How to use TopNotes Pro

How to use TopNotes Pro
TopNotes Pro is our chosen note-writing app and it is packed full of
great features for taking notes in class and recording all of the
important information learned in a lesson. The Pro version is
important because the free version does not let you add in typed
text to the notebook but with the Pro version you can add text,
images and new pages. The app allows for you to also input text
with your finger or stylus and choose from a wide variety of paper
Writing notes:
Click to add a new notebook
Click to add text, image, new page below or new page beside
These are the drawing tools including pencil, highlighter, eraser and selection
Click to open zoomed in portion of text area to be able to write larger text
5. Minimises toolbar
6. Click to:
• Choose paper
• Turn on wrist (opens a lower portion on screen to rest wrist on)
• Choose orientation
• To export via email, upload to, open in and print