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Issue N um ber 182, May and June 2015
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Transforming Lives Through The Love Of Jesus Christ
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300 West Wayne Street
Fort Wayne, IN 46802
Rev. Arianne Lehn
This is a poignant time.
My heart is full as I reflect
on my three-and-a-half
years of ministry here.
The relationships formed.
Worship shared. Dreams
birthed. Broken hearts
held through trials. I’ve
experienced the Risen
Christ in new ways
because of you.
Thank you.
On May 3, when I offer my final sermon, we will look at
Jeremiah’s story in the Potter’s house. “So I went to the
potter’s house, and there he was working at his wheel.
The vessel he was making of clay was spoiled in the
potter’s hand, and he reworked it into another vessel,
as it seemed good to him…Can I not do with you, O
house of Israel, just as this potter has done? says the
Lord.” (Jeremiah 18:3-6)
I’ve found myself drawn again and again in these
recent months to this repeated metaphor threaded
through Scripture of the Potter and the Clay. Some
immensely gifted potters within our congregation have
helped me understand the currents connecting this
metaphor with our faith – with my own life.
Forming a piece of pottery is not only a creative act,
it is a transformational one – long, slow, and arduous.
There is an intimate, messy time at the wheel when the
Potter works with patience, hands covered with clay,
holding the formless lump with guidance and care.
There is time for trimming extra pieces and smoothing
rough places. There is the refining, firing, glazing, and
re-firing in the kiln where the pot becomes a piece that
will last. And at each stage, the pot rests in the process
of becoming. Of being transformed.
said to Jeff the other day. The contours of my life have
all shifted, leaving me to feel rather formless. In the
last eight months, my beloved father died, my precious
daughter arrived, and we discerned God’s call for
the close of my pastoral chapter at First Presbyterian
Church. While the raw material of me is the same, my
life is not the shape it was before. There are some days
I don’t feel as though I’m a “shape” at all, but rather on
the cusp of God’s creating me into something different.
I am on the wheel.
And isn’t the same true for First Presbyterian? We are
sitting on the wheel, and we don’t necessarily want to
be there. We would rather be a glossy, finished product
that’s already done with the kiln and the fire. But God
has bigger, gorgeous, more challenging visions.
The wheel is an absolutely beautiful and powerfully
painful place to be. It’s where God asks us if we’re
willing to lose the resemblance of what we once were
in order to become the vessels God now wants us to
be. It’s where we are called to trust Holy Hands.
The Potter knows the clay well and sees new
possibilities. The Potter never loses hope. Even when
things take a different turn than expected at the
wheel, the Potter does not despair. She is not finished.
Sometimes, the most formless state is the most
exciting, because the potential feels limitless.
I read this story from Jeremiah, I consider my life, I
look at our church, and I remember that transformation
is hard, holy work. It is also our mission. As a
congregation, we believe “transforming lives through
the love of Jesus Christ” is what life’s all about.
I will continue to offer my prayers to the Potter, asking
God to transform your lives and this church into just
the vessel the world needs.
With love, gratitude, and hope in our Potter,
Perhaps this resonates with your life. I know it does
with mine. “I just feel like a lump of clay right now,” I
Highlights from the March &
April Session Meetings
All Session meetings begin with a light supper,
sharing of joys and concerns and devotions led
by the Elders of the Month.
Elders of the Month
The designated Elders of the Month are on call to hear the concerns of
congregation members, to assist with Baptisms and to help with other
worship related events as necessary.
March 10, 2015
Rev. Jeff Lehn led a discussion of a proposed MIF (job description) for an
Interim Associate Pastor. It was agreed to. The MIF will be presented to the
COM for their approval at their meeting March 25th.
David Scott, co-chair of the Personnel Committee, announced that Rev.
Arianne Lehn has withdrawn her proposal to serve as Parish Associate.
Her call was extended to May 3, 2015. A Congregational Meeting will take
place May 3, 2015, to dissolve the call of Rev. Arianne Lehn as Associate
Pastor. The meeting will follow the regular 11:00am worship services
of the KLM and ELS. Rev. Arianne Lehn will preach at the ELS service,
followed by the Congregational Meeting and reception in her honor.
The Finance Committee will develop a plan to grow contributions,
rather than continuing to cut budget items. The Children’s Committee
rescheduled their bake sale to March 29th. On May 6th, First Presbyterian
Church will host the Whitewater Valley Presbytery meeting. Elders were
encouraged to attend. Contributions continue to lag behind pledges.
Current income is $300,122 and expenditures $252, 296. A discussion
followed regarding how important weekly contributions are.
Rev. Dr. An announced a joint worship service on Easter Sunday morning
at 6:00am for three Korean congregations in Ft. Wayne at our church. The
worship service will be followed by breakfast and fellowship in Fellowship
Hall at 7:00am.
The response for the Faith First campaign has been good so far. Despite
adverse weather conditions the visit by the Parkers, missionaries from
Lebanon, and the Celebration of Arts were successful events. Forums
on the issue of Gay Marriage will be offered on March 22nd at 12:15pm
and April 12th at 10:00am. Rev. Jeff has joined the “Barnabas Group”,
a Presbytery sponsored leadership development course. He has met
with a representative of the residential developer of the Ash Brokerage
construction project concerning an exemption for a restaurant
liquor license.
April 14, 2015
Rev. Lehn presented an update on the Pastoral transition. He stated
that our hope is to have an interim in place in June/July. The Personnel
Committee along with Session will be a part of this process.
The Session voted overwhelmingly to support same-gender marriage at
First Pres (see motion in inset). The Session and Congregation were both
appreciative of the forums held to discuss this issue.
The Children’s Committee bake sale that was moved to Palm Sunday was
a success. In the fall, there will be a marriage enrichment program as part
of Adult Education.
The Korean Congregation will hold an annual golf outing on June 7th to
raise funds for Korean Refugees.
First Friends, the welcoming arm of First Pres, is excited to welcome new
members, and will include them in zip code dinners as well as assign a
First Friend for a year.
The Elders of the Month for May are
David McCants, 260-625-5925, and David Scott 260-432-8810
The Elders of the Month for June will be listed in the weekly bulletin.
Hospital Visitation and Clergy On Call Schedule: Our
three Clergy regularly visit rehab patients as well as those in hospitals.
The on call schedule for May and June is as follows:
Week of May 3
Week of May 10
Week of May 17
Week of May 24
Week of May 31
Week of June 7
Week of June 14
Week of June 21
Week of June 28
Rev. Jeff Lehn
Rev. Youngsoo An
Rev. Jeff Lehn
Rev. Youngsoo An
Rev. Youngsoo An
Rev. Jeff Lehn
Rev. Jeff Lehn
Rev. Jeff Lehn
Rev. Youngsoo An
How We Know If You’re in the Hospital: Every weekday
morning, a member of our staff calls each area hospital, gives our special
code number, and receives a list of those admitted in the last 24 hours
who have listed First Presbyterian as their church. These names are
passed on to the Pastor on call and to the Deacons, and the patients are
visited as soon as possible. Unfortunately, if a person is admitted in an
emergency situation, we do not receive this information, even when we
call the hospital. So, if your family member or friend has been hospitalized
and you’re not sure if we know about it, please call the Church Office,
426-7421 x100, and give us the name. We would much rather have it
twice than not at all. Also, please remember to notify us when someone is
moved from a hospital to long term care or a rehab facility. Thank you.
