DIANA WANG - University of Southern California

(201) 887-4848 / [email protected]
3715 McClintock Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90007
University of Southern California, Los Angeles CA
Brandeis University, Waltham MA
Ph.D. in Gerontology expected 2018
B.S. in Neuroscience & Biology, 2013
2015-present Multidisciplinary Research Training in Gerontology Grant - Ruth L. Kirschstein
National Research Service Award, National Institute on Aging
Fulbright Research Finalist
1st Place Student Poster Award, Massachusetts Gerontology Association
Giddon Grant for Research on Women’s Health, Brandeis University
Jerome A. Schiff Research Fellowship, Brandeis University
World Of Work Fellowship, Brandeis University
Dean's List, Brandeis University
Premier Trustees Merit Scholarship, Brandeis University
Americorps Student Leadership in Service Award
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Psychosomatic Society, San Antonio, TX.
Healthy Aging Laboratory, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA
▪ with Tara Gruenewald
Universal Assessment Instrument, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA 2014-2014
▪ with Kathleen Wilbur, USC, Debra Saliba, UCLA
Laboratory for Biological Health Psychology, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
▪ with Nicolas Rohleder
▪ Cognitive function assessments - Mini Mental State Exam, Rey Auditory Verbal Learning
▪ Physical performance assessments - Gait speed, upper and lower extremity strength,
balance tests
▪ Assay Skills - ELISA, RNA Extraction from blood, qPCR
▪ Psychophysiology Skills - signal collection, and analysis of Heart Rate Variability and
Cardiac Impedance data using MindWare hardware and software
▪ Software Skills - SPSS, R, SAS, EPrime, Qualtrics, WordPress, Web Builder, EndNote,
Microsoft Office
▪ Foreign Languages - Conversational Mandarin Chinese, Fluent Shanghai Dialect, Basic
▪ Gerontological Society of America
▪ California Council on Gerontology and Geriatrics
▪ American Psychosomatic Society
▪ Society for Psychophysiology Research
▪ Massachusetts Gerontology Association