New Destiny Church Memphis 2909 Elmore Park Rd Bartlett, TN

February 1, 2015
Monte Campbell, Senior Pastor
Paula Campbell, First Lady
Worship Times
Sunday School:
Worship Service 10:00am
WNT Classes
(Wednesday Night Teaching)
6:00pm –7:00pm
Bible Study
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Who Are We...
We are New Destiny
Church Memphis.
We aim to glorify God in all
things through prayer,
praise, worship, Word ,
and prophetic experiences.
We are a loving,
welcoming Church.
We are Ambassadors for
Christ. We represent him
and make disciples for his
We are a progressive
church ever-growing,
ever-changing and
evolving to meet the needs
of the church, community,
and the world.
events, recaps from Sunday Services and more.
Reminders: After service, please take a brief look around in your area and make sure nothing
is left behind.
First Family Love Offering: Show your love and ongoing support for our First Family.
Each member is asked to sow a seed on the 4th Sunday of each month. Please see ushers for Love
Offering Envelopes.
Building Fund: The Building Fund is on going, so please continue your support.
Please do not eat or drink in the Sanctuary or classrooms. Before leaving, please
take a brief look around your area to ensure there is nothing left behind. Thank you for your cooperation.
Restrooms: Parents, please escort your children to the restrooms and check behind them to
make sure the restroom is still in order. Thank You.
What We Believe…
We believe in God, the
Father, creator of heaven
and earth.
We believe in Jesus Christ.
God’s Son, our Lord and
We believe in the Holy
Spirit, the Church, and the
assembly of saints.
We believe the Bible is the
inspired Word of God.
We will read, study, obey,
and apply God’s Word
daily, for the entrance of
his word gives light and
New Destiny Church Memphis 2909 Elmore Park Rd Bartlett, TN 38134 901.379.0303
Pastor Campbell & Family
Kimberly Bolton
Eric Cross
Linda Spurlock
Foye Thornton
Irene Cook
Ruben Warren
Essie Mae Coleman
Randle & Earnestine Arnold
Kameron Shotwell
Terrance Davis
Renada Jenkins
The Townsel Family
Jackie Alexander & Family
Isadora Brookins
Kenny Burks
Edrick Briget
Hershal McDonald /Jones
Bernard Allen
Lesley Johnson & Family
Esperanza Bell
Mission & Vision: To lead the world to worship. Loving & Discipling, Serving, and Evangelizing.