The wor(l)d Refund Policy

The wor(l)d Refund Policy
If any Independent Affiliate or Customer is unsatisfied with any Communication Service or
products purchased, World Global Network Pte. Ltd.offers a 100% ten (10) days money-back
guarantee (unless otherwise required by law) from the date the service is activated. Please
note that shipping charges, wire transfer fees and sales and service taxes are not refundable.
Returns of the purchase price constitute an Affiliate's voluntary request to cancel.
All refunds will be processed within 15 business days.
Annual Renewal
For all Affiliate contract an Annual Renewal will apply, the first year is paid in advance at the
contract submission.
If a credit card was used at the time of the original purchase, User's account will be enrolled in
automatic Annual Renewal Fee for the proper amount. The Fee will be charged upon User's
anniversary date automatically.
Cancellation of Monthly Recurring Service
wor(l)d Memberships have a Monthly Recurring charge as specified on the Membership and
Free-world Agreement. Please note that wor(l)d will automatically charge the monthly fee to
the credit card used at the time of the original purchase if auto-renewal option is checked.
User is required to give wor(l)d a notice at least 5 days prior to the monthly anniversary date to
cancel account and avoid automated billing. All cancellation notices must be emailed to
[email protected] or by submitting written notice by facsimile or certified mail to World
Global Network Pte. Ltd. The Cancellation request must include the wor(l)d nickname of the
account that is being cancelled and the email must be received from the certified email of the
account. If you are paying for more than one account on your credit card, you must list every
individual account that you want cancelled. Customer agrees that submitting a notice of
cancellation by telephone is an unacceptable form of submitting notice of cancellation to
wor(l)d and that product charges may continue to apply until wor(l)d has received the proper
notice, as previously established.
When your service is cancelled, access to your Membership facilities will immediately be
restricted and your calling plan return to “Standard” also the participation to the “Free-world”
program will be interrupted.