Same-Gender Marriage Motion - See April Session Minutes
We, the session of the First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne, Indiana, after
months of study of books and articles both for and against same-gender marriage,
two forums with our congregation, and much prayer and thought, move to
authorize our teaching elders to officiate weddings on our premises for samegender couples seeking God’s blessing on their marriage. We also authorize our
teaching elders to perform a service of worship on our premises recognizing a civil
marriage of a same-gender couple with the same requirements and standards we
maintain for a heterosexual couple. This motion does not compel any teaching
elder at our church to perform same-gender weddings or ceremonies if it is
contrary to their discernment of the Holy Spirit and their understanding of the Word
of God. It also does not compel Session to approve any wedding -heterosexual or
same-gender- that is not grounded in the covenant love of God found in
Jesus Christ.
Angels Among Us
Many of us have been touched
by angels: those living among us,
reaching out to us, lending a hand.
This column is an opportunity for
individuals to recognize and show
appreciation for their angel(s) in a
detailed or anonymous way. FPC
welcomes your submissions to the ‘Angels Among Us’ column.
Please e-mail submissions to [email protected] or leave a note at the
Church Office for Cindi Odle.
Thank you friends of First Presbyterian Church, for your kindness to
Annelie and I during the ups and downs with my health during the last six
months. We’re deeply impressed by all the caring.
–Bob & Annelie Collie
THANK YOU to all who helped make the Annual Garage Sale a success
from donations to volunteering. It takes a team to make it happen, and
because of you it was successful!
–The Garage Sale Committee
Thank you for your prayers for our City-Wide Korean Easter Worship
Service. It was like ‘Coming Home.” We had around 90 people at 6:00am
from all over the area celebrating the Good News!
–Rev. Youngsoo An
Thank you to everyone who attended the same-gender marriage
forums. There was wonderful turn-out and thoughtful discussion. We
appreciate you taking time to provide your input.
–The Session of First Pres
If you have e-mail, please read First Pres Weekly News which is e-mailed to
you every Friday at Noon. This short e-newsletter will give you up-to-date
information for the coming week, and includes a prayer naming those who
are hospitalized or have other needs.
Prayer Chain Requests:
If you have a prayer request, please call
Joan Jackson, 486-4828.
May & June, 2015
May 3:
5th Sunday of Easter
Jeremiah 18:1-6
Rise, O Church, like Christ Arisen by John Ferguson
May 10: 6th Sunday of Easter
John 15:9-17
The Gift of Love by Hal Hopson
May 17:
7th Sunday of Easter
Psalm 1 - Joint service for ordination/installation, only one service at 11am
Give Me Jesus by Moses Hogan
May 24: Day of Pentecost
Acts 2:1-13 (Pentecost)
Down By the Riverside by John Rutter
May 31: Trinity Sunday
Isaiah 6:1-8
June 7:
2nd Sunday after Pentecost
Mark 3:20-35
June 14: 3rd Sunday after Pentecost
Mark 4:26-34
June 21: 4th Sunday after Pentecost
1 Samuel 17
June 28: 5th Sunday after Pentecost
2 Corinthians 8:7-15
Printed Copies of most Sermons are available upon request
(usually by Tuesday), copies of past sermons are also available. You may
request that a copy of a recent sermon be mailed to you by calling the
Church Office, 426-7421 x100. If you wish, we will put your name on our
list to automatically receive the sermon by mail each week.
We have a dedicated Prayer Room!
Audio Copies of Recent Sermons are available on our website, Go to Media & Resources / Latest Sermons.
Our clergy are off on Mondays, with the pastor on call being
available for emergencies. If you need immediate assistance, please
contact the Church Office, 426-7421. See the weekly bulletin for the most
up-to-date on call information.
Hearing Assistance: Our Chapel, Sanctuary, McKay Hall and Theater
are equipped with the “Hearing Loop” system. Set your hearing aid to the
“T-coil” or “telephone” setting to access the system or ask an usher for a
loop headset.
Room 300 is a quiet
space for YOU. The Prayer Room is open during regular church office
hours for anyone to come in, to pray to, or listen for God. Please use this
wonderful room, and more importantly, enjoy some time alone with our God!
Welcome Baby Ministry: We at First Pres are excited to welcome
new babies into this wonderful world and our Church Family. If you are
pregnant or adopting, please contact Jennifer Shaw, 426-7421 x127 or
[email protected]
We look forward to providing
the families of new babies with
home-cooked meals, support
from other moms and small
gifts from the church.
The Third Sunday of Each Month is a day of glorious generosity
at First Pres. People donate to the monthly food drive, bring the food
they’ve prepared for the Rescue Mission meal and drop their coins in the
children’s Bucket Collection. Please take a minute today to mark all of
the “third Sundays” on your calendar, so you can come prepared to share.
Thank you.
Rescue Mission Meal: The May Mission Meal will be prepared and
served on May 17. The June Mission Meal will be prepared and served
on June 21. Watch for menu announcements in weekly bulletins. Cooks
and servers are always needed. Please sign up in the Church Office if you
are able to participate, or call 426-7421 x100. Your faithfulness to this
ministry is always appreciated.
May & June Presby Day Plans: Smock Senior Ministries
Presents: “PRESBY-DAY” on the third Thursday of each month,10:00am to
2:00pm at First Presbyterian Church.
May 21 will feature Life in the Minor Leagues by Mike Nutter, a history
of Ft. Wayne Baseball. June Presby-Day is cancelled due to a conflict
with VBS. Call 260-426-7421 x132 with your reservations for May. All
Presbyterians over 50 and their friends are invited.
Let Us Rejoice with You: If you would like to allow our church
family to rejoice with you about a landmark anniversary or birthday, please
send the information to Cindi Odle, 426-7421 x112 or [email protected] at least two weeks before the date of the event. Thank you.
The First Presbyterian Church Suicide Grief Support
Group, First Hope
If you’ve lost a family member,
friend, or acquaintance to suicide,
this group is a place where you can
find comfort and support; a safe
place to share your experiences with
others who understand. Please feel
free to join us on the second Sunday
of each month, 1:00pm, third floor prayer room. Family and friends are
always invited.
Led by Lea Ann Powers, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Facilitator, and cofacilitated by FPC members. Please call Lea Ann Powers
with comments, questions, or concerns. 260-484-0141, or [email protected]
Faith Friend Meetings
Faith Friends of Buckingham and Georgetown 46815 will meeting
on the fourth Monday of the month at Hall’s Triangle Park at 6:00pm. The
dates for the next two meetings are Monday, May 25 and Monday,
June 22.
