Firstly, there is a common admission process for the new six IIMS

IIM has a legacy of its own and it is a brand, the purpose of this article is not to tarnish the image of IIMs
but to show the lack of convenience in its admission process. IIM Ranchi is involved in a dispute with the
candidates regarding its semi-transparent process.
IIM Ranchi has dropped mail regarding the publicity of their HRM course but they never took pains to
mail us regarding the Admission form for PGP 2013-15 Programme.
Is this fair?
I am a citizen of India and this is a serious setback to my career. This is a huge insult to my hard work.
As citizens of India, we can’t let this situation violate our fundamental right i.e. right to equal
Firstly, there is a common admission process for the new six IIMS being conducted by IIM
Raipur this year
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The six points in the image are mentioned below to give a clear image.
The six new IIMs (IIM Kashipur, IIM Ranchi, IIM Raipur, IIM Rohtak, IIM Trichy, and IIM Udaipur) will
conduct the Common Admissions for the PGDM for the batch 2013-15. The process for the same is as
1. Individual IIMs will prepare a shortlist based on their individual criteria. The combined list of
candidates to be considered for further processing will be prepared by the coordinating IIM, namely,
IIM Raipur.
2. From the combined list, candidates called for Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) by
IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, and IIM Kozhikode will be set aside. The remaining
candidates will be called for a common WAT & PI.
3. The PI & WAT Scores of the candidates set aside from the common shortlist will be obtained from the
respective older IIMs from which they got the interview calls. Those who have been called by more
than one older IIMs will have their PI & WAT score averaged for further processing. If for some
reasons, anyone called by older IIMs happens to miss the interview(s) will not be eligible to attend the
common PI & WAT process of the six new IIMS. Those called by older IIMs but not in our list will not be
considered for admission to the six new IIMs.
4. The candidates shortlisted by any or all of the six new IIMs will get their log-in credentials for the
common admissions website to know about
their status.
5. After normalizing the PI & WAT scores, across panels, across centres, and across different IIMs a
combined merit list will be prepared for the entire lot of students to be considered for admission to
the six new IIMs.
6. Each individual new IIMs will take the normalized PI & WAT score of the candidates shortlisted by
them and combine it with scores for other criteria—CAT score, Profile score and any other score to
make their own individual merit list to make final offer to the candidates.
Logically, one can conclude that officially it is nowhere mentioned about the separate
admission form of IIM Ranchi’s PGP 2013-15 Programme.
Secondly, the mail (presented below) does not show that the candidates have to fill the
separate form for IIM Ranchi Admission Process
The process is common but then why is there a separate admission form for IIM Ranchi’s PGP
2013-15 Programme? At least it should have been mentioned officially.
Thirdly, the candidates have received mail from IIM Raipur for the registration of common
form of six new IIMs
Fourthly, the way IIM Kozhikode mailed candidates regarding the registration is as follows:
After viewing all this, it is clear that the admission methodology of IIM Ranchi is not
transparent. It provided the link of the admission form on its website but officially the link
should be mailed to the shortlisted candidates. This kind of issue has never been created in
past by any of the B-Schools in India that selected candidates don’t receive any mail for the
registration. This is unfair and should not be done. The kind of behavior shown by a B-School
even raises voice on its own management system. The procedure of IIM Ranchi is full of
confusion and needs a change, as many of the eligible candidates are out of the league even
after appearing for the interviews just because of an unfair practice by the institute. Even still
there are candidates who are unaware of this fact (filling of the form) and they are wishing to
get seat at IIM Ranchi.
This is the screenshot of the form that was required to be filled at the time of CAT
registration by every student indicating his/her interest in joining specific IIMs. So why did
IIM Ranchi need a separate procedure for evaluation of candidate interest?