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Revised 03.04.15
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Configuring an Office 2013 to connect to Office
365 student email via IMAP/SMTP.
Configuring Office 386 via a manual IMAP/SMTP setup in Outlook 2013
This example assumes your Office 2013 is already configured for another mailbox,
Office 365 will be added as an additional connection using the manual method, to
demonstrate all the steps.
The already configured connection is shown as the IMAP/SMTP entry below.
Within Outlook, select File – Account Settings – Account Settings until you see
the screen above. To add a new connection, select New.
Select Email Account and on the Add Account – Auto Account Setup dialogue
box, select Manual Setup or Additional Server Types.
Select POP or IMAP and you will see the POP and IMAP Account Settings
dialogue box. From the Account Type drop down, select IMAP.
You should start to populate the fields as below, using your own account details and
the incoming and outgoing server details shown.
IMPORTANT: Enter your Office 365 email password (not the one you use for the Portal).
(If you do not know it, refer to
Once these details are entered, select More Settings and the Outgoing Server tab.
Ensure the settings above are applied. Then select Advanced.
Change the IMAP Port to 993 and SSL, and the SMTP Port to 587 and TLS – as
shown above. Then select OK.
When back at the main account settings dialogue, select Test Account Settings. If
this is greyed out, select Next instead, which will do the test automatically.
If the account is configured correctly, you should see the following result:
If there is a reported error, you may need to check your configuration and that you
have definitely used the correct email address and password.
Select Finish and you should now have your mailbox configured within Outlook. It
will be shown in the Folder list view, as below:
When composing a new email, you can now select your Ulster Office 365 account as
the sending account using the dropdown list via the From button.
Since IMAP retains the emails on the server, you should still see any email
sent/received via Outlook 2013 within your online Office 365 mailbox accessed via
the web, unless you drag emails to a Personal Folder archive within Outlook.