AA Meetings Al-‐Anon Meeting En Español/Spanish

AA Meetings Big Book Step Study Durham Young People Sun Freedom From Bondage Sisters in Sobriety (W) 4:00 pm CD 12:00 pm CD The Turning Point Tue 8:00 pm OD/BB 6:30 pm CD/NC 7:00 am CD 6:30 pm CD 8:30 CD On Awakening Rebos Mon Wed 8:00 pm CD/BB SS 6:30 pm CD/BB SS 7:00 am CD Thu 6:30 pm CD 7:00 am CD 6:30 pm CD 7:00 am CD 12:00 pm CD Al-­‐Anon Meeting Serenity for Today En Español/Spanish 4:00-­‐6:00 pm CD 12:00 pm CD 5:00 pm CD 8:00-­‐10:00 pm CD 12:00 pm CD 8:00-­‐10:00 pm CD 8:00 pm OS/OD 6:30 pm CD 8:00 am breakfast 9:00 am CD 6:30 pm CD 7:00 am CD 12 Steppers Grupo Serenidad 12:00 pm CD Sat 8:00 pm CD BB; OS last Fri 12:00 pm CD 8:00 pm CD SS Grupo Nuevo Horizonte 12:00 pm CD Fri 8:00-­‐10:00 pm CD 12:00-­‐2:00 pm CD Meeting Codes CD: closed discussion OD: open discussion OS: open speaker CS: closed speaker BB: Book Discussion-­‐ Alcoholics Anonymous SS: Step Study NC: Newcomers’ Meeting M: Mens’ meeting W: Women’s Meeting NAME PHONE __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________ “The club idea has become a part of A. A. life. Scores of these
hospitable havens can report years of useful service…”
Bill W.
Consider Club Membership Rental income from meetings at the Club does not cover expenses. The Club needs your membership to stay open. Holiday Gift Giving Sobriety Birthday Giving Support Another Member in Need “Were a vote to be taken tomorrow on the desirability of clubs, a
sizeable majority of A.A.’s would record a resounding ‘yes’. “
Bill W.
Benefits of Membership Access to the Members’ Lounge Access to the Club during off hours. An opportunity to give back what we were so freely given. Location for A.A. and Al-­‐Anon Meetings Allows your voice to be heard You help keep the Club open Applications available in the Club Lobby. 400 Crutchfield St, Suite A
Durham, NC 27704
Updated May 2015