Twist of Lemmon - Reviews

Critics Rave For Chris Lemmon in
“Twist of Lemmon”
“Chris Lemmon’s Very Classy One Man Tribute To His Famous
- Chris Jones, Chicago Tribune
“Remarkable! Chris Lemmon Is Brilliant”
- Kimberly Katz, Theatre Buzz News
“An Honest And Loving, Living Memoir”
- Hedi Weiss, Chicago Sun Times
“Beautiful, Complex And Poignant”
- Barbara Kerr, Splash Magazine
“It’s Hard To Believe It’s Chris And Not Jack Onstage”
- Jordan Young, LA Examiner
Based on his book “A Twist of
Lemmon” a new one man
show with music that’s taken
the country by storm.
Chicago’s Royal George
T h e a t re , T h e L a g u n a
Playhouse, LA’s Broad
S t a g e , a n d t h e g ro u n d
breaking Rubicon Theatre…
A tragically unique yet
universal father/son journey
from the golden age of
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