April 2015 Paul Koopman & Mark Pierce 3 Personal

E5 Leader on the Go (3 Personal Growth Habits That Are Must-Haves) [April 2015]
April 2015
Paul Koopman & Mark Pierce
3 Personal Growth Habits That Are Must-Haves
The pursuit of personal excellence is an intentional road that must be traveled. It is up to us to
continually stretch ourselves towards truth and greatness spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically,
and financially on a daily basis. Do not be afraid of consistently and intentionally building up the
greatest gift you have ever been given – YOU. Napoleon Hill, author and leadership expert, sums this
idea up well: “Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice, and is never the result of
So, are you ready for great achievement?
Here are three incredible habits you must possess in order to help you on your personal growth
1. Know your scoreboard. Self-awareness helps us to evaluate our environments, our thinking, and
our associations so that they are in line with our dreams, goals, and personal values. A keen selfawareness of reality supports us in making key personal development decisions.
Some Self-Awareness Questions to Ask Yourself:
What inputs are pulling me into frustration and unfulfillment?
How is my temperament and strengths being manifested in my priorities?
What pillars are out of balance, causing me to feel personal disharmony? (spiritually,
emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially)
How can I stretch myself towards personal excellence?
2. Pay the price for greatness. Jim Rohn has a powerful quote about self-mastery: “We must all
suffer one of two things: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret or disappointment.” Words that pack
a punch… which pain will you chose? Are you ready to take seriously your journey towards personal
excellence? Just imagine all the good and all the values you will bestow on others because of your
willingness to choose selflessness over selfishness. So, break negative habits and build positive, lifegiving habits… and start today.
Some Self-Mastery Questions to Ask Yourself:
Am I more interested in myself or the well-being of others?
What do I need to learn, who do I need to meet, or what do I need to experience now to help
me in 2 to 5 years from now?
Am I living out my values in my everyday interactions with others?
Do my habits match my purpose? Are my habits adding to my fulfillment?
3. Know who you are and where you are going. There is no doubt that purpose gives you the
compass you need in order to evaluate and structure the effectiveness of our values, priorities, and our
communication in our day-to-day living. Being aware of our purpose gives us the opportunity to adjust
our habits and our strategies accordingly so as to achieve our maximum potential.
Some Self-Mastery Questions to Ask Yourself:
Am I reading my dreams and goals daily?
Are my priorities and my body language (such as: my facial expressions, actions,
and words) matching my values?
Am I double-minded in my decisions or actions? (meaning I believe in one thing but do
Am I living in full submission to God's will for my life?
Those who tend a fig tree eat its fruit;
so those attentive to their master will be honored.
Proverbs 27:18
Go and Grow as an E5 Leader!