Faith Friends – 46825, 46845 and 46818– meet for Sunday lunch
and fellowship, after the 11:00am Worship Service, at Halls Gas House,
on the second Sunday of each month, September through May. Their next
meeting is on June14. (May 10 we will not be meeting due to Mother’s Day.)
Faith Friends - 46804 and 46814 - meet on the second Sunday of
each month at Hall’s Tavern at Coventry at 5:30pm. Their next two meeting
dates are May 3 (to avoid mother’s day) and June 14.
Coming in May: Indiana Center for Middle East Peace
presents Daoud Nassar, Tent of Nations May 3 at 6:30pm–
8:30pm Daoud is a Palestinian Christian
farmer whose family has worked its 100acre farm south of Bethlehem since 1916,
one of the last Christian families in this
fertile region. Israel’s
‘Separation Wall,’
illegal settlements, and
checkpoints threaten
that the farm will be totally cut off. Tent of Nations’ mission is to build
bridges between people and the land, between people of various cultures.
Its theme is: We Refuse to Be Enemies.
Join us Sunday, May 3, at 6:30pm at Plymouth Congregational
Church as we host Daoud.
Coming in June: Arab Fest! June 6 - June 7. Free
Arab Fest is a family-friendly celebration of Arab culture & hospitality
– the souq (market), music & dance, food, henna, children’s activities,
storytelling. Open to the entire community.
Free admission. Headwaters Park, Rothschild Pavilion
Film-To Be Announced: Join us on Saturday evening “under the stars”
as we watch a film about Arab life and culture. The film will begin at
sunset. The film will begin at 9:15pm on Saturday.
Graduating this Year?
2015 Everyone a
Neighbor Day provides food,
comfort, and hospitality to people
living (some on the streets) in
our downtown neighborhood.
We serve a nutritious noon meal,
distribute donated clothing,
and provide a place of shelter and relaxation on the fourth Thursday of
each month. May 28 and June 25 are the next dates for END. To find out
how you can help, please call Sharon Hedeen, 483-9666. Monetary and
clothing donations may be brought to the Church Office.
We have a listing of the
high school graduates,
but if you or someone in
your family is graduating
from college or other
education program,
please call the Church
Office to let us know. We
will honor all graduates
at the June 7 ELS
Worship Service.
Faith First Campaign Update:
Your Gift Will Transform Lives For
Years To Come
As we planned the Faith First Campaign we
spent many months discussing the heritage
of First Presbyterian Church and of the
Foundation. We discussed highlights and
accomplishments of the Church in years past
and today; and our goals. Many of these
goals are summarized in our Church Mission Statement: Transforming
Lives through the Love of Jesus Christ. With that thought, we subtitled
our Campaign: Transforming Lives for Years to Come. The Foundation was
founded in 1925 to provide long term support and funding for the goals of
the Church. It has been successful in doing that, and we seek to assure
that it can continue to support the church in this manner.
What will this campaign do?
This campaign will provide support in four key areas:
• Children, Youth and Families
• Mission work both locally and internationally
• Maintenance of our wonderful church facility
• A Pastoral Intern Program
Why should I contribute to this campaign?
At our launch, I noted that this Campaign celebrates the 90th year of the
Foundation. For 90 years the Foundation has supported First Presbyterian
Church thanks to those generous individuals that had the foresight
to initiate the Foundation in 1925, and thanks to the numerous other
individuals who have contributed and added to its variety of Funds over
these years. This Campaign is your opportunity to join these generous
individuals in strengthening the available funding for our Church mission in
this community forever, not just for a day, a week or a month, but forever!
It is a true opportunity for you to leave a lasting imprint at FPC.
What is the commitment?
Our goal, to fully fund the four areas mentioned above, is to raise $3.5
million. We are halfway there. Since our launch in February, we have
received commitments from a number of you. Thank you! For those of you
that have not yet had a chance to respond here are the details.
Three Year Campaign – which means you can give quarterly, semiannually, or annually over the course of the next few years or really whatever
best fits your schedule. If you can’t commit this year, but feel you could next
year, go ahead and make that pledge. You can also just give a one-time gift
if that is easier.
It is Your Personal Commitment – what can you do to make a longlasting difference at First Pres? We are a vital downtown church, and as
downtown and Ft. Wayne continue to grow, we want to be able to respond
to the needs of those around us. So for you that might be $50 more per year
over three years, for some it might be a one-time gift of $250 or $500 and
for others $500 over five years, etc. We want everyone to be a part of this
Foundation, so this is your gift, you commitment – whatever you and your
family can do WILL make a difference in this campaign.
Make the Pledge - Once you have determined your commitment, please
pick up a pledge form at the church office, financial office or email Lisa
Yarian at [email protected] to mail you one. Our goal is to get all
commitment cards collected by May 24.
While we have much to celebrate in the commitments already received
and in the contributions already made, we need participation from each of
you to have the most successful Campaign. We look forward to hearing
from you.
Thank you
Steve Weissner, Chair
Adult Education Program: Summer Book Study with Rev. J. Lehn
Rev. Lehn will be hosting a summer book study on the last book Marcus Borg published before he died: “Convictions: How I
Learned What Matters Most.” The study will meet in the Session Room at 10:00am over six Sundays to discuss it together: June
7, 14, 21, 28 and July 12 and 19 (skipping July 5). Copies are available for purchase in the First Pres Book and Gift Shop! Join
us when you’re in town for this thoughtful and lively conversation.
SAVE THE DATE–Presbyterian Heritage Tour to Scotland, 2016! Finally, we’re planning a Presbyterian heritage tour to Scotland
in the summer of 2016! The dates are July 14-21 and we will see all the major highlights: Iona Abbey, St. Andrews, St. Giles’ Cathedral, St. John’s
Kirk of Perth, Loch Ness, Edinburgh Castle, Scottish Parliament, Braveheart Territory, Kelvingrove Art Museum, Glasgow Cathedral, Loch Lomond and
more. Our trip will be led by Rev. Jim Wallace, Church of Scotland Minister, who is an expert tour guide and has recently “retired” to lead U.S. church
trips to Scotland full-time. Smock Senior Ministries will be partnering with us to make the cost more affordable for all of us. More details to come
soon including an information session in June. Hope you can join us for this special trip!
Korean Language Ministry (KLM)
끝이라고 말하기 전에
그래서였던지 그동안 흩어져서 예배 하였던
포트웨인의 한인들이 함께 모여서 하나의 예배를
드렸다는 것은 부활하신 예수님께 드리는 가장 큰
지난 성금요일 교회 사무실에서 열심히 설교와 주일
준비를 하던 중이었습니다. 주변이 너무 조용하다
생각해서 문을 열고 바깥을 나가보니, 모든 사무실이
선물이 되었습니다. 앞으로도 이렇게 하나가 되어
드리는 예배가 많아지기를 소망합니다.
