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Thandaj. Aogiut 7.1906
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StaiJard Uahrafaity Modkd Cantar News Baraau
•eaatioaa t» pragaaacy praivaat riaks of tosaplasmoais
A few simple precautiona during pregnancy ooold bal^ mothera-tobe from paaaing on to their unborn infanta a dangarooa iafaction called
toaroplaamoaia, aaya a Stanford Medical Sdiool fnttmat.
Thb infection, callsd toioplaamoais, is usually harmleaa and in fact
about 60 percent of the population have the toxoplaama orgainism
^thoot ev«n knowing theyVe preaent, explaina Dr. Ja^ Remington,
of medicino.
at if tha infection is acquired during pregnancy, the paradie
paaa to the developing and other wise unprotected fetus. lUs
Italy can causa mental retardation, epilqwy, or blindness later
i^Hfe, Remingtm saya.
alemington suggests just a few aimpla preventive stepa pregnant
n^xnan can take to avoid the potential danger to their unborn
' Idren:
^void eating raw or rare meat; careAilly wash all raw vegetables
I handling raw msat or vegeteblea; wear ^ovea when woridng in
tie aofl or gardening; avoid contact witii cat feoes and cat Utter boies.
atemington adds that the danger to fetuaesoccura when a pregnant
vfMnan baoomaa infected for the firat time during pregnancy.
tAbout 26 percent of women in the chiU-bearing age group abeady
harbor the organism ia their bodiea befiMre becoming {Hregnant. In
tfem the infection posaa no threat to the unborn diiki because it is
k^pt in check by the mother's immune aystem, he saya.
CMUpeoot eapa eaa be asadlsaa adsancsa
«Chikiproof capa oa medications save hundreds, perhaps thousands,
o( diildren's lives every year, but they can be a nniaaikoe—and even
a handicap—for many adulta, aajrs RcAxrt Miller, pharmacy director
al Stanfrad Univernty Hoq>itaI.
fA senior dtiien with arthritis, for example, mifl^t find it painful
3oonfumng to handle a childproof cap," Miller ezplaina.
thar the phyaidan or the patient can specify an adult cap. Ilie
leat can be put right on the preacription tqr the doctmr, (v the patifcnt may 8inq>ly aak the pharmacist to use an easy-open cap. BfiUer
a4da that aa a precaution, some pharmadsta mi^t aak the patient
t4 requeat the easy-open capa in writing.
•filler cautiona, however, Uiat families with chikben or eUerly perMBS who have contact with children—such aa grandparentaajntinue to use the safety oontainoa.
rHw evidence is just so overwhelming that childproof capa aave
Kvea," ha aays. Aoddantal drug overdoaa daatha among diildian have
dropiwd dramatically since ddld resistant capa ware mandated in
1972, Millar saya.
Now Vacdaa prataeta cUldrea iMm asrloaa baetarlal dlaeaaa
ChiUren aged two to five ahouU faoahra a nawly available vaodaa
whidi prolada againat hamophilus iafluKuta type B diaaaaa, aaya Dr.
Fernando Mendoaa, aadatant profeasor of padiatrica at Standford.
lUa is the first time thst we have had a vaodna availaUa for thia
serious infection, which afflicts ona out of 1,000 of aU U.S.
youngatara between two and fiv«," saya MaadoM. Tb» infection, ha
explaina, haa been tha leading cauaa of bacterial meningitia in young
children and can also lead to pneumonia and a variety of other more
aerioua iUnessea.
Children, such u thoae in day care, who are ezpoaed to a lat of
other youngsters may be especially at risk, hot all paranta of diiklran
in tha two to five age group ahould aak their pecUatridan about the
vaodne," says Mendoaa.
The vaodne q>paara to offer less protection to diiUren leaa than
two years <^, but children in day care mi|^t be considered tar tha
vaodne as young as 18 months, he says.
Tlie vaodne, may produce mild fever in aome diiklren but haa been
proven aafe and affoetive during extensive teating prior to general
release in this country in thr first part of 1885, aays Mandoaa.
Late eight aaadi ao aaawar to algfcttfana aelaea
A late ni|^t anack mi^t be a satisfying way to end tha day, but
it can be hazardoua to heakh if eaten regulariy, aays Dr. Kdth Taylor,
a gastroenteroh>giat at Standford Medkal Center.
