities.
Furthermore, by setting the unit to count only mode,
the unit can be used as a counter.
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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Performance may vary depending on exact job
configuration and environmental conditions.
AD97UK (04/09)
250 letters per minute
Minimum envelope size: 76.2 x 127mm
Maximum envelope size:
260 x 330mm
Maximum envelope thickness: 10mm
Physical dimensions:950 x 400 x 250mm
(with stacker tray)
(with stacker tray)
100-240Vac, 50/60Hz