문을 닫고 이미 퇴근을 해 버린 것을 발견했습니다.
성금요일이라서 오전까지만 교회 사무실이 오픈되어
있었던 것이지요.
2. 끝이라고 말하지 않게 하시는 은혜
덕택에 아무도 없는 교회 건물을 혼자서 7 시까지
무엇보다도 이번 연합 예배를 통해서 받게 된 은혜는
하나님은 우리가 끝이라고 말하는 것을 원하지
지키는 은혜를 경험했습니다. 7 시에 성금요일 예배가
않으신다는 사실입니다. 때때로 우리는 살아가면서
있었기 때문입니다. 아무도 없는 교회를 혼자 지키는
은혜를 경험하면서 예배실에서 실컷 기도하였습니다.
“모든게 끝났어”라고 말하지만, 하나님은 우리가
“끝났다”라고 말하는 지점에 새로운 길을 내시는
우리의 교회와 성도들을 위해서 말입니다. 오늘은
분입니다. 광야에 물을 내시고 사막에 길을 내시는
그날 기도하면서 받은 2 가지 은혜를 나누고 싶습니다.
하나님은 우리가 넘어져서 끝났다고 말하는 그
지점에서 일을 하시는 분입니다. 우리는 어디로 가야
할 줄을 몰라 울고 있어도, 이미 하나님은 그
1. 하나되게 하시는 은혜
첫번째로 주신 은혜는 하나됨의 중요성에 관한 은혜
였습니다. 저는 그날
부활절 아침에 있었던 한인
지점에서 새로운 길을 내시기 위해서 일을 하시는
중이라는 것입니다. 그러므로 우리는 “끝났다”라고
말하기 이전에 하나님이 내가 모르는 신비한 계획을
교회 연합 예배를 위하여 기도하였습니다. 기도하면서
가지고 있음을 인정해야 할 것입니다. 하나님이
우리에게 요구하시는 것은 “끝났다”라고 말하는
연합 예배가 얼마나 하나님이 기다리시고 영광받으실
예배인가 하는 점을 다시 한번 더 느끼게 되었습니다.
절망이 아니라, “하나님은 일하고 계신다”라고 믿는
왜냐하면 이 예배는 그동안 흩어져서 예배하고 있던
우리 한인들이 함께 하나가 되어 드리는 예배이기
그런 소망의 눈으로
하나님은 우리가 하나 되기를 원하십니다. 예수님께서
새로운 일을 하시는 하나님을
바라보니 얼마나 감사한지요.
앞으로도 포트웨인에
있는 한인교회들을 통하여 하나님이 새로운 길을
내시고, 새로운 문을 열어 주실 줄을 믿습니다.
이 땅에 오신 이유도, 십자가에 달려 죽으신 이유도,
부활하신 이유도 거기에 있습니다. 요한복음
17 장에는 예수님께서 잡히시기 전에 처절하게
예수님의 기도문이 나옵니다.
“아버지, 아버지께서 내 안에 계시고, 내가 아버지
안에 있는 것과 같이, 그들도 하나가 되어서 우리
안에 있게 하여 주십시오. 그래서 아버지께서 나를
보내셨다는 것을, 세상이 믿게 하여 주십시오”
(21 절.새번역 성경)
사랑하는 성도 여러분, 이 화려한 봄에 “Never place
a period where God has placed a comma. 하나님이
쉼표를 찍어 두신 곳에 마침표를 찍지 마십시오-Gracie
Allen”라는 유명한 이야기를 마음에 새겨 보시면
어떨까요. 그래서 지금도 우리가 넘어지는 곳에서
새로운 일을 시작하는 하나님을 만나는 향기나는
봄날이 되시기를 기도합니다.
십자가의 고난을 눈 앞에 두고도 예수님께서 간절하게
기도하셨던 주제, 그것은 바로 “하나되게
하소서”라는 것이었습니다.
행복한 목사 안영수 드림
Rev. An’s Letter–Translated
Before You Say it is Finished
Translation by Antoinette Lee
Immersed in preparing the sermon as usual,
I was in my office on Good Friday. At one point, I
felt such quietness all around me, I stepped outside
of my office and found that the building had closed
and that everyone had left. The church was open
only until noon because of Good Friday. It was
quite an experience to be all by myself in that huge
building until 7 that evening. KLM had Good Friday
service at seven o’clock.
Rev. Dr. Youngsoo An I was all alone in His house without the
usual sound of footsteps, laughter, talk, and the clanking noise of someone
moving something. In the stupendous (awesome?) quietness, feeling
almost detached from myself, alone with God, I prayed for a very long time
–or our church and for you. And I would like to share two inspirations
I received while I prayed.
1. We Become One
We must realize how important it is that God wants us to become one.
We were hosting a joint service for 3 Korean Churches in Ft. Wayne on
Easter Sunday and as the responsibility weighed on us, KLM, I did seek
His wisdom and guidance. I so desperately wanted it to be the service for
Him, for Him alone and that we may glorify His name. God wants us to be
one and it will be the worship service we would have as one. The reason
that Jesus came to this world, the reason that He died on the cross and
the reason that He was resurrected is so that we may all become one. In
John, chapter 17, we can read Jesus’s desperate prayer before He was
captured. “that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and
I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that
you have sent me.” (John 7:21) He knew He was facing the tremendous
suffering on the cross, He still pleaded and prayed for all of us to “become
one.” It would be the best gift we can give to Jesus who resurrected from
Day School News, May/June 2015
by Marj Sapp, Director
Spring has sprung at the Day School. This year the children will be adding
additional planters to the playground thanks to Beth Marks and the Hunger
Relief committee of the Mission Team. The children will be growing extra
produce this spring and summer to donate to Huger Relief. We are so
happy to be part of the wonderful mission.
Huge Kudos to Mr. Bill (Patterson) for painting the second floor east
hallway and installing our new cubbies on the first and second floor. The
fresh paint and new cubbies have helped to give the hallways a fresh clean
look. Thanks Mr. Bill for all you do for the Day School!
Also big Kudos to Michele Kemberly who works with Shannon
Timmons in the Housekeeping Department for all they do to keep our
rooms clean and well stocked. It is so important that prospective
and current parents see that we are committed to a safe and clean
environment for their children. Michele keeps us looking good all the time!
Thanks Michele and Shannon for all you do for the Day School!
The children will hold their yearly Trike-a-Thon for St. Jude’s
Children’s Hospital on Friday May 22. The children spend the week
learning about bike safety and practice what they have learned by riding
their bikes on a course set up on the playground. The parents find
sponsors for their children’s efforts and all proceeds are sent to St. Jude’s
the dead when Koreans
worship in one place as one
rather than worshipping
in many different places
scattered around Ft. Wayne.
I hope we can continue to
have many more worship
services as one.