Persons wbo repeatedly go to bed and fall asleep too soon after
eating may be aaking for oomplicationa cauaed by aacoaaa add production in the at(»nach, aaya Taykv.
To avoid the problem, Tayhy recommends that peraona eat not less
than two to three houra before going to sleep at ni^t The aama advice appliea to persons who abvady have gaatric (atomach) or
duodenal (upper inteatinal) ulcers.
Digestion is sk>wed down during sleep, along with just about
every other body functkm. 'therefore, when you eet before alaq>ing, your stomach produces add whidi woukb't normally be produced," Tiyla- expliuna.
Some of the add will wash back into the lower end of the eeophague (the gullet), if you are lying down, often producing irritatkm
and even ulceratkm, aa wdl all acting on ukars already preaent in
the stomadi or duodenum.
Onee Mer R)M(
ThvMdajr, Ai^fst 7, IMS
A deoidt and more ago, phyiiciana would rwoamMnd nilk M^f,
way to Una the atoioach. nautraliia the add and help beat vloara.
Ilttt wa faond that waa actually harmful Milk, of all tha thiaga
wa aat or drink, ia unfortunately far would-ba alaapara, ooa of tha
baat attmulatora of add productkm," Taykr axplaiaa.
Ibr Carotya Dienaaa Biahop
ago was clinging to the laat ahred no intention of determining the
MDa News Corraapoadant
of sanity, becauae she saw a long, length or faraadtii of a roadi-even
JTha other night at 2 a.m., my black isockioadi with quivering if it'a a Nevada native."
htkband ydled. Loudly. I found ^aa crawling acroaa tha kitchen
Huabandal Ihere'a no delicate
him in front of the refrigerator floor? Are you alao the aame way to pot it; like cockroaches, it's
dutching a zip-lock bag.
woman idio claimed the roadi waa difficult to live with them and we
"Whatever you have in here is not only hiding under her right can't aeem to live without them.'
Note: Due to lack of coe^Mratian
still alive!" he shouted.
slipper but was bughing at her?"
"Well, yea. But tiiia is different' and packaging difficultiea, I will
'<3ahn down,'I answered. "What
youVe holding is my contest entry.
liOt me put it to you this way," not be rqireaeating Nevada in tha
Tm oertain that one of the cock- he aaid, aa he left for work. "I have seardi for the king codroadi.
roadHB in that bag ia going to put
Nevada ia the national spotlii^t
and win big money for me."
Ihe poor man dropped into a
chair and aat there moppiag
The tnaliahwowlwMi tha moatconseamvewowwlsiaeuoiw.awwisloattsnii.
hia brow.
ni admit diacovering oockroachs sleq>ing in the refrigerator
is ft bit out of the ordinary, but
I raoantly learned that three Texas
women have won money becauae
they trapped the largeat roach in
thdr state. Their entry measured
1.92 inches in length.
By tile time I eqdained tiiat to
my huaband his oomplexkin waa
returning to nonnal and he ahuflOed
of f to bed with a bemused h)ok on
his face.
The next morning I aaked him
to meaaure my catch to see if I had
a winner.
liat ma get thia straight," he
aatd warily, "Are you the sajne
woman who, a few short nii^ts
IrvriiK^M C^olc« o( Potato a famoua Sated Bar (All You Car Eat)
Daar DabUr.
I am 17 years old and very much in love with my boyfriend of two
years. I am aexually active and mature enough to take reaponaibility
for my actioos. Iv've gone to Planned Parenthood and lam on the
pill. A few dayt ago my mother went snooping through my room
and found my pills.
AHap confronting me in teara with her diacovery and expreesing
her ahadk and diaappointment, I waa at a kJM for worda. I was
ina4« adibarraaaed, and hurt.
^haa now grounded men and forbids me to go anywhere alone
with my boyfriend. My mother and I have always had a doae relatkmshiD, and I thought we could talk about snythkg until now. It hurts
thMfhe ia so upset snd that it haa put such a strain on our ralationshiiL I would really like to be able to ahare this very important part
of liljr life with her, but she won't even discuss the matter.
