11 , October 2014

Experience the light and energy,
Receive cosmic messages
from Scarinionne.
Eriko Nishimura
Makiko Shimada
October 11, 2014
Door opens: 9:15am
Waialae C.C Club House
4997 Kahala Ave.
Refreshments will be served
Free event supported by Cynthia Chi-Doi
Bring YOURSELF and anything you want to CLEANSE
and ENERGIZE ( examples : liquid, crystal, tarot deck,
musical instrument, singing bowl, PC, cell-phone, business card, purse, etc. and a large bill you can keep for
several months...and...receive a message or an answer to
your question from Scarnionne.
The Gathering in Japanese
Waialae C.C Club House
October 12, 2014
Hours 10:15~12:15(Door opens at 9:15) Breakfast buffet will be served