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Using Google Calendars Lesson 1: Sharing Your Calendar Log in to your account Go to the right hand side of the page to the Google Links box, and click on Google Calendar – This will bring you to your calendar. Your name should appear on the left hand side of the calendar, highlighted in blue. Click on Settings just below your name, then click on Shared: Edit Settings to the right of your name to view default settings for Sharing.. Note the default Share settings. This setting allows all Fay staff and faculty to access your calendar in presentation mode (they cannot edit), but does NOT allow anyone to see your event details. If you do not allow a Share option, no one will be able to see your calendar. Next, scroll down to the lower half of the page and From this screen, click on Notifications to set up reminder notices for events you schedule, and methods of notification for invitations you receive. Page 1 of 2 Using Google Calendars Lesson 1: Sharing Your Calendar Scroll down toward the bottom of the page, to Share with Specific People. Note that you can select people with whom you would like to set particular sharing settings. Just begin to type their name here You can then assign particular sharing settings to each named person. When you click here, you will see these choices: Click Save to return to previous page. To the right of your calendar (your name), click Notifications. Use the top portion of this page to set reminders for all events on your calendar. Note that you may choose not to use reminders. Use the lower portion of the page to choose which event actions you would like email notification. Use the blue link on the bottom of the page to set up notifications to your cell phone. PLEASE NOTE:  SMS is not activated.  Email here refers to your Fay First Class account. -­‐-­‐ This completes Google Calendars -­‐ Lesson 1: Sharing Your Calendar -­‐-­‐ Page 2 of 2