What can I do to convince her that I am being reaponaible about
whit Fm doing? I want her to realize that I am a mature, young wonan
and able to make decisions.
Deaa Matora:
1741 N. BcuM^ Hwy
Ifjrou really are mature, go to your mother snd have a woman to
by Sell Groves
Bdftor's note: Soap Opera Digest summarises the programs aired
tha week of July 28 to Aug. 1.
AM My Cbildreo: Natalie gave birth to a baby boy. Erica worried
ti^ she might always have to share Jeremy with Natalie who had
cinvinced him he is her baby's father. Skye revealed she's Adam's
daughter. Coming: Wade moves in for the kill.
Aaotber WorU: Rachad's ex-lover, Mitch, shocked her when he reappeared at her home. Cecile pulled out one millico dollars worth of
diamonds to try to buy off her captures. Donna fretted that Michael
VMS more concerned with fmding the Vulture than taking her to bed.
Comfaig: Brittany faces a new obstacle in gaining full custody of her son.
Aa Tbt World Tuna: Iva and Craig continued to seek each other
oat although he continued to insist he loved only Sierra. Tonio was
surprised at a revelation of Sierra's inner feeling's. Coming: Dusty
is confused by Meg's apparent change of heart.
Capitol: Zed pursues the real reasons for Jenny's new emotional
outbursts. To Sloane's distress. Ali appeared to be holding back some
important information about his dealings with Sam. Coming: Myma
is surprised at what Kay has to tell her.
Dallu Update: Everyone involved with "Dallas" denies that this
is the last year for the long-time soap. An interesting aspect is given
by some sources who say that it won't be the laat year if the projected
ratings shakers they plan to put in are effective. If not? No comment.
Daya Of Our Livea: Meliasa was wounded. Jennifer escaped from
Slater. Kayla discovered bum scars on Max's body. Roman hid Britta
from Lars and Patch and got her to reveal Billing's phone number.
Shane tried to identify Emma with a composite picture. Cooung: Sbaae
moves in on Emma.
Falcon Crest Update: "Rie attempt to gain younger viewers by usi'Y.Pop and'tock stars in storyUnes is being diaoootinuad. At least
for now! More mature storylines will pred<Hninate. At least for the
next few months.
Geaeral HoapitaL Tiffany returned to help Edward and Jimmy
Lee in their plan to recoup the Quartermaine fortune. Alan turned
up in Pautuck, met Charity Gatlin, and pretended to have amnesia.
Monica was tabbed as a suspect in Alan's death. Coming: Alan finds
hia new hfe offers unexpected challenges.
Gutding Light: Kurt worried at the way Mindy seemed obsessed
about having a child. Roxie heard more of Audra's story. Alex was
skeptical of India's newest explanation about the Baron's finances.
Coming: India is surprised when Philip doesn't react as she expected.
Knots Landing Update: Following a pattern set by most of the
soips this season, look for the return of at least one major character.
Look for a strong storyline early on for Mibhael (Peter Petersen).
Loving: Shana accepted Doug's proposal. DoUy and Keith said they
were leaving Corinth. Kelly, Zak's daughter, was upset when he planned
to ^ove to Corinth.Lomaassured 2^ she really loved him. After he
spomed her advances, Cecilia rejected Steve's overtures. Coming: Judd
teOs Ava he has plans for them.
^e Lite To Live: Vikki went into premature labor after the accident. Mitch attempted to rape Cassie after drugging her, but was
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wooun talk and tell her the aame concerns you have written to me
about. Tell her bow mueh it hurta you that she ia so dissppointed
and that you would really like for her to try to understand you so
that ahe can share this fanportant part ot your life, if that is what
you want. It cornea as a shock to many parents to realize their
children are growing up.
Parents never want to aee their children get hurt, no matter what
their age. Your mother probably wanta to protect you from any emotional pain you might encounter by being sexually active, and has
reacted in the only way she knows to prevent that from happening.
You both need to share your feelings with one another. Don't become
strangers and let thia ruin your relationahip. Try to understand her
concerns tor you ss she shouU try to understand the decisions you
have made for yourself as s mature, responlible woman. She need
not approve ot your being sexually active now, but she can learn to
accept it and let you know she will be there if you need her.
just about had it. I k>va him, but Tm raatfy to threw him and thaf
stupid television out tha window.
