The Fourth Australian Dance-Movement Therapy Conference 2015
Friday 9 and Saturday 10 July 2015,
Dorm 1, Rosina Building, Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia
Expanding and Deepening:
Two days for enhancing your DMT practice.
Day 1: Expanding: Medical Dance Movement Therapy. A workshop for learning
basic clinical methods to integrate into your practice with people who have primary
medical illness. Bio-psycho-social theory that informs this emerging application of
dance movement therapy will be explored. Participants in this workshop will learn
how to:
• Describe how dance/movement therapy can enhance coping with medical
• Identify the major foci of medical dance/movement therapy.
• Modify basic DMT methods to address the psychological needs of those with
primary medical illnesses.
Day 2: Deepening: Creating meaningful DMT assessments.
An experiential and didactic workshop for learning how to apply movement analysis
theory and research in the construction of assessment process suitable for your own
clinical population. Participants in this workshop will learn how to:
• Identify research resources linking movement parameters to psychosocial
• Apply Laban derived theory and evidence from non-verbal communication to
clinical assessment for DMT.
• Design or select assessment tasks for use with an identified clinical
Presenter Sherry Goodill (PhD, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC).
Sherry has been working as a dance/movement therapist and
educator since 1980. She holds a Masters in Creative arts
therapy, with a specialization in dance/movement therapy from
Hahnemann Medical College, and a PhD in medical psychology
with a concentration in mind/body studies from The Union
Institute and University. In 2005, Sherry published An
Introduction to Medical Dance/Movement Therapy: Health Care
in Motion. She is currently the Chairperson of the Department of
Creative Arts Therapies at Drexel University, and is the PastPresident of the American Dance Therapy Association. Sherry
also serves on the editorial panels for the Arts in Psychotherapy and the Journal of
Creativity in Mental Health journals.
Costs: from $300 (DTAA members, early bird price). Registration for the two days is
preferred, but single day options may be available after 1 June.
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