Arturo Castro

As Head of Business and Cultural Affairs for Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in
Chicago, Arturo Castro designs and delivers cultural workshops in areas such as Latin
American culture and history, art exhibits and leadership development for multi-cultural
Mr. Castro’s interactive and energetic style has provided his clients and participants with
unique knowledge and perspective in fun and creative course dynamics.
As part of his job with the National University of Mexico in Chicago, he develops and
implements course curricula such as The History and Flavors of Tequila, History of Mexican
Cuisine, History of Salsa and Afro Cuban Rhythms and other.
For over twenty years, he has also provided cross-cultural, leadership and organizational
development consultation and training for Fortune 500 firms and trade organizations.
 Assess, facilitate, intervene and prescribe for performance, organizational, procedural,
systemic, interpersonal, cultural and personal opportunities at various companies and
 Performance Management Systems - help organizations redesign and learn performance
based compensation systems.
 Liaison between The Educational Foundation of the National Restaurant Association and
Mexican government and industry authorities for the establishment of a national
certification program in Food Safety for Mexico.
350 W. Erie St., Suite 300. Chicago, IL 60654
 Design customized Spanish and English language programs, curricula and tools - such as
books, reference guides, posters, self-instruction language kits and practices for
industry/job specific communication challenges.
 Development and marketing of the first ever job specific communication software, Search
& Say Spanish for Golf Course Management. An innovative, cutting-edge application that
allows for effective and fast interaction with Spanish-speaking employees in the
 Leadership of Latino Employees Workshop.
 Customized design for corporate cultural transition, management development and
 Employee Orientation for Golf Course Maintenance.
 How to Improve Employee Engagement in Latinos.
 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training.
 Facilitate management, leadership, Engagement, Hospitality Skills, Bartender Skills, Server
Skills, Up-selling and Sales Psychology, team development, facilitation skill workshop,
sexual harassment prevention, diversity, training skills, safety, food safety-ServSafe,
software applications, corporate transitions, organizational alliances, national certification
programs, bilingual practices, and other.
Curricula Delivered
 Engagement, Cultural Considerations of Implementing an Engagement Strategy
 Employee Engagement
 Parenting with Emotional Intelligence
 Communication Skills, Performance Management Systems, Coaching and Counseling,
Cultural Considerations of Engagement Strategies, Customer Service, Interviewing Skills,
Balancing Work and Personal Life, TQM Concepts, Problem Solving Models, Process
Redesign, Team Building, Cross-Cultural Communication, 7 Habits of Highly Effective
People, Career Development, Personal Development, software and sales
 Large-scale seminars - design and facilitation of training and other bilingual events for
groups as large as 800, topics may include: team development, corporate culture, value
definition, problem-solving , strategic planning, vision and mission statements and change
American Hotel and Motel Association Quality Conference, Council for Hotel and
Restaurant Trainers, Taco Bueno Restaurants - Key Note, Chick Fil-A - Key Note, Kraft
Foods Headquarters, national and regional trade association conference speaker.
350 W. Erie St., Suite 300. Chicago, IL 60654