2. We Will Not Say it is Finished
I feel the ultimate blessing we receive through the joint service is that
God doesn’t want us to say it is finished. Sometimes it is easy to say,
“It is over.” However, God provides a new road for us to continue even
when we think we have reached the end. The God who gave us water in
the desert, who showed us the way at night, who works for us when we
think we can’t go any more. Even when we cry in desperation with all the
means cut and dry, God will work to develop a new road for us to walk.
That is why we must believe His mysterious ways of plans for us before we
give up and say it is “finished.” The one request He has for us is not “It is
finished” type of despair, but “God is working for us always” kind of hope.
I felt like I received a new set of eyes of hope and through them I could see
God working on new projects for us always and I was so thankful. I believe
God will always make new roads and open new doors for us through our
endeavor of becoming one. My dear fellow Christians, in this magnificent
spring day, I want to remind you of a famous quote by Gracie Allen, “Never
place a period where God has placed a comma.” I want it to be a beautiful
spring day for all of us when we will get up again and again from where
we fall and meet our creator who creates a new season and a new world
for us without ceasing.
–Your Happy Minister, Young Soo An
Children Hospital. If you would like to make a donation on behalf of the
children’s efforts, please contact Marj at 426-7421 x108.
The Day School Aannual Scholastic Book Fair will be held in the Small
Dining Room May 29 - June 5. Be sure to browse the selection of great
summer reading for the children in your life. There will be books for adults too!
If you are in need of child care ages 18 months to 10 years consider what
First Presbyterian Day School has to offer. Brochures for the Day School
(ages 18 months – 5 years) are available on the wall outside of the main
church office.
Summer Camps Available for Children
The Day School will be offering eight weekly ‘camps’ for school-agers
beginning June 8. A brochure
detailing the camp themes
and costs is also available on
the wall outside of the main
church office. If you have any
questions or would like more
information, please call or
email Marj Sapp,
[email protected]
First Presbyterian Theater Presents: Now Playing
music, lyrics, and book by Dan Goggin, director BA
April 23**, 24, 25, 26*, May 1, 2, 3*, 8, 9, 10*, 2015.
Nunsense is a wildly entertaining, hilarious musical spoof about the misadventures of five nuns trying to manage a talent show.
Sadly, the rest of the sisterhood died from botulism after eating vichyssoise prepared by Sister Julia. Thus, the remaining nuns
– ballet-loving Sister Leo, street-wise Sister Robert Anne, befuddled Sister Mary Amnesia, Mother Superior Sister Regina, and
mistress of the novices Sister Mary Hubert – stage a show to raise money to bury their dearly departed Sisters.
All evening performances at 7:30pm
Sunday matinees at 2:00pm
(Check each play for dates)
Box Office Hours: Noon to 5:00pm, Wednesdays,
Thursdays and Fridays and one hour prior to
performance at the theater. Festival seating
(first come, first served) House opens 30 minutes
before curtain*Sunday Matinee curtain at 2:00pm
** Preview performance ***Special late night
10:00pm show
General Admission-$20
Seniors (over 65)-$18
Full-time Students-free (with reservations)
Thursday previews-$10
Group rates-20 or more $15
Tickets are available online at:
Tomorrow’s Audiences Today is a program to
encourage students to see theater. Thirty free
tickets for every performance are available
to full-time students (grade school, high
school, and university). Free tickets must be
reserved through the box office, or our website
The 2015–16 FPT Season!
Announcing The 2015-2016
First Presbyterian Theater Season!
Escanaba in da Moonlight
by Jeff Daniels
September 10**, 11, 12, 18, 19, 20*, 25, 26, 2015
Reuben Soady’s vow to bag his first buck and end his decades of shame
provides the context for this hilarious yet strangely moving tale. Jeff
Daniels spins a mythic yarn that gives us plenty to laugh at (and a little
something to think about) in this Super-Yooper Comedy inspired by life in
Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Christopher J. Murphy, following up on last
season’s comic smash The Foreigner, directs.
His Eye is on the Sparrow
by Larry Parr
October 15**, 16, 17, 23, 24, 25*, 30, 31, 2015
Mikki White, who Unity Performing Arts Foundation’s Marshall White
calls “one of Fort Wayne’s vocal powerhouses,” stars as the legendary
performer Ethel Waters in this one-woman tour de force. In Ms. Waters’
rags-to-riches life we see her pain and ultimate redemption as she
triumphs over great adversity to become one of the greatest jazz, blues
and gospel artists of all time.
The Santaland Diaries
by David Sedaris, adapted by Joe Mantello December 3**, 4, 5, 6*,
11***, 12, 18***, 19, 2015
This is one man’s account of working as an elf at Macy’s Santaland in NYC
during the holiday crunch. From one of our funniest American humorists,
with a satirical style reminiscent of Mark Twain, comes this merrily
subversive tale—just the antidote if the holidays have overwhelmed
you. Kevin Torwelle plays Krumpet, the elf. Note that the final two Friday
performances are at 10:00 pm.
by Edward Albee & The Duck Variations by David Mamet January
14**, 15, 16, 22, 23, 24*, 29, 30, 2016
Early in their careers, two of America’s greatest playwrights each started
with the idea of putting a pair of men on a park bench. And in both cases
theatrical brilliance was created. Come witness these remarkable plays.
The Duck Variations features Thom Hofrichter.
by Margaret Edson
March 3**, 4, 5, 11, 12, 13*, 18, 19, 2016
Winner of the Pulitzer Prize, NY Magazine called it “a dazzling and humane
play that you will remember till your dying day.” A renowned English
professor (played by Nancy Kartholl) has been diagnosed with terminal
cancer. During experimental chemotherapy at a major teaching hospital
she reassesses her life and her work with a profundity and humor that are
transformative, for her and for us.
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
by Dale Wasserman based on the novel by Ken Kesey
April 21**, 22, 23, 29, 30, May 1*, 6, 7, 2016
A brilliant novel, then a brilliant play, then a brilliant movie, is coming to
FPT. The plot pits McMurphy—equal parts slacker and rebel—against
Nurse Ratchet, the tyrannical dictator of an institution that is a perversion
of its intended purpose. This story is still as powerful and moving as when
it premiered in 1963.
2015 Benefit
Reverend Youngsoo An: Live Onstage!!!—one night only
Sunday, October 11, 2015
6:30pm—Rev. An performance
APRIL 17 - JUNE 7, 2015
Parish Art Show #43
The Parish Art Show is your best chance to truly appreciate the amazing variety of visual talents contained within this congregation. We have had many
wonderful pieces of Art submitted for this year’s show. We opened it up to children of the congregation this year and are happy to say that we have
representation from 5 to 95 years old! The show will also include examples of the “old Ties to New Stoles” project, as well as three new pieces of art from
Mabel Mullett, 95, long-time member of First Pres.
Summer Choir
FPC’s Korean Language Congregation minister has a tenor voice that
will melt your heart. And don’t be surprised if a special guest star joins
him for this fundraiser to replace our aging sound system. Cost is $50
for 1 ticket—$90 for 2 tickets, which includes: buffet dinner by Booker’s
Catering, dessert by our “church ladies (and men)”, and silent auction.
