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Pulse-Jet Engine Thermal Mister
Ideal for applying water-based
ULV formulations.
Selector Valve For
Instant Fog “ON/OFF”
and Cleanout
15 Gallon
Formulation Tank
1.2 Gallon Stainless Steel Gasoline Tank
From the world’s leader in thermal misting technology
comes the Mister III Pro... designed for doing a wide range
of misting applications rapidly and economically. The
Mister III Pro’s patented Electric Starting System enables
fast engine starting every time. Each unit is equipped with
a 12 Volt positive displacement pumping system to provide
accurate flow control of up to 12 GPH regardless of the
chemical being used. The Mister III Pro gives you easy raliable
starts with fast, economical and total coverage.
The Mister III Pro has the versatility to dispense water-based
insecticides and larvicides for Vector Control. With the ability
to produce spray droplet sizes for Adulticiding as well as
Barrier Spraying and Larviciding, the Mister III Pro offers an
economical solution for any Vector Control program.
Displacement Pump
Steel Frame
Remote Control
Thermal Mister, resonant pulse principle.
Formulation Output:
0-12 U.S. Gal/hr. 0-45.4 Liters/hr.
Engine Performance:
Interchangeable Orifice, Metering Valve (Optional).
Fuel Consumption:
.6 U.S. Gal/hr 2.3 Liters/hr.
Weight (empty):
Chemical resistant components enable the Mister III Pro
to be used with a wide range of water-based formulations.
64 Ibs. 29 Kg. (Excluding seperate 15 gal. (56.8 L) tank
and mount AY.)
Fuel tank Capacity:
1.2 U.S. Gallons 4.5 Liters.
Formulation Tank
15 U.S. Gallons 56.8 Liters.
Power Supply:
(8)1.5 VDC size alkaline batteries or a 12 VDC automobile
“cigarette lighter” adapter.
Pumping System:
12 VDC Flojet Diaphragm Pump
61 in. 154.9 cm.
23 in. 58.4 cm.
16.8 in. 42.7 cm.
Machine Box Shipping
Data (L X W X H):
64 X 20 X 21 in., 163 X 51 X 53 cm.
Tank & Frame Box
Shipping Data (LXWXH):
37 X 19 X 18 in., 94 X 48 X 46 cm.
Shipping Weight:
135 Ibs. 61 Kg.
15.56 cu. ft. .44cu.m.
Low Cost, safe and easy operation
Designed specifically for Water-Based formulations
Backed by extensive USDA spray droplet testing
Proven reliable pulse-jet technology with all stainless
steel engine- gasoline powered (no oil required) and
patented easy push-button electric starting
Large 15 gallon (57 L) formulation tank enables 3 hrs.
of operating time
Remote Control and Automatic spray shutoff for
single person operation
Powder coated, welded steel frame- with adjustable
tilt angle
Light weight compared to other vehicle mounted units
Ideal for small truck or utility vehicle/ATV
Connects to a standard 12V power outlet or small
12V battery
Large 1.2 gallon (4.5 L) gasoline tank for extended
operating time
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TWO year limited warranty
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technical modifications at any time without prior notice. MADE IN THE USA
Rev. 3-15
Limited 2-Year
Proven to outperform conventional ULV
applicators in areas with dense foliage.