flea market rules

Galena Flea Market
Flea Market Date: July 4th - 8am – 4 pm
Information & Regulations:
Vendor Regulations:.Tents and/or tables are NOT provided for vendors at this time. Please pre-register
by July 3rd for the discounted rate of $20.00. Registration thereafter will be $35.00. Please let us know over
24 hours in advance if you have any “special considerations” you may need at the time of your application.
Vendors may arrive no earlier than 7am the day of the event due to the Village code and the event being
held within our residential neighborhood. Vendors must keep blacktop area clear from equipment, trash, &
inventory. Please park in the “Marked” vendor parking area ONLY. Vendors are required to be open and
staffed during all hours of the event. (8am – 4pm). Vendors are responsible for removal of all their inventory,
trash, displays, etc. by 6 PM the day of event. No Free food or drink items are to be distributed unless
approved by the Flea Market Committee. Vendors are not permitted to use any audio system at the flea
market site. All equipment, inventory, etc. must be contained within your assigned space. Restrooms are
located at Ruffner Park, Miller Park and at the restaurants in downtown Galena. No alcohol permitted.
Galena Historic Foundation is not responsible for theft, property damage or personal injury. Pets must be
leashed and cleaned up after. No rain checks are provided. Water and Electricity are not provided.
Vehicles will not be able to drive-thru the flea market site during the event-only during set-up and tear-down
times. Late arrivals will be permitted to set-up when the coordinator deems appropriate.
Flea Market Rights: The Flea Market Committee reserves the right to cause removal of items they deem
inappropriate for the Flea Market or of Vendors if any and all regulations are not observed during the event.
These rights are non-negotiable. Any violation of the above listed regulations will be considered grounds for
immediate removal of the vendor from the flea market site. The Flea Market Committee reserves the right to
modify the regulations in order to best serve the interests of the Galena Flea Market and the community at
large. This event will be held rain or shine and the Galena Historic Foundation will not be held responsible
for increment weather and any circumstances forthwith whatsoever.
Refunds: All cancellations must be made in writing by June 25th. All cancellations received by June 20th will
receive a full refund. Cancellations on or after June 20th will receive NO refund.
Indemnity: By agreeing to use space allotted by the Galena Flea Market Committee, the Galena Historic
Foundation Inc., the Village of Galena and further covenants, vendors release and waive any and all claims
that the vendor, his heirs or executors have or may have against the Village of Galena, the Galena Flea
Market Committee, Galena Historic Foundation Inc., any of its directors, officers, members employees or any
property owner, for the loss, theft, breakage, or bodily injury sustained as a result of their participation in the
Galena Flea Market.
Send application to: 109 Harrison St. Room 13, Galena, Ohio 43021.
Make checks payable to: Galena Historic Foundation, Inc.
*Please fill out application and mail by June 25th
Event Contacts & Forms: Dave O’Neil- [email protected] or 740-965-9913
John Bland- [email protected] or 740-965-2081
Sponsored by: The Galena Historic Foundation