Come and join the Summer
Choir! If you enjoy singing
but do not want to commit
to the Chancel Choir during
the program year, this is the
opportunity for you! The Summer
Choir will be singing June 7,
June 14 and July 12. We will
be meeting in the music room
(located on the second floor,
accessible by elevator) at
10:00am on those Sundays. You
are invited to join us for any or
all of the Sundays. Come and
use your voice to make a joyful
noise to the Lord!
Youtheatre—Christmas Revue
December 11*, 12**, 13**, 18*, 19**, 20**, 2015
*Friday shows are at 7 pm, **Saturday and Sunday shows are at 2:00pm
Tickets only available through Youtheatre.
Sing along and laugh as this musical revue journeys through the fun and
frustration of the season, also known as, the Ho-Ho-Holidays!
BALLET 5:8, Chicago’s professional Christian Ballet—the weekend
of May 14, 2016—shows, dates and times to be announced
Under the creative direction of Julianna Slager, Ballet 5:8 performs new
works, engaging artists and audiences in the context of breathtaking
dance performance with Christian themes. The 2016 tour will stop in Fort
Wayne at FPT.
Audition Opportunity
Escanaba in da Moonlight by Jeff Daniels
directed by Christopher J. Murphy
Sunday, June 21 at 7:00pm audition consists of: readings from the
script Rehearsals start—runs: July—September 10-26
5 men (late 20s to 60s)
1 woman (30 ish)
Email: [email protected] for a copy of the audition material
Summer Musicians Wanted
If you sing or play an instrument and want to share your gifts with the
congregation this summer, there are several Sundays open for Special
Music. If you are interested contact Chelsea at 260-426-7421 ext. 137 or
[email protected] and we will find you a date on the calendar for
you to share your talents with the congregation!
The Farmland Jazz Band, from Fort Wayne, will be our guest Dixieland
Band for our 11:00am Pentecost Service on May 24. They will be playing
a special prelude and accompanying the choir. Mark your calendars to be
sure to attend our special Pentecost service on May 24!
FPC Mission Update
Food Pantry Change
By Allen Boyd
As you know, one of our key missions targets is addressing hunger both locally and beyond. Many of you contribute
food to our monthly food bank project, and please know all of that makes a difference to people struggling in our
community, however we are now in need of additional help.
Funding of the Food for the Food Pantries
In addition to those donations that you make on the third Sunday of the month, our Missions Team purchases more
food from its annual budget, roughly $25,000-$30,000 per year in order to meet the needs. What you probably don’t
know, is that for several years an anonymous donor family, not even members of our church, contributed significantly
to this. Altogether we (the missions team and the donor) have been providing about $60,000 worth of food per year to
community needs, and that’s in addition to the food we individually bring in each month.
That’s a remarkable amount of giving and a remarkable amount of food. It takes multiple trucks to deliver it, and
it would fill up the front of the sanctuary if we hauled it in here. And it’s made a remarkable difference to a lot of hungry
people here in Fort Wayne.
Current Situation
At the end of last year those anonymous donors had to stop their giving, which could cut our funded
food donations by half. The Missions Team used what was left of its reserves to keep it going into
January, and we’ve budgeted more than usual to sustain this as long as possible. However, we’ve got
some hard decisions to make now with respect to whether we allocate more to restore that level of
giving or contribute less. If we maintain that level, we’ll do that at the expense of other missions that
have been and still are just as important.
What can you do?
So we want to try something. First, we want to make everyone aware of the situation and the gap. Second, we want to share
and ask all of us to be part of a commitment to close that gap and continue a high level of support. We want to encourage our
individual monthly food giving to grow. If you can bring in more food or contribute money in lieu of food, we’ll work on that gap.
There’s a little ceramic bread loaf out in the narthex if you’d like to do that. If you can contribute the cost of what you’d spend
to take your family out to eat one night, it would make a difference. Anything more you can do will make a difference, and that’s
all we’re asking. None of us individually can turn 5 loaves into more, but each one of us pitching in one more loaf can make a
difference. Please think about that and help us rally that level of food giving back to where it’s been!
FPC Hunger Relief Mission to Provide Fresh Vegetables to Food
Pantries - Needs Volunteers & Sponsors
The HRM is trying something new this year.
In addition to the canned and boxed foods it
already supplies to our local food pantries,
they plan to provide some fresh vegetables
from a garden here at FPC. After learning
about the successful mission of growing
food from Presbyterian Churches in Ohio,
they wanted to try something similar here.
The Day School has graciously agreed to
help care for the garden. We are going to
use GROW BOXES ($29.95each) for this
project and are asking members of the
Sample Grow Box
congregation to sponsor and/or
care for additional boxes, beyond
what we are currently planning. If
you would like to get involved or
have questions, please contact
Beth Marks at (260) 312 7555 or
[email protected]
More information about Grow
Boxes can be found at
Sample Grow Box
Spring Ahead 2015
May 3 - May 31
Write-a-Will Day, Monday, May 4, 3:30 - 7:30pm
Spring Ahead
As you may recall last year’s
Spring Ahead initiative included
Heart, Soul, Mind
walking around the world as
a congregation. We did this to
not only improve our physical
health, but to prepare our bodies
and minds to be more in line with
receiving the word of Jesus Christ.
We are excited to announce that we
will launch Spring Ahead 2015, Sunday May 3. This year will be a one
month focus that will not only include exercise, but will include nutritious
meal planning options. More details forthcoming.
Kathy Miller, a member who participated
in the 2014 program said: Spring Ahead
was a great motivator for me in 2014
- so much so that I continued to strive
for at least 10,000 steps a day after the
program ended. I probably fell short of
that less than 10 days in the months
since Spring Ahead ended. And though
I experienced little weight loss while the program was going on, since
Thought about
writing a will but
not sure where
to start? Who to
call? How much
it will cost? If so,
we have a great
opportunity for
you. Please join
Church member
Stephen Adair,
an attorney with
Beers Maller
Backs & Salin,
who will be assisting FPC members in making a simple will or codicil to
an existing will on Monday, May 4. He is volunteering his services without
charge providing it is a simple will or document containing a bequest (gift in
any amount) to First Presbyterian Church or any other charity. The private
consultations will be held at the church and scheduled between 3:30 7:00pm. Please call the church Financial Office, 426-7421 Ext 116 or 111,
in advance to secure a 30-minute appointment.
The event is part of the First Presbyterian Church Foundation’s effort to
encourage and facilitate legacy giving. Making a bequest is a way to live
forward and give forward, blessing those who come after us through the
choices we make today. Those who make known their planned giving to
the church become part of the John Meister Society formed in 2013.
then I have lost about 12 pounds. Another great motivator!
