Promoting Health in the Youth Sector

Healthy Food for All Conference
Siobhán Mc Brearty
Who are we ?
• NYCI is the representative body for national
voluntary youth work organisations in Ireland.
• The National Youth Health Programme is a
partnership between Health Service Executive,
Department of Children and Youth Affairs and
the National Youth Council of Ireland.
National Youth Health Programme
• To build the health promotion capacity and
sustainability of health promotion in the youth
– Strategic Development
– Operational Development
©National Youth Council of Ireland, National Youth Health Programme - 2014
NYHP Programme
Strategic Delivery
• Inform and influence public policy:
– Advocating for the adoption and implementation of evidence-based and
evidence-informed policies and actions which promote healthier lifestyle
choices and behaviour amongst young people
– Influencing national policy in the main areas dealing with young people’s health
Operational Delivery
Build the knowledge, skills and capacity of youth organisations and the youth sector
to deliver, promote and inform on health promotion practice across the sector.
Recognise and value the needs of our members through developing specific issue
based health promotion interventions and programmes supported by resource
development and training.
©National Youth Council of Ireland, National Youth Health Programme - 2014
Opportunities to address food poverty
in the youth sector
Context for this work
Examples of good practice
Associated challenges
Supports needed?
Context for this work?
The Government commits to:
• Tackle the issues of childhood obesity and obesogenic
environments through a mix of legislative, policy and public
awareness activities and will give active consideration to the
introduction of fiscal measures to support healthy lifestyles in the
context of the annual budgetary process. (Action 1.1, BOBF)
• Support children, young people and their parents to make
healthier choices through education, addressing food poverty and
ensuring that all educational and state institutions providing food
and drink to children, whether directly or through franchised
commercial services on-site, have a Healthy Foods policy and
provide food that meets basic nutritional standards. (Action 1.2,
• Healthy Ireland
Theme 3 - Empowering People and Communities
Support, link with and further improve existing
partnerships, strategies and initiatives that aim to improve
the capacity of parents, carers and families to support
healthier choices for their children and themselves.
How do we support youth orgs?
• Promoting a whole organisational approach
Health Quality Mark
• Capacity building
Food for Thought Conference
Connected Communities Initiative
• Resource development
Promoting Health in Youth Sector
HEAL Manual
Overcoming the challenges
Adopting a positive strengths based approach
Measuring our impact
Partnership working
Strategic focus vs quick wins
Achieving sustainable change
Future opportunities for addressing
food poverty in the youth sector ?
Suggestions welcome
Thank You
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