Dear SporU:
I would like to tall you to go ahead and throw the television out
the window, but that wouldn't solve the problem. He wouU probably
go out and buy a new one and write you off as being craay.
If he cares about your marriage, he muat stop taking the relationship for granted and begin qwnding quality time interacting with
you. It may be that he uaea watching tha televiaioD aa an sacapa.
If so, you need ^ discover what he wants to eacape from. IVy to
get him involved in somethiBg outside tha houae that woold be of
mutual interest to you. You need to atart aharing your livea togetharj';
inatead of co-existing. If that doaant work, aaak help from a prof laaioaal
Send queationa to Deborah White in care of McNaught SyndicateInc., 537 Steamboat Road, Graanwich. CT 06830
© 19M. McNraght Syndicata:
I am s television widow at the age of 24. My husband and I have
cable televison and all he does from the minute he gets home from
work and all weekend is watch the sports channel.
It doesn't matter what sport it is—he watches them all. He goes
into a complete stupor, oblivious to me w anything around him. We
never talk or io anjrthing together anymore.
And when I say something about it, he tells me Fm nagging. Fve
Soa^ o^era digest
piixa & o<g(,,i,. Pizza inn p^" * ^^^^^^^^
Lattara to Deborah WUts
12 W. Pacific
Haadaraaa HOIM Nawa tmd BmMn Cllgr fhim Paga U
Thk first officisl Amarican flag waa
dispalyod in 177$ in tha American
linasbMiaging Boston, h had 13 red
and white stripes and tha Britiah
Union Jack in tha uppar left.
knocked out by a mysterious intruder. Tina learned Cord is really
a Buchanan and urged Asa to give him one million dollars. Coming:
Asa acts to keep Clint unaware of Cord's real identity.
Ryan's Hope: Rick, thinking he was using blanks, fired at Frank,
unaware that Brendan had sUpped him the gun with the real bullets.
Pat called a priest after Frank's condition wcnwned. Roger tried to persuade Maggie to become pregnant. Coming: Vinnie plans to punish Rick.
Santa Barbara: Eden was found in the road after being run down
by Santana and Keith. Rawlings tried to make Pearl believe he was
responsible for his brother's suicide. Pearl was sure Rawlings caused
the death. Coming: Kelly and Pearl try to elude recapture by Rawlings.
Search For Tomorrow: Quinn promised a dying Mavis he would
care for Evie. Patty rebuffed Quinn's advances. Hogan proposed to
Liza. Strange burglaries were occuring at Liberty Houae. A "panty
raider" struck at Estelle's apartment while Bela was {xoposing. Coming: Sunny worried about Craig's whereabouts.
TTte Young A Tie Restless: Realizing that Jack faced the consequences of his confession, Carol decided to take scnne action to help
him. Andy feh he was losing Faren as Faren groped to find more about
her past Coming: Kay misinterprets Cricket's comments about Philip.
© 1986. McNaught Syndicate Inc.
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to the preaent
Additional features include portraita and capaule biographiea of
Nevada's governors and their
first ladies.
The description and history of
the governor's manaion in Caraon
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Applications for
Palo Verde Gardens
The Clark County HousiDg Aathority is accepting applications for
Palo Veitle Gardens, a 40«partment boosing complez for senior citizens,
located on Palo Verde at Sansalito in Henderson. The present estimate
is that the housing wiD be available for occupancy hi September.
Residence is restricted to families in which at least one member of
the f amity I* 62 years of age or older, or where one member is disabled
or handicapped* subject to the following criteiia:
1. Maximum annual income for 2 persons is $11,450; maTimnm annual
income for 1 person is $10,000.
2. Rent paid by each resident will be 30% of adjusted family mcome.
Interfited persons may phone the central application office (451-8041)
or appear in person at 5064 East Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. Applications will also be taken at Espinoza Terrace 171 West Van Wagenen,
Henderson (afternoons onlyHphone SOS-TISS.
Jsv cK/hemtiHH zPimi.
hi Tbi Histoik kuM
1305 ArizoM St.,
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