Introducing a Drug Card for Plan Members!

Introducing a Drug Card for Plan Members!
announce that effective JUNE 1st, 2015, a new way to submit your drug claims, Pay-Direct Drug
Card, will be introduced!
As a member of the Electrical Industry Insurance Benefit Trust Fund of Alberta, you and your
eligible Dependents, will be enrolled in the Pay-Direct Drug Card program.
You will no longer have to pay up front for the full cost of your eligible drugs, and then submit a
paper claim for reimbursement. Instead, you will provide the pharmacist with your drug card
and have the eligible prescription amount paid for at the point of sale while you pay what is not
covered under the Plan.
Please note that your drug Plan Coverage will not be changing.
Please refer to your Plan booklets for details. Copies are available at
Contact Information
You will be receiving a package with your drug card in late May 2015. To ensure a smooth
transition to the Pay-Direct Drug Card program, Plan Members are encouraged to contact the
Fund Office at (780)-465-2882, Toll Free 1-800-268-3649 to provide any expected changes to
your contact information [home address, telephone] prior to March 27th, 2015.
Plan Members cannot change their Dependent Information over the phone. You must call and
request a Registration and Declaration of Beneficiary Card for completion. The card must then
be submitted to the Fund Office before a change in Dependents can be made.