Maybe it has been a few years since you worked on a

Maybe it has been a few years since you worked on a MATHCOUNTS problem... Or maybe you still check
out past competitions and handbooks for fun. Either way, we hope you'll try your hand at this 3question challenge:
1. Did you participate in a MATHCOUNTS program when you were a middle school student?
2. Will you be in the Boston area on Friday, May 8, 2015?
3. How many perfect squares are factors of 12!?
If you answered Yes to Questions 1 and 2, and then were reminded of fond MATHCOUNTS memories
after reading Question 3, please join us for the MATHCOUNTS Alumni Event! Enjoy free admission into
the Countdown Round in a reserved alumni section, plus get to know other MATHCOUNTS alumni and
current middle school participants before the main event.
This event is completely free and open to all MATHCOUNTS alumni, but space is limited. To reserve
your seat and special giveaway, register at as soon as possible. Then
help us spread the word by telling other MATHCOUNTS alumni about it!
MATHCOUNTS is more than a middle school math program—we're a community. We hope you will be
able to join us and connect with other former and current Mathletes.
Hope to see you soon!
(The answer to the Question 3 is 36 perfect squares, by the way!)