New Jubilee Members–50+ Years at FPC
Congratulations to this year’s Jubilee Members - those who have been active members of First Presbyterian Church for 50 years or more. New Jubilee
members were recognized during the April 26 service. Please remember to congratulate them and thank them for their service to this Church!
Arthur R. (Chuck) Chapman
Norma L. Christon
Bonnie L. Hefner
Arnold E. Huge
Rem A. Johnston III
Marilyn E. Lindenberg
Thomas A. Lindenberg
Stanley A. (Stan) Volz
William S. (Bill) Weber
Dorothy M. Wiggs
3rd Annual Golf Fundraiser to Support North Korean Refugees, Sunday June 7, 2:00pm
The Korean congregation is excited to invite all First Pres members to join them in supporting North Korean Refugees by participating in the annual golf
outing at Riverbend Golf Course.
The cost is $75 per player which
includes golf, cart, lunch and
fellowship. It will be a scramble
format, individuals or teams are
welcome. Contact Ken Lee at (310)
560-4505 or Mike Shim at (260)
739-2679, if you would like to play.
They are also in need of volunteers
for that day. Please contact Ken
or Mike if you are available to
volunteer. Deadline to register is
May 20th!
Q & A With the FPC Mentor Program
by Cindi Odle
First Pres has a mentor program and it’s been in place for almost a year.
One of the mentor pairs is Luci Foltz and Nicolin Byers. I sat down with
them to discuss what this program is about and what it means to them.
C: Why where you interested in this program?
L: I thought it sounded interesting and I really enjoying being around young
N: I thought it would be fun to learn about someone new, and have
someone to talk to.
C: How often do you get together?
L: It’s really up to each pair. We have gotten together several times
including riding together to Session meetings (Nicolin is a junior elder at
our church).
C: What types of things do you do?
L: We did some Christmas shopping, went to the Fame Festival, where
Nicolin has some art displayed, to dinner, etc.
C: Would you recommed this to other kids/adults?
N: Yes, it’s been really fun to get to know someone new and even if the
program doesn’t go beyond a year, I think we will still hang-out.
L: Definitely! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know Nicolin and interesting
to learn about people that are different ages than you with different
backgrounds. Also, I want people to know that it doesn’t have to be a huge
New Earth Care Ministry
Mission: To respond to the PCUSA General Assembly’s “Call to Restore
Creation,” by becoming a certified Earth Care Congregation, inspiring our
members and colleagues to become careful stewards working to restore
balance and sustainability to the Earth for the preservation of all life forms
and forfeiture generations.
A Green Team is working to direct the activities of the Ministry.
Current members are: Nancy Bradtmiller, Joan Coslow, Patty Griest,
Sarah Nichter, Taff Silliman and Sherrie Steiner.
The Team is open to any member who is committed to the purpose
of the Ministry.
We Enthusiastically Invite You To Join Us In This Critical Mission.
Clean aluminum cans, gently used clothing, paperback books,
household batteries, florescent light bulbs, household small electronics
time committment. You and your mentee can craft it how you want. I really
think it’s been an enjoyable relationship for us both!
If you would like information about the Mentor program, please
contact Jennifer Shaw at ext.127 or [email protected]
GOALS of the Earth Care Ministry
-Carrying on the long Presbyterian tradition of Earth care and reawakening the creation-centered spirituality tradition of our Celtic ancestors, recognizing the Earth as sacred, drawing on the wisdom of other faith traditions, and recognizing ourselves as interconnected with all Creation;
-Providing educational opportunities, relying on scientific research to understand the damage and threats to the Earth and providing resources and avenues for reimagining active participation in the healing process;
-Working toward making our church facilities and our homes and our communities environmentally sound and energy efficient;
-Advocating for change through public policy and programs and
coordinating with established organizations protecting the environment
and with those promoting peace and eco-justice for all people;
-Exploring and cherishing the world around us with wonder
and gratitude.
Ordination Sunday, May 17: New Elders and
Deacons to be Installed
Congratuations to he new elders and deacons who will be installed in our
joint ordination service on Sunday, May 17. Please note there will be one
service at 11:00am for both Korean and English Speaking Congregations.
It may seem early, but the adult ed committee is excited to announce this
unique opportunity. Over the course of 7 weeks in the Fall, Sept 10-Oct.
22, they will be offering The Marriage Course, lead by Aaron and Tara
Lehmann. This is a unique opportunity for anyone who is married.
This program is for any married couple whether you’ve been
together for one or sixty-one years, and whether you feel you have a
strong relationship or are struggling. While The Marriage Course is based
on Christian principles, it is for everyone. Whatever your situation, the
practical tools you learn will help improve and strengthen your relationship.
For more information see the brochure near the office, contact Aaron
or Tara or visit their website
This program will offer free childcare if you have children. The cost is $100
and includes the workbook, 7 date nights with your spouse, dinner and
babysitting! You can’t beat that!
It is truly a night-out to focus on you and your spouse, and who
couldn’t use that? We only have space for 15 couples for this first session,
and will open to the public in August (if we don’t have enough from First
Pres). Payment due in the fall. So don’t delay, contact Tara at
[email protected] or 540-737-8272 or sign up in the
Church Office.
Steve Adair *
Rollyn Coverdale
Jim Ehlich *
Sarah Savage
Marcie Weissner *
Kwanghuei Williams *
Yoonjin Cho *
Wendell Cree *
Marcia McKibben *
Ed Pierce
Patricia Pierce
James Pulley
Shirley Sona
Jill Therrien *
Anita Wolfe *
Frank Wright *
* serving second term
Spring Happenings at FPC!
Adult Education announces Marriage Course for the Fall,
Sign up NOW!
Book Review
by William Kern
The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee
by Marja Mills, The Penquin Press, (2014) 278 pages, $27.95
In the summer of 1960, a young lady, Harper Lee, finished editing a
novel about a small town where she grew up in the southeastern corner
of Alabama. This novel--To Kill a Mockingbird-- was about a town,
Monroeville, which was so small and isolated that virtually no highway led
to or from it. In the era in which this story began, 1935, virtually the only
way to travel to or from there was by trains stopping at nearby towns.
About the only reason Monroeville existed was that it was located
in the exact center of its county, which of course would be the site of its
courthouse. It happened that her father was the only lawyer in general
practice for many years, until Ms. Lee’s older sister would become a de
facto office lawyer.
This “legal” connection would also figure greatly in the publicity
focused upon Monroeville when a young male Negro was charged with
having raped an attractive white girl of low class. Harper’s father was
named as the defense lawyer for the accused black man.
What with one thing and another, the foregoing factors did generate
interest nationwide. Rather astonishingly, the book has sold some
18-million copies. It continues to sell several thousand copies a year and
has never been out of print in hardback or paperback.
Also, in that approximate period, it was translated into some forty
languages and before the year was over, Miss Lee was awarded a Pulitzer
prize. In the following year, the book was selected for a movie mainly
featuring the trial and, of course, the conviction of the young black accused
of rape, staring Gregory Peck. The movie was immediately awarded an
Academy Award
And then an oddity arose. Ms. Lee, as she would now be called, had
been refusing dozens of pleas for an interview for more than thirty years.
