This guide was written with the use of the iPhone...

This guide was written with the use of the iPhone 3GS using OS version 4.1. This guide can also be used
for iPods and iPads.
To begin with go to your
Settings option on your
In the Setting menu,
press the Mail, Contacts,
Calendars option
From the Mail, Contacts, Calendars option, press the Add Account… option
From the Add Account…
option press Microsoft
Exchange icon
From the Exchange option you will be required to input some
User ID
You should fill in E-mail with your e-mail address
The Domain name should be
The Username is your Staff ID number (the 8 digit number on
your staff card)
Your Password is the same one you use to access MMU
The Description is what your e-mail account will be called on
your iPhone
Press the Next button
User ID
Sometime it will ask you for a Server name, this is and then press Next again.
User ID
You may need to press Next a couple of time before it will
accept your setting, depending on your connection.
You’ll then be given the option of whether to import your e-mail
Contacts and Calendars.
If you wish to have the same contacts/calendar on your iPhone as you
do in your e-mail account, then switch both options to On.
If you activated your Calendar with your iPhone you’ll need to make
on change in the Mail settings.
You’ll need to change the Default Calendar to your MMU e-mail
To do this select Default Calendar option in your Mail,
Contacts, Calendars options and change it from your iPhone
calendar to your MMU calendar (as shown in the next
If you switch the Contacts and Calendars On, you’ll be asked if
you want to delete your existing information on your iPhone.
Unless you want to clean wipe the information on your iPhone, it
is advisable that you press the Keep on My iPhone option.
You’ll be asked this question twice if you turned both your
contacts and calendar on.
Once this is done, your Exchange e-mail should work with
your iPhone, iPad or iPod.