But Marja Mills wrote her a letter in which she described a Chicago-wide
campaign by the Chicago School Board to get every child of a certain
age to read To Kill a Mockingbird. This must have made a considerable
impression on Miss Lee as the next time she heard from Ms. Mills (who, by
now, was in town) she invited her to come on over.
That friendship matured over a period of years and when the house
next door to the Lees came open for sale or rental, the two of them
agreed that living next door would be a great way for Marja to get a good
feel of the town. Marja stayed on for an extra 15 months!
The three of them--this included Harper’s older sister, who was an
office only attorney--seemed to spend nearly every day for the next couple
years having lunch at the country club, dinner somewhere else or meeting
someone of some importance not previously known to Marja.
There was a great deal of discussion around town about the trial and
much of that discussion was not nice. Many, perhaps the great majority of
townspeople thought the trial of a Negro accused of raping a pretty white
girl should be short and sweet.
And bad as most of the conversation was, none of it seemed to me to
exceed that of the Women’s Missionary Society of the First Methodist
Church. And this talk seemed to have an effect. When the jury’s verdict
came in, eleven of the jurors had voted for conviction. One for acquittal.
The defendant was immediately taken to the
county jail. He escaped from jail that night. His
cell must have been left unlocked. In all events
a crowd was awaiting him. On examination, 19
bullets were found in his body.
And on the night following the trial, a
mob gathered outside the Lee’s home with
an evident intention of lynching him. He was
saved by the Sheriff who faced the mob down,
at the risk of his own life.
Lee felt terrible about the murder of the defendant. He knew that
the local jury would have voted for conviction regardless of the evidence.
He felt fairly confident that the state’s Supreme Court would reverse the
judgment but it never got that opportunity.
For one thing, he (Lee) would have argued on appeal that the state
had presented no credible evidence that any rape had happened. The
state’s witnesses were only her father and an older brother. And if she
had been medically examined, it might well have been that her witnesses
would themselves have been implicated in this crime. Moreover, previous
convictions on other crimes would have diminished their credibility to a
very low level.
Further, the state’s witnesses both swore that they had witnessed the
event and had seen the defendant holding the victim down with an arm
which had been deformed and made useless in an accident happening
many years earlier.
Insofar as one can tell, Miss Lee continues to live--into her upper
eighties-- in Monroeville. She no longer maintains an apartment in New
York City but continues to be a frequent visitor there.
She says that she often thought about writing another novel but
never quite got around to it. A reason for not getting around to it was her
concern that a second novel might not he as well received as her first.
One reason she granted biographical access to Miss Mills of Chicago was
her sense that time was running out.
There were no children as neither Harper Lee nor her older sister ever
showed much if any interest in marriage.
It is somewhat amazing that two such talented writers as Harper Lee
and Truman Capote would spend their earliest childhood summers living
next door to each other in a town like Monroeville, Alabama. But it so
happened notwithstanding that there was no family relationship between
them. Speaking of relationships it might be added that the Lees were
remotely related to the famous Civil War General Robert E. Lee.
Decades later, Harper did agree to be a co-author of In Cold Blood
and spent considerable time in New York City and Kansas doing so. She
was surprised and disappointed that Capote reneged on his co-authorship
agreement. She speculated that Capote did so because of his jealousy
over the fact that she had gotten a Pulitzer Prize and he had not.
Some were surprised that she had not followed her father into the
practice of law. In fact, she did spend about a year studying law at the
University of Alabama but dropped out when she decided that that was not
her calling.
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Newsletter of the Children and Youth Ministries of First Presbyterian Church of Fort Wayne
May/June 2015
First Kids
Thank You…
For all who attended
our KLM Easter breakfast fundraiser. We
raised enough to cover
a few J-GEN registrations! Thank you for
your continued support.
Snacks Needed
Our snack supply is
running low. If you
can donate a snack or
a bottle of juice for
snack time during
School our children
would appreciate it!
It’s VBS time!
June 15-19,9:30-12:30
This years curriculum is sure to be a favorite.
Phil Vischer’s ‘What’s in the Bible?’ Sunday
School curriculum was a big hit with our kids
last summer. This VBS the kids will walk away
from the week knowing the BIG story of the
Bible – God’s Great Rescue Plan! – and what it
means to live as a Christian.
The cost is $15 per child which includes a t-shirt and lunch each day.
Scholarships are available. VBS is for children ages 3—Grade 5.
We are still in need of volunteers! You don’t have to prepare anything, just
come ready to have some fun with our amazing children! Let Jennifer Shaw
know if you are available. (Volunteers kids/grandkids attend for free! )
Register by June 1st. Forms are available in the information area in front
of the church office or on our Facebook page.
Talent Show!
Our final Family @ First of the pro-
Happy Birthday!
May 1—Suzi Heller
May 4—Nora Foltz
May 10—Sang Jun Park
May 19—Henry Shaw
May 19—Katie Ducker
May 22—Nickolin Byer
May 22—Henry Noble
May 24—Henry Burk
May 29—Nick Monaghan
June 1—Hannah
June 8—Celeste Foltz
June 15—Joshua Robison
June 19—Kevin Austin
June 24—Simon Burk
gram year will be on May 13th. You
Nelson’s Fundraiser
The Youth will be selling tickets for yummy Nelson’s chicken/potato meals for pick up between 10-2 on June 6th. This
fundraiser will help cover expenses incurred to update the
Youth Lounge with new paint
and furniture.
Look for their
table May 10, 17, and 24th in
the church lobby!
all impressed us with your talents so
much last year we decided to make
this an annual event!
Let Jennifer Shaw know by May 3rd
if you would like 3-5 minutes on
stage. Anything goes! Poetry, comedy, singing, no gift will go uncelebrated! All ages!
Dinner will be served from 5:30-6:15
before the show.
RSVP in the
church office by May 10 for dinner.
Heifer International Global Getaway
Ten of our youth and grade 4/5 girls attended an overnight retreat to MI to the Hiefer
International Global Village. The Global Village aims to educate students about the causes and effects of hunger and poverty, and to empower them to make a difference in the
lives of those in their own communities and around the world. We will be sharing our experience and our action plan during the Minute for Mission on May 17th.
Coming Up…
May 3
Youth Group (Bring $ for dinner.)
May 10
Children’s Liturgical dance performing for Mother’s Day
NO Youth Group (Spend the evening with your moms!)
May 13
Family @ First Celebration of Talents
May 17
Youth mentor program year end brunch
Youth Group
May 31
Sunday School Volunteer Appreciation Brunch
June 6
Youth Nelson’s Fundraiser (offsite)
June 15-19 9:30-12:30
June 21
VBS kids singing during 11:00 service
June 28
Youth sitting in 11:00 service together, out to lunch after
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